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The White Revolution of Shah and People

PostPosted: Wed Jan 26, 2005 3:05 pm
by Ahreeman X
Happy Anniversary of:

The White Revolution of Shah and People
January 26th, 1962 = Bahman 6th, 2521

Check today in The IPC Calendar

and you will understand why this revolution has planted the seed for the future Islamic Reaction of 1979!

Roots of 1979

The bloodless White Revolution of Shah and People had created enemies:

Small Bourgeoisies
Feudals (Land Owners)
Bazaaris (Monopoly Merchants)
Factory Owners

These social classes have eventually taken revenge and committed the Reaction of 1979 as a reaction to the White Revolution!

The Roots of 1979 were more economical than political! Benefits of above groups got sacrificed for the benefits of Iranian Labors and Farmers! That is the main reason why Shah got overthrown on 1979!



The Anniversary of the White Revolution

PostPosted: Sat Feb 19, 2005 12:16 pm
by Ahreeman X
The Anniversary of the White Revolution

January 26th, 1962=
(Bahman 6th, 2521 Shahanshahi).

An Oldies but Goodies!
Old IPC Files

The great bloodless revolution of Shah & The Masses.12 amendments of the revolution:1.Baning the Feudality System & freeing the Peasants.2.Nationalization of forests.3.Selling of government factories stocks to public.4.Destributing the Factories Stocks among Labors.5.Update of electorial laws & granting women the right to vote.6.Creation of Education force.7.Health force.8.Agriculture Force.9.Judicial Houses in small towns.10.Nationalization of Waters.11.Rebuilding the Nation.12.Educational,Administrative Reforms.

Banning the system of Feudality in Iran, was the main reason for the clergy to start revolting against the Shah. Big time Mullahs were all big time land owners with lots of peasants laboring for them, an example would be Rafsanjani.

Once Shah banned the inhuman system of dark ages feudality, Mullahs became against him, & named him anti Islam, even though he was a religious man!

Shah distributed the lands among the peasants, gave them loans & grants to work on the land, & bloomed the agriculture, yet Mullah land owners who owned most of Irans fertile lands never forgot this, & Khomeini's first revolt was the result of this action. Later Khomeini orchestrated the 79 Reaction with help of British Intelligence, CIA, Palestinian PLO, Tudeh Communists, group of leftist intellectuals & abused publics trust in their true religious faith, & called it a religious revolution, yet deep inside the whole deal was about Mullahs losing their power due to Shah's Land Reform & destruction of Feudality which was way over due in Iran! Europe done this land reform during renaissance, yet we done it by The White Revolution of Shah & People, the only Blood Less Revolution in the history of Iran, & one of the few in the world!

Shah had got too big & too powerful, west needed cheap oil, & an extreme right wing religious government to work as a block wall against USSR, they did not want an independent & powerful Iran, so shah had to go! Government changed, Shah left, Western Europe, specifically United Kingdom got what they wanted, yet situation back fired on US Democrats & CIA, they ended up having a ruthless enemy The IRI, instead of a friend & a great Ally, The Imperial Iran! Every body got what they wanted, but people of Iran lost & went back 600 years to the dark ages! A progressive nation second to Japan in Asia, became the second Sumalia!

Lets remember, Alahazrat Homayoun, Bozorg Artesh Daran, Shahanshah Aryamehr, Mohamad Reza Shahe Pahlavi, Pahlavi The Second.

He had his weak points, bad points & mistakes, yet what he done for Iran, was way over all his negative points.

Intellectuals used to critic him, yet after 22 years of Islamic Republic government, now he is being called "God Rest His soul" or "That Great Man" inside Iran!

Thanks to IRI, Shah became a Legend!

He was no Reza Shah, Pahlavi The First, & he never had the courage & will of his father, yet he done a lot for his nation. Shah was a progressive man & a Nationalist.

I am not a Monarchist & also I am one of his biggest critics, yet I respect the man indeed.

Ahura rest his soul,

The Architect of "The White Revolution of Shah and People," Shahanshah Aryamehr.

Dr. X