Only in Iran Funny Photo Album Series: Part 16

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Only in Iran Funny Photo Album Series: Part 16

Postby CR » Wed Dec 26, 2018 12:29 pm

Only in Iran: Part 16 – Those Funny Crazy Persians Photo Gallery
:chilling: :chilling: :xmas: :holidayseasons: :xmas: :chilling: :chilling:
A Very Merry Persian Christmas & Happy New Year!
:wave: :wave:
You have been waiting for this one for a long time
Little Red Persian Hood
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019 Everyone!

Only in Iran Christmas Special
Hot Out of the Oven
View it before Publication Date Tomorrow


Review Ahreeman X’s Only in Iran Christmas Special:


Only in Iran
Those Funny Crazy Persians: Part 16
Ahreeman X
December 27, 2018

Ahreeman X: Merry Christmas Kiddies
Don’t ever say that I never given you any Christmas presents!
First, here’s your golden presents:

Persian Christmas Golden Presents
Ahreeman X: And now your main dish!
Here’s your Only in Iran - Part 16 Christmas Special Present!
On behalf of “Little Red Persian Hood” and myself, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019 to All


Of course, for desert, Sisi the Boomboom Baker had baked you a special “Persian Style Cake” to sink your teeth in them Golden Bazookas, but eat slowly and chew each bite, 12 times, so you don’t choke on them jugs!

Iranian Police Bikers 5 Men Motorcycle Unit Acrobatic Maneuver – 5 Tarkeh
That’s why these Anti-Riot Units kick protestors’ butts!
IRI has heavy duty Anti-Riot Units to shut down the opposition riots.

At the IRI Parade
Ahreeman: And now for something totally different, we will broadcast for you, live from the IRI Free Qods Parade where Islamic Republic of Iran will display its latest creative arsenal and weapons. This year’s latest state of the art planes are the unique “Stealth Fighters” with “Allahic Missiles” where the great IRI Pilots do not even have to take off, but they run fast and they pray to the Mighty Allah for these piles of fiberglass junks to fly! Allah works in mysterious ways, you never know!
Yaqn Ali (pilot to the right): Ahreeman you idiot, stop mocking IRI, these are only prototypes, so we don’t drag the actual fighters to the parade.
Ahreeman: Then where the hell are the actual fighters?
Yaqn Ali: Didn’t I tell you prototypes? What type of prototypes you don’t understand? They still don’t fly and the wheels were also flat, so we couldn’t roll them over here!
Ahreeman: In other words, you couldn’t drag the pieces of assembled junks here, so you used these pieces of assembled junks for the parade.
Yaqn Ali: Ahreeman, I hope you burn in the Islamic Hell for mocking the Mighty IRI Air Force.
Ahreeman: Are you sure Allah is not prototype and he can actually function to light the fires of Jahanam Islamic Hell to get ready for me? I like it warm and cozy!

At the Iran Nuclear Deal Conference, John Kerry, Obama’s US Secretary of State shakes with Javad Zarif IRI’s Foreign Minister.
Javad Zarif: Shake on it My Friend …
John Kerry: I have a feeling that I got screwed!
Zarif: What’s a little Butt FAQ between friends, My Friend?
Kerry: Oh God, I was screwed!
Zarif: You gave me $ 150 Billion, $ 1.8 Billion in cash, Right to build Nukes, Ease on Sanctions, and a shriveled old American Butt to FAQ, My Friend …
Kerry: How could you screw us when we were so nice to you?
Zarif: Hussein Obama understands, he’s a good Muslim like me …
Kerry: Shame on you …
Zarif: You should’ve known, When a Middle Easterner refers to you as “My Friend”, that means you’re about to get FAQed!
Kerry: This will not look good in Washington!
Zarif: Don’t worry “My Friend”, my Missile is still up your Cave and I love the ride!

Persian Girl Guzzling Down Whole Lamb Shank! That kid Devoured that Shank!
Now that’s a Poster Girl for Vegetarian and Vegan Cause! PETA watch and Suffer!

Ahreeman Jigar Kaboby: My Kind of Girl, indeed!
Napoki Kuchulu! Do Lopi Nakhor, Ye Lopi Bokhor!
Don’t choke on it kid, eat single bites, not double bites!
This kid is a Red Blooded True Persian Girl, Traditional Persian Style! She has not been infected with the Western Vegetarian and Vegan Gay Culture!
I can’t stand them Sissy Faggy Animal Rights Bozos! Animals don’t have rights, they’re not human! They are made for hunting, eating and aiding humans. If they were on top of the food chain, like we are, they would not hesitate to slaughter us! This is called the “Law of Nature” and “Survival of the Fittest”. That’s the Social Darwinist in me!
You know what’s a Persian Vegetarian or Vegan like? A Dickless Black! Get a life!
Our complete culture is based on meat and kabobs, so don’t be gay, eat meat! FAQ PETA!

Beautiful Persian White-Collar Girls Professional Businesswomen of Tehran, Iran

Beautiful Persian Blue-Collar Girls with Blue Chadors of Tehran, Iran

“Iranian Body Builder Champion Hossein Rajaei is very intense!” (Media)
Hossein Rajaei: And when I get intense, I just wanna Explode because “Mikhamet”, I Want You and I wanna take you to the backroom of the mosque in the storage closet and show you the Light of Allah by ripping you two, couple of new rectums! That’s because I’m way too Intense and I need Release …… I Want You Boys!

Ahreeman X: Eh, Mariam Micol Iranian Transsexual Star, what are you doing here? Are you also a fan of Kamran and Hooman’s new album “Mikhamet” I Want You?
Mariam Micol: Na Jigar, I Want You, I Want Your Body …
Ahreeman X: Oh Lord, I’m straight but don’t get offended …
Mariam Micol: Didn’t you say you love Chicks with Dicks?
Ahreeman X: Well, you look good and healthy, oh what the hell, how can you not like Qormeh Sabzi unless you try it first?!

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OK that’s it, I give up! No wonder that no one in the Islamic World believes that you Persians are Real Muslims! You are just Pretend Muslims. Why don’t you just take it all off, it’s more comfortable that way! Just let it all hang out, dangling side to side, and up and down?!
Ahreeman Joon: What is it with Persians loving Meat? They love them Gigantic Boobs, Thick Thighs and Fat Bottoms! Personally, I have an excuse because my great ancestor was Aqa Mohammad Khan Qajar, the Great Butcher and the Last Persian Emperor! I just love them Beefy Thighs in them Mini Skirts or No Skirts at All! I like them Abgushti (Persian Beef Stew)! What can I say? I just love Aqa Khan and I love Beefy Thighs!
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