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Movement - Politics
San Diego is the Bank for Terrorism PCC SD
PCC SD - Persian Cultural Center of San Diego
Catayoun Razmjou & IPC

Persian Cultural Center of San Diego Money Laundry Bank
PCC SD Supplies Iran Lobby in America
Trita Parsi will be Back in the Democrats’ White House

With the upcoming Democrat Administration which will illegally occupy the White House by stealing the elections, January 20, 2021, will mark the revival of the Iranian Lobby in America. From this date, Trita Parsi, now officially on the payroll of the Quincy Institute, George Soros more

FBI Most Wanted List Posters
2 Parts: Post January 6, 2021
Ahreeman X

New FBI Most Wanted List Posters
Part 1: Terrorists & Fugitives
Part 2: Criminals
Danger Levels
L1: Terrorists
L2: Fugitives
L3: Criminals more

Politics - Photo Gallery
Democrats Staged the US Capitol Break-ins 2021
Story of Derailing the Electoral Objection Hearings
Ahreeman X & Catayoun Razmjou

Expose: The Real Story of Derailing Electoral Objection Hearings
Another George Soros Treason & Sabotage Masterpiece!
What Really Happened on January 6th, 2021?
On January 6, 2021 a show was staged in Washington DC. The show was planned by George Soros, confirmed by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, organized by Muriel Bowser (DC Mayor) and executed by the ANTIFA and BLM. Role of the Media more

Art - Literature
Abbas Derissi Iranian Master Painter Left Us!
Tribute to Derissi: San Diego & Shiraz Went Dark!
Ahreeman X

Iranian Master Painter Artist has Left Us!
We are Celebrating Derissi’s Life, Not Mourning his Death!
Celebrating with Love, Laughter, Cheers & Dance, Derissi Style!
I Put This Moment Over Here
Just for a moment, San Diego and Shiraz both went dark!
They always leave us on Christmas and New Year Holidays but this one hit close to the home and to the heart! Iran’s leading Surrealist more

Politics - Report
How American Election was Stolen?
Navarro Report: Immaculate Deception
Ahreeman X

Report on How the American Election 2020 was Stolen from Trump
Peter Navarro, the Great Economist, Scholar & Author’s Analysis
Introduction: Ahreeman X - How American Election was Stolen?
Report: Peter Navarro - Immaculate Deception
What are they Hiding?
When they tell you that there was no fraud in the US Election 2020, ask yourself and then ask them these questions more

The Persian
Epic Persian Poetry
Ahreeman X

From the Dusts of History Comes an Epic Persian Poem
A Poem for Freedom of Iran: I am The Persian!
The Persian
This soul is ancient
The consciousness is within me
This body is only a vessel
The consciousness is around me more

Google Sabotage of Iran Politics Club Links-Images
Google Iranian Management Hates Iranian People
Catayoun Razmjou

Google’s Pathological Hatred of Iran Politics Club!
Why Google Iranian Management Hates Iranian Opposition?

Every ethnic group in America specifically those who are fighting an oppressive regime in their homelands such as Cubans, Venezuelans, Chinese and even Arabs help each other, got each other’s backs and celebrate the ones who fight against that tyrannical regime (like us), except the Iranian American Billionaires and Millionaires more

Politics - Hi-Tech
Google Suppresses Iran Politics Club Links
Google Censors 1000s of IPC Links
Ahreeman X
Google Censored Thousands of Iran Politics Club Links
Google is a Cyber Globalist Socialist Censor & Indoctrination Tool
Google Establishes a Tech Oligarchy to Dominate the Globe

Google Iranian American Management Hates Iranian Culture
Google has started a mass censorship campaign of the conservative sites to hide the truth about the stolen US Election 2020. Google, through YouTube, Google Search and other Google tools more

Philosophy - Science
Everything has a Beginning, Even Universe
English Book in 5 Chapters
Nicholas Ginex
What has been Hidden from you by US Military Industrial Complex?
What do Aliens, Electrons & Dead Scientists have in Common?
Exploring the Beginning of the Universe
A New Book by Nicholas Ginex
You are entering a scientific and philosophical journey about the beginning of the universe. It is the author’s hypothetical belief that “Everything Has a Beginning – Even the Universe.” more

