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New Atlas of Iran Maps

PostPosted: Sun Nov 27, 2011 12:36 pm
by IPC
New Atlas of Iran Maps



Please review the new online Atlas
Compiled, Created and Written by Ahreeman X
Published by Iran Politics Club Networks


Atlas of Iran Maps
15 Chapters
280 + Maps
759 Maximum Pixels width Maps
Ahreeman X
November 27, 2011

Atlas of Iran Maps is the most complete collection of the Iran Maps online. This collection consists of historical, geopolitical, provinces, defense, transportation, natural, ethnic, population, attractions and many other maps. This collection contains everything you need to know about Iran in maps. Every single map of this collection has been compiled or created from scratch. The maps have been resized, reformatted, designed, photo shopped, organized, detailed and published to perfection. This collection is best served as food for history and geography lovers, scholars and students of Iran Studies. In the present times when the Arabo-Islamic Toxication (inside Iran) and the Westoxication (outside Iran) are twisting the historical facts and devaluating our culture from “Pure Persian Pride”, The Atlas of Iran Maps is a highly educational tool in the hands of the young generation of Iran and lovers of Iran to educate themselves about Iran.

Atlas of Iran Maps
Index of Maps

Chapter 1: Iran Historical Maps
Susa City State
Susa Kingdom
Greater Iran
Aryan Migration
Median Kingdom
Chapter 2: Iran Historical Maps
Achaemenid Persian Empire 1
Chapter 3: Iran Historical Maps
Achaemenid Persian Empire 2
Alexander Greco-Macedonian Invasion Occupation
Seleucid Empire
Arsacid Parthian Kingdom
Chapter 4: Iran Historical Maps
Arsacid Parthian Empire
Armenian Kingdom
Chapter 5: Iran Historical Maps
Sassanid Persian Empire 1
Roman Empire
Byzantine Empire
Hun Invasion
Chapter 6: Iran Historical Maps
Sassanid Persian Empire 2
Arab Muslim Invasion Occupation
Chapter 7: Iran Historical Maps
Saffarid Kingdom
Iran Intermezzo Period
Taherid Kingdom
Samanid Kingdom
Alavid Kingdom
Ziyarid Kingdom
Buyyid Amirates
Qaznavid Kingdom
Qurid Kingdom
Seljuqid Empire
Chapter 8: Iran Historical Maps
Kharazm-Shahid Kingdom
Mongol Invasion Occupation
IL Khanat Empire
Timurid Empire
Qara Qoyunlu Kingdom
Aq Qoyunlu Confederation
Chapter 9: Iran Historical Maps
Safavid Persian Empire
Ottoman Empire
Afsharid Persian Colonial Empire
Zand Persian Empire
Chapter 10: Iran Historical Maps
Qajar Persian Empire
Qajar Persian Kingdom
Pahlavi Iran Kingdom
Chapter 11: Iran Political Maps
Central, South and South West Asia
Middle East
Iran and Neighbors
Caspian Sea
Persian Gulf
Gulf of Oman
Hormozgan Province
Straight of Hormoz
Chapter 12: Iran Provinces and Defense Maps
Iran Provinces
Iran Defense
Iran Air Bases
Iran Radar Stations
Iran Nuclear Facilities
Chapter 13: Iran Transportation Maps
Iran Railways
Iran Roads
Iran Freeways
Iran Airports
Iran Seaports
Chapter 14: Iran Natural Maps
Iran Natural
Iran Vegetations and Crops
Iran Climate
Iran Economical
Iran Industrial
Iran Mining
Iran Oil and Gas Facilities
Chapter 15: Iran Ethnic, Population and Attractions Maps
Iran Ethnic
Iran Ethno-Religious
Iran Ethno-Linguistic
Iran Linguistic
Iran Population
Iran Tourist Attractions
Iran Archeological and Antiquity
Iran Flag

Review the Atlas of Iran Maps:

Atlas of Iran Maps

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 27, 2011 1:10 pm
by LOJ
where are the pictures???

PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2011 12:46 pm
by Atusa Qajar
Hello Lori

The name is Atlas of Iran Maps not Photos.

If you like photos, in the future we will publish a general photo album of Iran with many chapters and new photos from all provinces.