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Yani Nikolai


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Yani Nikolai

I am Aryan AKA Yani Nikolai, I am a British born and raised Iranian, from both sets of parents. As an Iranian raised in the West, it has been of my great curiosity to learn and understand more about my heritage. Since the age of sixteen I had engaged in the passion for Iranian nationalism and grew an interest in learning the history, culture and religions of my forefathers. Over time my knowledge, opinions, concepts and theories had strengthened through research and secondary sources, this eventually prompted me to become outspoken and spread my voice on the various issues that are affecting our country today.
I give my respect to anyone who is free-thinking and allows others to do the same, including those who are believers of a faith; however I am an advocate for religious criticism, particularly in the case of Islam. My rejection of faith initially stemmed from years of reading and researching the religion often misinterpreted as 'the religion of peace', this growing interest eventually leaked into my own faith of Christianity, which I no longer endorse. I have a right-wing political agenda and I am an advocate for a Democratic Republic in Iran.
To get an understanding of who I am and what I particularly enjoy writing about, I would have to describe myself as:

* Nationalist
* Secularist
* Futurist
* Right-Wing
* Free-thinker

Yani Nikolai

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