Poetry - Proverb
Who Knows & Who Knows Not?
Original Ancient Persian Proverb Poem
Ahreeman X
Original Ancient Persian Proverb Poem in Persian & English
New Research
I have researched in old texts and resources to find the origins of this famous proverb. A vast search amongst the ancient poetry, literature and philosophy texts had finally shed a light on the origins of this proverb. This proverb is not only limited to Iran but it is global. This proverb has the characteristic of all 3 branches: Poetry, Literature and more

Photo Gallery
Only in Iran: Part 18
Those Funny Crazy Persians: Part 18
Ahreeman X
Little Red Persianhood Presents A Persian Christmas
A Persian Christmas Net Spoof Ahreemanic Show
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2021 to All
It’s the time of the year you been waiting for!
Only in Iran Christmas Special is here!
Hot Out of the IPC Oven, Come and Get it!
It was the night before the Christmas and more

Politics - Photo Gallery
Google Iranian American Corrupt Management
Google, Facebook & Twitter Iranian Management
Ahreeman X
Who Stole the Election, Nullified Your Vote & Silences you?
Who Censors You, Steals Your Information & Indoctrinates You?
Who Wants to Destroy the 1st, 2nd & 4th Amendments?
Introduction to Nightmare

I am going to unveil to you, a story which has been hidden from you by the Tech Giants and the Media. I am going to tell you about the “Silicon Valley Persian Mafia” who operates the “Liberal Plantationsmore

Comic Book
Prophet Muhammad Biography Comic Book
Introduction and Comic Book
Abdullah Ibn Abi Sarh
Prophet Muhammad Illustrated Biography Comic Book: Volume I
Banned Controversial Book on the True History of Islam
Story of the Comic Book
“Abdullah Ibn Sa’d Ibn Abi Sarh” for short “Abdullah Ibn Abi Sarh” is the pseudonym and pen name for a group of apostate infidels consisting of writers and illustrators from Indonesia (the most populated Islamic country in the world) whom created a fabulous series of more

Fashion - Models
Goli Persian Sexy Model at the Lake
Goli at the Lake Album
Goli at the Lake: Goli’s Debut at IPC
A Persian Goddess, a Picturesque Lake, a Colorful Wood
Perfect Marriage of Body with Art and Nature
Goli at the lake is a concept that we always wanted to capture. It is an artistic manifestation of the naked body in the nature. A lovely photogenic model in a beautiful picturesque lake. Goli was made for this concept and then more! Goli is an art, fashion, catalogue, nude and more

Biden Presidency Denigrates America’s Integrity
Most Corrupt Presidency in America
Nicholas Ginex
Media & Tech Giants Reward Corruption in Returns for Power
Media & Tech Giants Hidden the Biden Crime Family Corruption
Biden Crime Family Enterprise

Joe Biden was involved, using his VP office during the Obama years, making profit off of business deals with China, Russia, Ukraine, Oman, Luxembourg, France, Romania, and Kazakhstan. If not the most, he is one of the most corrupt politicians in the history more

Politics - Cartoons
US Elections 2020 Rigged by George Soros
Complete System is Rigged by Deep State
Ahreeman X
George Soros the Most Corrupt Man on Earth Rigged the Elections
Deep State Grand Plot to Reset & Reverse Trump Reforms
Democrats are Coming to Destroy US Economy & Livelihood Again!
Welcome to Biden’s Dark Winter, Obama 3.0 Welfare State!
Façade is Coming Off!
I used to state this statement about the Imperial Iran: The Imperial Iran was a “pot of gold” but if you would lift the pot lid, you more

News - Politics
Trump News Network Must be Created
Save American Culture & Civilization
Ahreeman X
Trump News Network to Save America
Real News Network & Major Broadcasting Organization is Needed
Trump News Network (TNN) + Trump Broadcasting Organization (TBO)
Dark Winter of Socialism
Biden’s “Dark Winter of Socialism” is approaching quick! ANTIFA, BLM and other Socialist Thugs and Democrat Foot Soldiers have already started the assaults, riots, lootings, arsons, thefts, rapes, murders more

