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Types of Muslim!

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Feb 19, 2005 12:23 pm

Types of Muslim!
part one

An Oldies but Goodies!
Old IPC Files

Shall we, make this clear, for once & for all?!

Shall it be known clearly to all, of the types of Muslim in the world!

Types of Muslim:

I. Muslim by Tradition

This type of Muslim occupy the numbers of the majority of Muslim in the world. They are Muslim, because their parents were Muslim & so were their grand parents & their grand grand parents! This type are often not very religious nor follow the laws of Islam; however, they are very much in dark about the truth of Islam. This type often has never read the Quran nor other Muslim holy books like Hadith or Nahjol Bilaqah. They are not aware of Islam as a political ideology, yet they see Islam as yet another religion. They are not aware of history of Islam, nor they are fanatical about Islam. They are just Muslim due to heredity, not choice. They are pretty much look @ religion as another element in a life of a person. This person has never actually opened & read Quran from the beginning to the end, nor he read any other fundamental document & books on Islam like the Hadith. He just follows the lead, like a Cattle who follows the shepherd! This person, often, does not even care to study & learn about Islam & the true nature of what he believes in. This type is not a serious believer of Islam.

II. Muslim by Ignorance

This type, if born Muslim & has some knowledge of Islam, is pretty much ignorant to the historical, philosophical & contents of Islam & Islamic Books. On the other hand, if this type was converted to Islam, is also just having a glance & the superficial knowledge of Islam. This person's knowledge of Islam is not deep & fundamental. This person, does follow Islam, does preach Islam, does defend & fight for Islam; however, without the complete understanding of the true nature of Islam as a dangerous political ideology. This person sees Islam as a just religion, not an evil political ideology. This person sees the mysticism, Sufism, & amazing eastern culture of Islam; however, this person fails to notice the lack of separation of religion & government in Islam, the lack of occurrence of a renaissance in Islam, & the reality that all aspects of social life in a Muslim society, including the politics, judicial, economy, social, legislative, executive & others are in fact parts of the religion, & religion rules the society as a whole. This type, is simply ignorant to the true nature of Islam; therefore, this person follows, defends & fights for Islam as a just cause. Also, we need to have in mind that Ignorance is not a good excuse in the court of law! If a suspect in a crime, goes in front of the court of law, & claims ignorance to the law, as the cause of his crime, this excuse will not work & he still be charged, convicted & punished for his crime, so is the ignorance of Islam & its true nature. If a person is ignorant of the facts of Islam & he still remains a Muslim, this is no one else's fault but himself! Ignorance is never a good excuse to justify the actions that we do daily! This type is very fanatical about his beliefs.

III. Muslim by Pure Evil

This type commits all that he does with a full knowledge of Quran, Hadith, other Islamic Documents. He is fully aware of the true nature of Islam & he acts upon it. cleric ranks & Highly positioned holy ranks or followers of Islam are among this type. Ayatollahs, Hojatol Eslams, known big time Muslim like Imam Khamenei, or Osama Bin Ladin are among this type. This type knows exactly about the whole history of Islam, contents of Quran, the whole Anti Women, Anti Non Muslim, Anti Human Right, Anti Democracy, Anti Individual Rights, Anti Multi Culturalism, Anti Science, Anti Progress & the fanatical fundamental nature of Islam, yet knowingly, he defends & fights for Islam. The oppressive rule of Islam is well justified like every other aspect of Islam which is also well justified for him & by him to others. This person acts upon his beliefs by full knowledge of Islam. This type is extremely fanatical, backwarded, & reactionary. This person is Muslim by the will & by the pure Evil.

And these are all types of Muslim. Shall this note, shed a light on the issue.

Mind is a terrible thing to be wasted on the superstitious, meta physical, super natural, religious, mumbo jumbo.


Dr. X
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Types of Muslim: part two

Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Feb 13, 2006 10:08 pm

Types of Muslim!
part two

So basically if we take a factor, it comes down to this:

Monkey See, Monkey Do Muslim (Muslim Apologists)
[Muslim by Tradition]
Those who are Muslim because generation after generation of their ancestors were also Muslim. This group is clueless! This group often apologizes & makes excuses for bad behavior of Fundamentalist Muslim & harsh words of Mohammed (Quran)! This group justifies every perversion & wrongdoing of Mohammed & Islam!
Ex: Everyday Urban Muslim are amongst this group.

Ignorant Muslim (Moderate Muslim)
[Muslim by Ignorance]
Those who never read the complete Quran & Hadith. This is the group who insists on "Different Interpretations of Quran"! They insist that there is a "Good Peaceful" Quran, only if you interpret it correctly! This group lives in LaLa Land!
Ex: Western Converts to Islam, Neo Muslim & Intellectual Muslim are amongst this group.

True Muslim (Terrorist & Fundamentalist Muslim)
[Muslim by Pure Evil]
Those who actually read Quran, understand Quran, act upon Quran & live by Quran. True Islamic Scholars.
Ex: Ayatollahs & other Islamic Clerics, Islamic Republic of Iran Officials, Ansar-e Hizbollah, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Hizbollah of Lebanon, Al Hamas & other True Muslim are amongst this group.

Fel Khatemah
Endallaha Atqakom


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Postby Liberator » Tue Feb 14, 2006 11:05 am

As a fellow comrade noted, an important category has been missed:

Fakers - those who do not believe in Islam or any other religion but can't say it, out of fear for their lives.

http://www.iranunited.com/forums/showth ... 1#post3735

And let me add to that those who believe in practice another religion but have to label themselves muslims since leaving islam means DEATH!

Ba Sepaas
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