Muhammed's history of Opportunism & Iran!

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Muhammed's history of Opportunism & Iran!

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Feb 19, 2005 12:37 pm

Muhammed's history of Opportunism & Iran!

An Oldies but Goodies!
Old IPC Files

When Muhammad took over the business of his Uncle & family, he became the house keeper of Kabbah, next he ordered Muslim to worship all the four Gods, Allah & his three daughters, Lat, Manat, ..... After a while when he grew his knowledge by debating many intellectuals who believed in Mono Gods Theories, one day he went in the famous cave, dropped on the floor, into one of his epileptic seizures & Allah came to him as a vision & sound. Allah told him to stop the Muslim to worship all these Gods & only to worship him!

Next, Mohan (Muhammad) went in Kabbah & ordered the destruction of the three other Rocks & only kept the Big Black Rock which was the symbol of Allah! This is how Allah (The Moon God) became the unified God of Islam. Eventually Mohan took away the term "Moon God" & left only the name Allah, & later on he even ordered Muslim to destroy the Black Rock & he said Allah is now in the sky!

Now as I mentioned before, one day just to prove that he is not a Moon worshiper & Allah has no relation with the Moon, he conducted a miracle! This was one of the most important miracles of Muhammad! He took his sword out & in a bright night, he cut the moon in half! Of course Muhammad knew a lot about Astronomy & the exact date that the Moon turns to a Crescent! However, Muhammad was a Charlatan & he was dealing with a bunch of Arab Nomad illiterates, so on that night he cut the moon in half & he claimed that the moon will be divided in half in a while! Eventually the moon started to turn to a crescent & people amazingly believed that Muhammad has actually done a miracle!

All this Moon episodes, eventually made the Crescent, the official emblem of Islam. As you see, Muhammad's "Shaq ol Qamar" (cutting the moon in half) became his most important miracle, like Mouses turned the cain to the snake or split the Red Sea, or Jesus walked on the water or healed the sick, or......

If you notice, all these charlatans conducted miracles to convince the public that they are prophets of God! In the history, you notice that there are a few Rational Free Thinkers like Zoroastra or Bhudda that they never claimed that they were prophets of God; therefore, they never had to conduct a miracle! Zarathustra's miracle was his power of logic, his poetry, his documented philosophy in Avesta or Gatha! People like Zoroastra or Bhudda had such deep philosophies that later on, the every day people of the streets & their followers started calling them the Prophets of God & established temples or in Zoroastrian case, Fire Temples & eventually the hypocrisy of Zoroastrian Clerics (Mubede Mobedan) ruined the original message of Zarathustra!

The interesting thing about Muhammed, was that, eventhough he did not know how to read or write, yet he was a very intelligent man, way ahead of his time & his people in deserts of Arabia, & he was a solid businessman. He conducted his whole ideology of Islam as a business. The whole concept of heaven & hell, martyrdom, rewards of naked virgins in heaven, marrying girls as young as 6 years old but actually & supposedly having sex with them @ age 9, like Ayesheh, having multiple wives, like he had 21 wives & 2 concubines & some boy toys slaves, all this reward & punishment philosophy in Islam, to create a fierceful God like Allah who can be very mad & angry, then again pleasant & kind, to move the praying source from Jerusalem to Mecca for making a deal with the tribal lords of Quraish & others to bring business to Mecca, to completely annihilate & destroy "Whole Cultures" like Jews of Hejaz or Yemen, & to wheel & deal with Rich Tribal Lords to get support & money from them for his military campaigns, & in return to give them a set share of Qanimat (Wealths captured in Holy wars), all & all were business deals.

Muhammed invented a dangerous political ideology with an emphasis to it as a Business & he called it a religion! Muhammed was a great businessman, he ran Khadijah's business, & he gathered the beginning of his empire by robbing, pillaging, stealing, & murder, also enslavement of many tribes, & civilizations of Arabian Peninsula. Muhammed eventually became a local power.

Think about it, Muhammed is the only prophet in the history of mankind, that he was a Ruler first, & the Prophet second! Islam was the religion in the world that openly declared that Every aspect of society including Economy, Social, Politics, Judicial, Executive, etc.....are all & all part of the Religion!

Khelafat & Diyanat are one in Islam, actually Khelafat is part of the Diyanat! Everything specially government is a part of the Religion & Caliphate of Islam.

This is why I openly stated over & over, that Islam is not a religion. Islam is a business, Islam is a dangerous political Ideology, Islam is a Social Threat, yet never ever a religion. Islam is only posing as a religion, simply because it was designed that way by Charlatans like Muhammed, Salmane Farsi, Ali, & Abu Bakr!

In results:

I see A Prosperous Nation, a civilization of 8000 years old with it's declines & Rises, that once again was rising to become a superior civilization & rising up to be in the level of Germany & Japan, was betrayed & Plotted, Murdered & held for Ransom by a Master Plan. I see the second most powerful economy in Asia, only second to Japan, & the second powerful military in Asia, only second to China has been collapsed to the level that,

$ 1 used to be 7 Tooman
& now
$ 1 is 800 Tooman!

I see many factors from the wanna be intellectuals of the left, Meli Mazhabi, Opportunist, with Jebhe Meli on the top of the list followed by Hezbe Tudeh developed a Monster in their wombs with the solid support of CIA & British Intelligence, by the name of the "Mullah Monster"! All & all dragged the illiterate everyday people of the Iranian streets in to the city circles & Avenues, to pick up an Axe & to cut the very root of their own prosperity & well being!

I see Sins of the Fathers, that now, the Sons shall pay for it after 23 years!

I see a Generation with wasted & burned out Hopes & Dreams who grew up in Iran during the last 23 years, due to the Sins of The Fathers!

I see this New Generation, as the Sleeping Beauty, which is about to wake up & Burn The Hell out of The Cause of his Misfortune & takes control of his destiny!

I see Turbans hanging high upon the Gallows in the center of Iran's main Circles!

I see The Day of Justice, the Day of Revenge, The day of Revival is near.

I see The storm is coming & will turn The Turbans, Aba, Nalein, & Aftabeh in to Dust!

I see the winds of Change & I see it very near..........

No Mercy, No Tolerance, No Deals, No Surrender, No Reforms,
Only Absolute Over Throw of Islamic Republic of Iran By Any Means Possible.

Until Theres Life in this Earthly Body,
Our Kabbah will be Iran, Iran, Iran.........

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