Politics - Cartoons
US Elections 2020 or 2nd Deep State Coup?
American People vs. Deep State
Ahreeman X
Civics 101 Education for Liberals, Marxists, Anarchists & Other Dems
In America, People & Courts Decide the Elections.
In America, Media & Tech Giants Do Not Call the Elections!
In America, Congress Certifies & Secretary of State Calls the Election.
It is Not Over Until All the Court Cases & Recounts are Done!
Introduction to Disaster
Let us not kid ourselves, 2020 is not just another US Election more

Fashion - Models
Giulia Salemi Sexy Hot Persian Model
New Debut Albums
Giulia Salemi
Giulia Salemi Debut in IPC: Giulia Rocks IPC
Hold the Press Boys, Move Along Girls & Open Room for the New Girl
Sizzling Hot New Fashion Model, Cinema & TV Star
Made in Iran, Imported from Italy & Now in USA with New Albums:
Album 1: Giulia in Chic Fashion
Album 2: Giulia in Bikini and Lingerie
Giulia Salemi is a Persian model and movie star. Giulia is more

History - Politics
Reza Pahlavi’s Secret Deal with IRI
Reza Pahlavi Crimes Against the Iranian People
Ahreeman X & IPC
Reza Pahlavi is Not Who You Think He is!
What is Hidden from You by the Media?
Things are not always what they seem to be!
People are not always who they display to be!
It is all Media and TV propaganda, lies and promos to brainwash you!
“Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed.” (Friedrich Nietzsche) more

History - Politics
Reza Pahlavi didn’t Support the 2nd Iran Coup of 1984
Reza Pahlavi Crimes Against the Iranian People
Ahreeman X
Pahlavi Secret Documents Unveiled & Published After 4 Decades
* Introduction: Let the Untold be Told!
* General Ezazi’s Letter to Reza Pahlavi
* Reza Pahlavi’s Response to General Ezazi
* Ashraf Pahlavi’s Stopped Check to General Ezazi
* Shahbanu Farah Pahlavi’s Coronation Islamic Blessed Writing
* Original Documents in Persian more

News - Media
Real News Networks List vs. Fake News Media
Alternative News Networks vs. Mainstream Media
Ahreeman X
List of the Real News Networks: Bookmark It
All the Alternative News Networks You Need!
Fake News Media
It is no secret that the American Media is liberal biased, a wing of the Democrat party, preacher of the leftist propaganda and the fake news. Globally, the media is often leftist but the American Mainstream Media gives a new definition to the “Liberal Bias” more

Science - Philosophy
Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind
English Book in 4 Chapters
Nicholas Ginex
A Nicholas Ginex Book on the Man - Machine Connection
The Future Depends on the Humanistic Uses of AI
Introduction: Ahreeman X
Author: Nicholas Ginex
We are now moving towards the future. Future is what you make of it. You steer this ship. The Future can destroy you or progress you in peace and harmony. The future can be prosperous. The future more

Politics - Movement
Namazi Family are Iran Lobby, Not US Hostages!
Globalist Criminal Billionaires, Not Innocent Victims!
Ahreeman X
Namazi Family are Corrupt Criminal Oil Mafia Family of Iran
Namazi Family are Double Agents of VAJA and CIA
Namazis are Far from Innocent American Hostages Held in Iran
Namazis are in Prison due to Power Struggle between IRI Fractions
Lately, the Iran Lobby Groups and Voice of America in Farsi influenced by the Iran Lobby have been once again propagating the release of the Namazi Family from the Iranian prison. In the past more

Movement - Photo Gallery
Persian Cultural Center San Diego Iran Lobby Bank
Iran Lobby Infiltration and Corruption in San Diego
Ahreeman X & Catayoun Razmjou
Persian Cultural Center San Diego is the Bank for Iran Lobby
PCC SD is the Money Laundry Bank for the Iran Lobby Groups
Special Iran Lobby Expose
Iran Lobby has been active in America for decades. Iran Lobby used to be very strong during the Obama presidency. 8 years of Obama – Biden Regime was tragic for the Iranian Opposition but fruitful for the Iran Lobby. The first Muslim President of USA had done his best more

Prophet Muhammad & Aisha His Child Bride Cartoons
Best of Muhammad & Aisha Cartoons
IPC & Cartoonists
New Politically Incorrect & Banned Muhammad & Aisha Cartoons
Muhammad & Aisha Cartoon Series in 3 Parts
Part 1: Republished
Part 2: New
Part 3: New
“Aisha reported: Allah's Messenger (at age 51) married me when I was 6 years old, and I was admitted to his house at the age of 9.” more

