BK Caused Fatal Accident in Texas!

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BK Caused Fatal Accident in Texas!

Postby Shahrzad BB » Tue Jun 06, 2006 8:00 pm

BK Caused Fatal Accident in Texas!

Breaking News - Texas

Loose donkey leads to fatal wreck

BK escaped IPC Clinic, ran to Texas and caused a fatal accident!
BK the IPC Wild Ass, breaks loose, runs away and causes a fatal accident!
BK was on the run until captured by lasso.

Domesticated BK before breaking loose and running wild

Full Story
ENNIS - One fatality was confirmed after a donkey escaped from a farm hand and found himself on an Ennis freeway, which led to two 18-wheelers colliding Monday afternoon.

Several people were chasing the donkey on foot when it ran onto a median at FM 879 and Interstate 45.

Ennis police said a northbound truck slowed down to avoid the donkey and the farm hand when a second 18 wheeler hit the truck from behind and both burst into flames.

The driver of the second truck, Roland Bunnell of North Carolina, died.

BK Running Wild

Interstate 45 was shut down in both directions in the area of the accident while rancher Russell Hornik and his partner Rick Langer, on horses and armed with lassos, chased the donkey through traffic congested roads.

Lavonne Elam said she witnessed the donkey, which escaped while on a trip to the vet's, running in the road after she returned to Red River Machinery from a lunch break.

"I saw him in the middle of the southbound freeway and then he was starting toward the northbound," she said. "By the time I just looked up in my rear view mirror, I saw all the smoke the black smoke and the flames. So, it just happened real fast."

Police battled the flames and smoke from the accident, and the donkey defied capture for three hours.

"Hard to rope a donkey," Hornik said. "They can run real fast and move real fast on you."

BK after causing the fatal accident,
He thinks he is funny and cute!

Police returned the donkey to owner William Worley of Farmers Branch, who keeps the animal on land near Ennis. Worley declined to comment.

BK's friends cheering for him!

BK, the sociopath donkey with no remorse,
laughing after causing the accident.

Bad Bad Bad BK, you should be ashamed of yourself!

Dear Authorities:
Please return BK back to IPC Clinic and under my supervision.
Thank You Very Much!

Dr. BB
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Cartoon BK

Postby Messenger of Allah » Fri Jun 09, 2006 2:18 pm

Have you seen BK in cartoon format?

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