Persian Underground Rock!!! Sweeeeet!!!

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Persian Underground Rock!!! Sweeeeet!!!

Postby mihanparast05 » Sat Aug 06, 2005 2:59 pm

I just received this CD I ordered online... and OH MY GOD!!! This is what we have been missing in Persian Pop music!!! Dire Straits style Rock with Farsi lyrics !! The lyrics are amazingly witty and creative in the way they bash our Irooni bazi, and all the stupidity going on in Iran...

"asansoreh tose-eh , geer kardeh beyneh tabaghat
eshgh va halesh farangeh, businessesh emarat
taatilii matbooat, to asreh ertebatat
jame-ehyeh madani, too bonbasteh eslahat!!!"

They are called simply "Kiosk"
check it out here:

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Persian Rock

Postby CR » Sun Dec 18, 2005 10:31 am


For your information Kiosk is not Rock, but it is a Blues Band. This one is a Neo Persian Music Site with many Persian Blues, Rock, Metal, Electronic, Pop, Techno, Rap and Alternative Bands:

ID Tunes New Generation of Iranian Music
Neo Persian Music

This one is a table with the list of the names and websites of some Iranian Alternative bands. If you go to their sites, you can download some of their songs and purchase some of their CDs:

Until we create our own awesome music site in the new IPC Website, you can find some of the homepages and work samples of the Alternative Bands from ID Tunes (above site), in this index. This index is incomplete and not well organized, but some Iranian New Generation Bands are listed in it:

Most of these underground or aboveground bands are inside Iran! To be honest with you, Inside Iran Music, Rocks while Outside Iran Music, Sucks! Outside Iran, they play the same old shish o hasht commercial Persian Dance music, while inside Iran, they play creative Iranian Rock, Alternative, Techno, Electronic and etc.


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