Aisha: Muhammad’s Child Bride Graphics
Muhammad & Aisha Graphics: Part 1 & Part 2
Ahreeman X
Muhammad & Aisha Graphics
Is Muhammad Gone? So I Can Come Out?!
Muhammad’s Pedophilia Exists as a Role Model for Muslims Globally
You're bombarded with the liberal media lies, self-educate yourselves
To expose the true Islam,
You need to study the roots of the evil,
Read the Quran and Hadith more

Politics - Photo Gallery
Black Lives Matter is a Terrorist Organization
Inside BLM
Ahreeman X
What Media Hides from You about BLM?
BLM True Story, Platform and Photo Gallery
You may be wondering, how is it that three BBB (Big Black Bull-Dyke) create an organization named BLM who openly and violently wants to replace the American Democracy with Marxism and then the American and the international corporations fund them and support them? more

Tofigh Classic Iranian Cartoons in English Galleries
Tofigh Cartoons Restored
Ahreeman X
Best of Tofigh Classic Cartoons Restored in 2 Chapters
Tribute to Hassan Tofigh, the Tofigh Family and Staff
50 Years of Tofigh Cartoons and Satire (1922 – 1972)
If Tofigh Existed Today!
If Tofigh existed today, the Iranian American Democrats would find it not Politically Correct and ban it; furthermore, they would brand it as racist, sexist, misogynist, xenophobic, sizeist and 101 other ists more

Liberal Race Card for Today, for Future & for Ever!
Roots of Riots
Ahreeman X
The Real Story Behind the Riots which Media Hides from you!
Who is Black Lives Matter?
Democrat Party is the Root of the Black Community’s Problems
“Black Community’s Terrible Choices Made” is “The Real Problem of the Black Community”, not the police department. You can defund the police departments all over the United States but that will not solve the Black Community’s problems. Black community needs to more

Politics - Movement
Google Promotes Hezbollah & NIAC on IPC Traffic!
Google Deception
Ahreeman X
Google in Bed with Communist China, Arab Oil and IRI
Google without any Principles, Sells to the Highest Bidder
Google Deception, Corruption, Immorality, Censorship and Crimes

On April 8, 2020, Catayoun Razmjou, the IPC Web Mistress, posted:
Iran Politics Club Website Upgrades, Statistics and Security Updates
Iran Politics Club Official Announcement
Hello everyone more

Photo Gallery - History
Shah of Iran Wives, Lovers & Mistresses Gallery
The Behind the Scenes Real Story
Ahreeman X
Alahazrat Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi’s Love Life
Unveiling Shah’s Secret Love Stories
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was one of the most promiscuous playboys in the history of the world. He had 3 wives, girlfriends, lovers, mistresses and a great number of dates and one-night stands. Shah of Iran had a huge sexual appetite. This was known in the Darbar (Courthouse) and the Kabine (Cabinet); however, the great depth and more

Politics - Movement
Iranian American Democrats, who are they?
Analysis & Nature of the Iranian American Left!
Ahreeman X
Iranian American Democrat Types, Characteristics & Psyche
Why Iranian Americans by Majority are Democrats?
Democrats are not American Patriots or Iranian Nationalists
Liberal Mindset
I have accidentally overheard a conversation on the phone. The conversation was between two female cousins. For the sake of the story, let’s refer to them as Shahin and Mahin more


New Model


Iran Lobby Infects San Diego
San Diego Bank for Terrorism
Google Retaliates for PCC
Shahri Estakhry IRI Agent
Bita Qabus on PCC IRI Lobby
Iran Lobby Organizations List
Persian Cultural Center Thread

Democrats Stage Capitol Riot
Armed Protests in 50 States
Birth of Socialist Regime USSA

Trump Rallies Post Coup
Trump Alamo 450 Miles Wall
Trump Save America Speech
Trump Stop the Steal Georgia
Post Fraudulent Election 2020

FBI Most Wanted Posters
Iran Animation Graphics
New Thread + Updates + Index

Battleplan Against IRI Mullahs
In Biden & Democrats Era
Free Iran & Free America are 1
Communication & Distribution
Free Armed People + Thread

