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Iran Cartoons Index

Iran Cartoons Index

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Selected Cartoons

Cartoon Albums
Google - Persian Gulf Controversy Cartoons

Adventures of Porkollah the Pig of Allah
Porkollah the Muslim Pig Adventures (AX)

Adventures of Tintin Comics
Adventures of Tintin in Tehran, Iran Comic Book
Adventures of Tintin in Tehran! - Part 1: Comics and DVDs
Adventures of Tintin in Tehran! - Part 2: Covers and Posters

Ahreeman X Cartoons
Iran Cartoons by Ahreeman X - Ahreemanic Early Toons (AX)

California Sanctuary Banana Republic Cartoons
Chapter 1: Land of Stoners & Eco Wackos (AX & Cartoonists)
Chapter 2: Land of Illegal Aliens (AX & Cartoonists)

Chador Cartoons
Chador - Islamic Veil Cartoons

Chinese Coronavirus Cartoons
Chinese Coronavirus: Now You Know Why Globalism Fails! (A F Branco)

Democrats, what do they stand for? (A F Branco, Ben Garrison, Ramirez)

Fake News Liberal Media Cartoons
CNN Fake News Media Cartoons - Part 1 + AX Narration
MSNBC, NBC and ABC Fake News Media Cartoons - Part 2
All Star Fake News Media Cartoons - Part 3

Iran Cartoons
Iranian Joke of the Century: IRI Parliament Anti-Terrorism Measures!
Mullahs and Nukes - Iran Nuclear Cartoons
Iran Politics and Life

Iran Elections Cartoons
Iranian Election Cartoons

Islam Cartoons
Islamist Suicide Bombers
Islam, Religion of Peace Cartoons!

Islam Cartoons by Steph Bergol
Islamic + Muhammad Cartoons in English - Part 1 (Steph Bergol)
Islamic + Muhammad Cartoons in English - Part 2 (Steph Bergol)

Islam Comic Book
Islam Comic Book: Muhammad’s Believe it ... Introduction (Abdullah Aziz)
Islam Comic Book: Muhammad’s Believe it ... Comics (Abdullah Aziz)
Islam Comic Book in Persian: Muhammad or! Introduction (Abdullah Aziz)
Islam Comic Book in Persian: Muhammad or! Comics (Abdullah Aziz)

NFL Cartoons
Trump to NFL: Respect America (Ben Garrison, A F Branco & AX)

Nowruz Cartoons
Nowruz Persian New Year Graphics: Coronavirus & Liberals (AX)
Nowruz Persian New Year Haft Sin Cartoons (AX & Cartoonists)

Obama Cartoons
Barack Hussein Obama Islamist Cartoons – Part 1
Barack Hussein Obama Socialist Cartoons – Part 2

Obama vs. Carter Cartoons
Obama vs. Carter Cartoons: Who’s the Worst US President Ever?!

Obama – Iran Nuke Deal Cartoons
Obama - Iran 1: Khamenei - Kerry Dirty Deals
Obama - Iran 2: Rouhani - Obama Deals (Hassan & Hussein Deals)
Obama - Iran 3: Netanyahu - Arabs & All Other Low-Down Dirty Deals

Prophet Muhammad Cartoons
Life of Muhammad Cartoons of Charlie Hebdo 1: Muhammad & Islam
Life of Muhammad Cartoons of Charlie Hebdo 2: Jesus & Christianity
Life of Muhammad Cartoons of Charlie Hebdo 3: Terror Controversy
Prophet Muhammad and Aisha his Child Bride Cartoons (Best Of)
Prophet Muhammad's Cartoon Controversy (Best Of)
Prophet Muhammad Cartoons (Best Of)

Reza Pahlavi II Cartoons
Reza Pahlavi II Cartoons: Old Prince who never become a Shah 1
Reza Pahlavi II Cartoons: Old Prince who never become a Shah 2

Shah of Iran Comic Book
Shah of Iran Comic Book: Recaptured Glory - Introduction (AX)
Shah of Iran Comic Book [Persian] (Mohammad Reza Pahlavi)

Tech Giants Internet Censorship Cartoons
Is Google a Cult? Censorship, Espionage & ... (AX & Cartoonists)
Tech Giants Cyber Censorship (AX & Cartoonists)
Amazon Community ANTIFA Cyber Censorship! (AX & Cartoonists)
Amazon Censorship, the Final Verdict (AX & Cartoonists)

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Iranian Cartoon Sites
Cox & Forkum: Iran Cartoons
Iran Cartoon
Iran Cartoon (Persian)
Iran Cartoon: Iranian Cartoonists
IPC Cartoons
Gol Agha
Bahman Abdi
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran Cartoons
Rahim Asgari Cartoon World News
Tabriz Cartoons
Bahar Movahed
Javad Alizadeh
Ali Divandari
Khat Khati Magazine
Khat O Rang
Marjane Satrapi - Wikipedia
Iranian Cartoonists - Wikipedia
Hadi Khorsandi - Asghar Agha
Hadi Khorsandi - Hadi Sara
Ali Mirayi
Farsi Jokes
Roozi Cartoons
Caroun: Iranian Cartoonists

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International Cartoon Sites
Cox & Forkum
GrrrGraphics (Ben Garrison)
Comically Incorrect Cartoons by A F Branco
Michael Ramirez
Gorrell Art (Bob Gorrell)
Daryl Cagle Site
Daryl Cagle and Friends: Cagle Post
Daryl Cagle and Friends: Those Muhammad Cartoons
Daryl Cagle and Friends Download Site
US News Political Cartoons
Eden Political Cartoons
JJ McCullough
Toons Online
Editorial Cartoonists AAEC
Peter Nicholson
Politically Correct Cartoons by Jim Huber
Cartoon Ink - Patrick LaMontagne
Day by Day Cartoon
Dry Bones Israel
Dry Bones Blog
Red Panels
Townhall Political Cartoons
The Week Cartoons
The Eighth Day - Jerenberg (Met Fan Mac)
Fun of Funny
Islamic Book
Jesus and Mohammed
Pret Met Mohammed (Fun with Muhammad)
Charlie Hebdo
Ahmed and Mohammed
Face of Muhammed
Mackay Editorial Cartoons
Captain Cartoon
Ann Telnaes Cartoons
Cartoon Movement
Zombie Time: Mohammed Image Archive
Jyllands Posten Wikipedia
Cartoons from Arab World
Caricature Zone

Cartoon Stock
Daily Cartoonist
Today's Cartoon by Randy Glasbergen
Cartoon Bank
Political Cartoons
Cartoon Research
Liza Donnelly New Yorker Cartoonist
Kaltoons: Kevin Kallaugher
Clay Bennett Cartoons
Go Comics
WWI Propaganda Posters
WWII Cartoons and Propaganda Posters
German Nazi Propaganda posters
German Nazi Propaganda Page
German Propaganda Guide
National Cartoonists Society
Editorial Cartoonists List - Wikipedia
Cartoonists List - Wikipedia
Lemon World Cartoons
Cartoonists Club of Great Britain
Stavro Jabra
New Yorker Cartoons
New York Times Cartoons

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Selected Cartoons

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