The New IPC Calendar is on the air!

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The New IPC Calendar is on the air!

Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Dec 20, 2004 3:58 pm

The New IPC Calendar is on the air!


At last, the new IPC Calendar is on the air. After the episode with Yahoo, I have eliminated the old IPC Calendar on Yahoo. In a way, I have refused to give anymore business to Yahoo! After a lengthy research, finally I have found a reliable, practical hosting for our calendar. This will be a temporary calendar until the complete transfer of the IPC Website to our new domain. Once the website is transferred, the new calendar will also be transferred & imbeded directly on the new site; however, in a complete new format. But for now, this present calendar have to do! I believe the present calendar system is far superior to our old Yahoo Calendar!

The New IPC Calendar, has not been designed as a new toy, yet we have all the intention to enforce The present IPC Calendar as a proposal nominee for the Future Official Calendar of Iran.

You can access this calendar by directly clicking it's link on the home page of the Iran Politics Club:

IPC Website

Go to IPC Website => Calendar

or simply go to:

IPC Calendar

The Battle Against "AIOG"

AIOG = Arabo_Islamic Occupational Government

In today's Iran, the "Arabo_Islamic Occupational Government" (AIOG) has been shoving a series of Shiite Islamic Birth dates & Martyrdom Anniverssaries of so called 12 Shiite Imams + 5 Holy Saints (5 Tan) of Islam, down people's throats! People must celebrate all of these Arabs' birth dates & mourn & cry for all of these Arabs' Death Anniversaries! However, @ the same time, our Iranian youth inside Iran, do prefer to celebrate the American or Global holidays such as Valentines Day, Holloween, Christmas & other Civilized Events than Mourning 365 days a year for some dead Arabs! This is how our youth are fighting the Islamic Regime via Negative Struggle!

Once the Islamic Republic of Iran will be dumped in trash can of history, with it, all the present Islamist Events, Mourning Dates, etc. will also be dumped in the history's dumpster! In the future of Iran, we shall celebrate all the Iranian Events & some American & Global Events, yet there will be no room to glorify the Arabo_Islamic or Tazio_Shiite occurances in our Holy Persian Calendar. In the future of Iran, there will be no room for Arabization & Tazification of our glorious Aryan Persian Culture.

We shall do everything in our power to De-Arabize our Holy Persian Culture. We must regain our Persian Identity & seize our slavery to the "AIOG". We must stop our Arab Worship & praisal of the "AIOG"! We shall do everything in our power to fight the "AIOG".

AIOG must go.

The present IPC calendar, has the most valid dates deserving to be in the future Official Iranian Calendar. These days will be the future official dates, events, anniversaries, & holidays of Iran.

Comrades, I need your input on a few issues:

I. Have in mind that this calendar is temporary, yet I want your input on the format, style & colors?

II. Review all the dates & if you find something important which is missing, please give me a proposal for a new day on the IPC Calendar. I am sure there will be some interesting dates that you can come up with! So why not research the exact date of the event in which you have in mind, post the links to your sources, & then post your proposal on the addition of the new event to the IPC Calendar in this thread?

III. Any other ideas on the calendar, let me know?


While others only see today's issues, we must also work on tomorrow's agendas!

"Support the fight to establish Freedom, Secularism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran."

More power to resistance


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