ANTIFA is Burning Down USA
ANTIFA Attacks San Diego
Candace Owens vs Lamont Hill
Best Defense for the Police
Trump Remarks + Thread

Sam Ghandchi Futurist Iran
Iranscope Original & ISDM
New + Updates + Thread
Futurist, Iranscope, Ghandchi

Tech Giants Great Threat
To American Democracy
Silicon Valley Kills Freedom
Tech Giants Rig Election 2020
Time to Regulate + Thread

Why Trumpism Works?
Rush Limbaugh on Swamp
Democrat High Taxes in 5 Min
Shelby Steele + Mark Levin
Ahreeman X to Maz Jobrani
Trump Propaganda Works!

E-mails to Ahreeman X
Nutty, Sexy, Educational

No Religious Iranian Flags!
Ahreeman X Show on YouTube
Democracy in Middle East?!
Why Bash Bahaism?
E-mails to Ahreeman X Thread

Trita Parsi Erection by Biden
Dr. Mohammad Parvin vs Cat

Is Google a Cult?
Google vs US Democracy
Google Suppresses IPC Links
YouTube Mass Censorship
Silicon Valley Persian Mafia
Update + Google Mind Control

US Election Fraud Evidences
How US Election was Stolen?
Hack Vote Machine in 1 Minute
George Soros Role + Thread

Abbas Derissi Artist Updates
Iranian Master Painter Left Us!
New + Updates + Art Index

Ahreeman X Poetry Update
The Persian: Epic Poetry
New Review + Thread + Poetry

Yalda Night Persian Festival
IPC Yalda Night Special 2020

Amir Abbas Hoveyda
Great Iranian Prime Minister
Hoveyda Memories in Videos
Memory of My God Father

Ahreeman X Famous Quotes
Ahreeman X on Google's Role
New + Thread + Ahreeman X

Iran Protests IRI Got to Go
Iran Opposition Needs Guns
Palestinians & Rise of IRI
Bita Qabus Official Statement
IRI Got to Go Thread

Who Knows & Who Not?
Original Poem + Thread

Only in Iran Funny Galleries
Persian Christmas + Thread

Debate Nicholas Ginex vs AX
Philosophy of Existence
Universal Intelligence & AI
Ginex on Evolution & Aliens
Ginex on AI & Singularity
Singularity, Conscious AI, Jobs
Evolution of Minds
Ginex System of Universe
Ahreeman X Reality Rebuttal
Ginex Strikes Back
Can Mankind Handle Reality?
Ginex on Subconscious Mind
Philosophy Debate Thread

China Rigged US Elections
China Bribed Dominion Corp.

US 2020 Election News
George Soros Rigged Election
Elections or Deep State Coup?
Joe Biden in China's Pocket
Biden 42 Destructive Agendas
Trump Legacy + Thread

Wikipedia from Encyclopedia
to Liberal Propaganda Outlet

Muhammad Comic Book
Muhammad Banned Biography

Iran Fashion Models News
Top Sexy Persian Models

Trump News Network USA
Trump Broadcasting Org.

Prophet Muhammad Cartoons
New Toons + Thread

Why Socialism doesn’t Work?
Why Socialism is So Popular?
Explained in 5 Minutes Thread!

Democrat & GOP Party History
The Real Story Thread

Black Lives Matter Terrorism
BLM Expose by Ahreeman X
George Soros Millions to BLM
BLM is a Terrorist Organization

Women’s March Suggestions
Ahreeman X to Linda Sarsour

New Iran Sanctions Effect
Trump Maximum Pressure

Coronavirus, IRGC & Chinese
How did it Spread? Real Story
China Made & Spread Virus?
True Coronavirus Death #
Coverup + Maps Stats + Thread

Reza Pahlavi - IRI Deal
Cat on Reza Pahlavi Treason
2nd Iran Coup 1984 Thread

Monarchy or Republic?
Reza Pahlavi is a Divider
Monarchy is Outdated
Monarchy Works Not in Iran
Prt 1 + Prt 2 + Prt 3 + Thread

