Muslim Women Against Women's Rights

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Muslim Women Against Women's Rights

Postby Liberator » Sun Jan 08, 2006 2:31 pm

Don't agree with the title that suggests these muslim creatures are Iranians!

Iranian Women Against Women's Rights
Jan 6, 2006
Bahman Aghai Diba PhD International Law - Persian Journal


Couple of years ago I was attending a meeting in the Center for Post-Graduate Studies in International affairs of the Tehran University and I came to know through the officials of the center that they have been training a group of the Iranian women in order to take part in the international forums and represent the women of Iran. Later I understood that these women were in fact a bunch of Islamic zealots imposed upon the same center for a training course and in fact their mission was sabotaging the women's rights in the international forums according to the Islamic ideology of the nomadic Arabs of the ancient Arabia.

These kinds of women are an embarrassment for the whole society of Iran. A country that had female kings in its history is now so miserable, under the Islamic-Arabic regime that a group of women are trying to stop the development of the women's rights.

These women are a new kind of representatives popped up in the Islamic Republic of Iran. These representatives are supposed to act against the rights of the groups that they represent. Let us take the case of the women who represent the women of Iran in the Majles and the officials that are supposed to defend the rights of women in the level of the governmental organizations. Usually when the parliament of Iran discusses an issue related to the women's rights (such as the adhesion of Iran to the UN documents for eradication of discrimination against women) more than any other group, these women who are "planted" in the Majles as the representatives of the people are in the forefront of acting against adoption of any positive action. These women act as the Islamic robots controlled by the Mullahs and they usually utter the most disgusting and humiliating positions against the women of Iran. The men and women of Iran are equally embarrassed to have such "diluted" elements among them who enjoy acting as the parliamentarian prostitutes. As compared to the street prostitutes who sell their body out of misery and poverty, and they deserve all kinds of respect, these parliamentarian prostitutes do not deserve any respect. Anytime that one of them opens her filthy mouth and speak against the women's rights, the whole people of Iran feel sad and embarrassed.

Look at this piece of news that I have translated from a Persian website into English:.... "the spokesperson for the Women's Society of [Iranian] Islamic Revolution has told the correspondent of the political service of ISNA [Iranian Students News Agency] in Tehran: as far as the issue of the presence of women in the meetings of the Majles-e Khobreghan [somehow the equivalent of the Constitutive Assembly in the Islamic-Arabic regime of Iran] is concerned, noting that nothing has changed in the laws of the elections of the Majles-e Khobreghan, the Society which follows the line of the fundamentalist forces, will act according to the principles. Masoumeh Hamidzadeh told ISNA: they make much ado before each election, but at the moment we [Women's Society of Islamic Revolution] see no need for participation and presence of women in the Majles-e Khobreghan because the presence of the men is enough."

Also, I remember that several years ago (I think 2000), the Iranian delegation of women in the International Congress of Women (one of the greatest occasions in the history of the women's rights that was attended by several thousand women representing governments and international organizations and the NGOs) were trying to stop the congress from adopting resolutions in the line of women's rights. They were acting apparently under the pretext of the cultural differences of various areas of the world, but the real concern of the Iranian female delegation was defending the instructions of the Islamic-Arabic regime of Iran based on the barbaric and nomadic Arab laws.

The Iranian women have suffered from the double-discrimination under the Islamic-Arabic regime of Iran. They have been under the same restrictions as men in an undemocratic and anti-human rights regime of the Islamic Republic and at the same time they have suffered more discrimination for being woman.

Many of the crimes against women in the Islamic-Arabic regime of Iran are not reported. You know why? Because: they are against the "religious based" honor of the family and the society. I do not think the word "honor" can be more degraded, humiliated and mortified in any other way. The men and women, inside and outside of the disgusting regime of Iran, who close their eyes to the heinous crimes against women under the pretext of honor, are most dishonorable creatures of the world.

The Islamic-Arabic regime of Iran is not ready to accept and implement the United Nations Convention on Eradication of all kinds of Discrimination against Women (in a nutshell, the convention says that men and women are equal) because the barbaric laws of the nomadic Arabs is not prepared for such a rudimentary principle. I do not know, how the women who do not believe in the equality of men and women can defend the rights of women?

The problem is not that Iranian women do not like to be free and respected. The problem is not that Iranian men do not care about the rights of their mothers, daughters, sisters, spouses and so on. The problem lies in the Islamic-Arabic regime of Iran and it will be solved when the regime is returned to the dustbin of the history.
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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