Dr. Ali Shariati & his calling in life!

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Dr. Ali Shariati & his calling in life!

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Feb 19, 2005 12:14 pm

Dr. Ali Shariati & his calling in life!

An Oldies but Goodies!
Old IPC Files

Dr. Shariati was an idealist poet! A Dreamer whom mixed Erfan,
Sufism, Democracy & Tradition & tried hard to use all these tools to
color the Gray Sparrow of Islam with colorful paints & sell it as a
Canary! To make up the ugly witch of Islam & sell it as a Virgin
Beauty! Basically Shariati was a "Maleh Kesh"! Or shall I say, "Goh
Mal Zan"! He put stucco on an old rotted termite infested house
without repairing it first!

Shariati was the Father of "Neo Islam" in contradiction
with "Fundamentalist Islam" of Khomeini! Shariati tried very hard to
convince the masses that the True Islam is Islam of Love, Justice,
Equality, Freedom, Passion, Mysticism, & Light! Shariati basically
done this with passion & creativity. It is because of people like
Shariati, Soroush, Ganji & likes, that Islam still has a following
amongst the intellectuals!

However, a Historian, a Philosopher, a Wise Researcher, a
Professional Reader & a True Intellectual or Free Thinker will never
be fooled by re creation of Islam by Shariati! No matter how hard
people like Shariati try to Reform, Revise, Revision & Update Islam,
in the end they fail! Why? Because we have moderate Muslim but in
it's nature, Islam is a Fundamentalistic Reactionary Ideology & far
from a religion, yet it is a dangerous political ideology. A wise man
cannot be played a quickie on, by likes of Shariati.

Have in mind that Shariati is Father to Mojahedin, Socialist Muslims,
Marxist Islamists, Neo Islamists, Moderate Muslims & all Muslim with
half a brain! These Iranian Muslim, worship Shariati like Jebheis
worship Mosadeq!

To me, Shariati is a misguided intellectual who hopelessly tries to
save Islam by a patch job; therefore, he rises the Flag of Anti
Mullah & anti Traditional Islam & embraces the Progressive Islam &
Revision in Islam & he hopes that by doing so, Islamic Nations will
be able to challenge the West! He denies Western Values as much as he
can & he sticks with Eastern Values & he hopes to Modernize Islam in
a way to challenge the West & cleans up Westoxication! What Shariati
& his followers do not understand is that:

Islam cannot be revised, because if it gets revised, then it will not
be the True Islam of Mohamadi!

We cannot fight the Western Civilization & Ideologies by doing a
Patch Up job on Islam & then to Challenge them with weapon of Islam
or Neo Islam.

The greatest mistake of Shariati is that he sees Iran & Iranians as
Muslim! Shariati fails to see our Persian-hood & our rich Persian
Culture. He puts us in the same level as Arab Nations & Islamic

Shariati unrealistically Dreams of his Islamic Utopia, which can
never happen, the same as Karl Marx's communist Democratic Heaven can
never happen! The Main Stream Islam & Bolshevism will not let it
happen! Simple as that!

Shariati was an idealist, a dreamer, a patch job worker rather than a
Foundation Builder! Shariati offered temporary solutions for our ILLs
& Cultural Poverty, yet he never offered a solution, a fundamental
solution which is finding ourselves & our true heritage & to see the
roots of our problems which is Islam itself!

Shariati & Shariatis of the world are the last hope of Islam to
survive as a half alive entity struggling to live! But they are no
help to survival of Iran & Iranian culture. They are no help to the
survival of our dying civilization under the Pan Arabism! Besides,
Dr. Shariati was mistakenly mistaking The Real Islam with the
Pure Shiite of Ali Allahi Abomination! Shiite Imamate is a bizarre
creation of Shiite Seyeds, Safavid Dynasty & Mullahs of Iran! It has
no validity, even amongst the Muslim!

Thats all.


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