Real News Networks List
Fake News Media Alternative

Iran Lobby & Agents in USA
Namazis aren't US Hostages
Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family
Namazi Family = Iran Lobby
Sahar Nowrouzzadeh IRI Spy
Iran Lobby Groups Thread
Hassan Daioleslam News
Update + Index + Movement

Muhammad & Aisha Cartoons
Muslim Child Bride Thread

Black Lives Matter Cartoons
Best of BLM Toons & Graphics

Labor Day with Ahreeman X
Retro Labor Day Special

Ashura Special Bloody Fun
Psychotic Shiite Islam Festival

Uncle Tom Movie Masterpiece
American Black Conservatives

What Media Hides from You?
RINO Paul Ryan Leave FOX
Riots, Protests, Cancel Culture

Tofigh Best Iranian Cartoons
Restored 2 Galleries Thread

Why Moral Revolution?
Cultural Overhaul Takes Blood
Independent Persian & Arab $
Alternative Update + Thread

Why Islam Can’t Coexist?
Anwar Shaikh Unveils!
Anwar Shaikh Legacy
Best of Anwar Shaikh in IPC
News + Thread + Index

Pan Iranism vs. Islam!
What it Means to be Iranian?
New + Old + Update + Thread

Democrats stand for what?
Article + Cartoons Thread

Shah's Wives, Lovers & Girls
Shah’s Love Life Thread

IPC 20th Anniversary Special
Happy Birthday IPC Thread

Democrats & Mullahs History
Iranian American Democrats
Democrats Misfires on Iran

Baha’i Cult Contradictions
New Baha’i Contradictions
Greatest One + Thread

Universal Intelligence vs God
Philosophy Thread

Sarah Palin News
Trump Can See Greenland
Sarah Palin + Tea Party

Fereydoun Farrokhzad Topic
Memorial Day Special

Trump Iran Visa Ban Update
What Iranians Must Know?

Cyber Censorship Cartoons
Tech Giants Internet Filters

Last Persian Emperor Saga
Aqa Mohammad Shah Qajar

Fake News Media Cartoons
Fake News & Lies Central

Mitra Persian Sun Goddess
Foundation of Christianity!
Behind the Scenes Story

Nicholas Ginex Updates
New + News Updates Thread

New Books in IPC Library
Largest Iran Online Library
Persian Myths John Hinnells
Mitra Mysteries Franz Cumont
Internet Sacred Texts Archives
Banned in Iran Books
23 Years Muhammad Career
Islam: The Arab Imperialism
New Banned Books
Shah of Iran Books
Pan Turanianism & Azerbaijan
Islam: Sex & Violence
Quran & System of Universe
Psychology of Muhammad
8000 Years of Iranian History
222 Years of Struggle
Ayatollah Khomeini Books
Persian & English Texts
Iran Online Persian Library
Iran Online English Library
Iran Online Library

California Sanctuary Toons
California Banana Republic

Amazon Cyber Censorship
New Update + Thread

Persian Slangs Dictionary
New Funny Iranian Slangs
Yadullah Name + Y Words
Duff Meaning + D Words
Jindagani Terms + J Words
Encyclopedia Ahreemanica

Kourosh Aryamanesh News
News + Thread

Reza Shah the Great Memory
Father of the Modern Iran

Rolling Stones: Black & Blue
1976 Rare Live Music Videos

Persian Immortals are Alive!
Military History comes to Life!

Alien Factor New Updates
Ancient Aliens Theory
New + Thread + Philosophy

Nurollah X Humor Updates
Bull Shiite for Good Shiite!
Islamic Revolution Special
Logic of 72 Virgins + Thread

Welfare States of America
WSA on Verge of Collapse

Theory of Everything - New
Beginning of Existence!
New + Thread + Philosophy

Historical Iranian Scientists
Iranian Masters of Science

Break IRI Internet Filters
Break IRI Net Filters Thread
Best Browser to View IPC
Update + Thread

Susa is not Elam Updates
Iranians are not Arabs!
Purification of Mind & Race
Historical Evidence + Thread

Iran Nazi Movement History
New Updates + Thread

Persian Art Masters Series
Hojatollah Shakiba Tribute
Master of Persian Miniatures
Gallery 1, 2
Mahmoud Farshchian Tribute
Master of Persian Miniatures
Biography, Gallery 1, 2, Index
More: Art & Literature

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