The Ugly Iranian (Fashion Models Article)

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The Ugly Iranian (Fashion Models Article)

Postby CR » Tue Oct 25, 2011 10:37 am

The Ugly Iranian (Fashion Models Article)


Please read this article. This article is about the ills of our community:


The Ugly Iranian
Addendum to The Iranian Disease
Catayoun Razmjou
October 22, 2011

Friends, Readers, Members, Students and Comrades

Consider this article and the below trade of emails as an addendum to Ahreeman’s “Iranian Disease” Series. There is a very important lesson to be learned from this article. This article / analysis is not only about the Sara K. character mentioned in the text, but it is about a segment of the Iranian population residing both outside and inside our nation. Sara K. is only a mirror image of this segment which I name “The Ugly Iranian”. By studying this segment of the Iranian population, we can have a better understanding about the ills of our community and the roots of our “Iranian Disease’.

Throughout this article and trade of emails, I have taken this character’s full name and email address out and referred to her as Sara K. I have not done it to respect her privacy but I have done it to not give her any undeserved publicity from IPC. I do not want to give this character and her business the enormous amount of publicity which she will receive only by naming her full name.

A while back, Ahreeman wrote this important analysis about the ills of our society:

The Iranian Disease ... /index.htm

In the near future I will have the most controversial interview of the year with Ahreeman X. In this interview I will bring up the “Iranian Disease” issue. Stay tuned for this interview.

Please consider my piece as an addendum to Ahreeman’s vast analysis. Please read the trade of emails and they are self explanatory about the depth of our Iranian Disease, but remember that even the “Ugly Iranian” can change for better. There is always hope. Please read:

Read more:

The Ugly Iranian ... /index.htm

Best regards,
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