Sexual abuse of young girls

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Max The Bahii Mainframe Computer robot!

Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Nov 20, 2006 11:51 am

IPC Scholars, please save Max?
A word with Max, Moderators and Scholars of IPC.

Dear Max Robot:
Max serial # 08978 IBM Mainframe Computer System Bahaii Propaganda Machine,

Max Robot:
Is there anybody in there (Pink Floyd)?

What does “Sexual Abuse of Young American Girls” has to do with American Politics room?

In the recent past, IPC Office had moved (cleaned up) your propaganda posts hidden under a cartoon or a poster as “Public Service Announcements”, yet linking to a Bahaii Propaganda Cult Site, from various rooms and dumped them in to General Discussion Room. Now here we go again, you post your Cult’s Propaganda in the wrong room!

Say Max Robot,

I don’t mind you post your Cult’s propaganda in IPC, you are welcomed to do so, but if you do not post them in the correct room, then I have to unplug your motherboard and wires in London!

Say Max,

How long is it we know each other? Maybe 6 years?
Have you ever, during the past 6 years, wrote anything substantial or even your own words in the old or the new IPC Club? Once, only once, I recall that you said one sentence:

“Ahreeman, I am not a Robot.”
(maybe that was even a program!)

That’s it!

What you do, is basically post links (now hidden links under the façade of toons or graphs), or copy/paste gibberish Bahaii Cult Propaganda in IPC!

I do not even recall, you ever spoken a word to refuse that you are in fact a giant mainframe computer in Bahaii House of Justice in Haifa or London!

Max, @ what age are you going to learn to speak and write your own words? For how long are you going to be controlled like a puppet or robot by Universal House of Justice?

You have a mind, right? You are in college, right? Then how come you and every other single Bahaii that I have ever met, always look towards UHJ for orders? They never speak a word unless approved by UHJ!

Are all Bahaiis Robots?

Bahaii Cult is the largest cult after Islam and equally brainwashing as Scientology.

In my whole life, I have met only one Bahaii, which had a half ass opinion of his own and was semi independent from UHJ! What are you people, sheep?

Max, say something?
I know you can do it?

Say a word Max, prove to everyone you are not a machine full of wires, planted in your brain by UHJ?


Do you really believe that you can draft new Bahaii’s in IPC? Out of all places in IPC?
You do understand that IPC is an elite club for global intellectuals and Free Thinkers, right?
What does that mean MAX?
That means, there are no Lost Souls, no Sheep, no Brain Drained, no Ding Dongs in IPC for you to convert to your Bahaii Cult?! Got it Max?

This place is for enlightenment of Iranians and foreigners.
We don’t clean the Shiite out of their heads, so you can put Bahaollah’s Crap in place of it!
We don’t empty Mohammad’s nonsense out of their skulls so you can input another Charlatan’s (Bahaollah) rhetorics in their skulls!

Get a clue Max!
You have been trying to propagate your cult around the Iranian Forums from MSN to Yahoo to …………. For 6 years!

Max, I got one word for you:

Evolve Max……Evolve!

I have faith in you because you are a bright young English Man. Do not get old and die a Robot! A Cultist!


Now go back to posting your Bull Shiite in IPC, but please post them in the proper rooms.
BTW, I love your new method of hiding your propaganda under cartoons and graphs!

To Moderators:

And to Moderators of this club, please move Max-Ganda to proper rooms. It is not my job or IPC office job to move propaganda to proper rooms. It is your jobs as moderators to do so. But I do it this time!

And would someone please put some sense in this English Bahaii robot’s brain? Maybe Amir? Would someone Frag with his mind a bit? Maybe there will be hope for this guy! We need to clean his hard-drive from “Allah o Aba” (Off Shoot Shiite, Bahaii Faction)!

I know …….. I know they brainwash people, especially weak people, but maybe there is still hope for Max. Why you asked? Because after all he has been reading IPC for 6 years!

If a Donkey (of the Persian pure breed) had read IPC for 6 years, then he would have turned to Einstein! Don’t you think there is hope for Max?

Dear IPC Scholars:

Please do not give up on Max, I beg of you. Try to help this brainwashed English Bahaii boy to finally move to the 21sth Century and see Enlightenment! Afterall, maybe Industrial Revolution did not pass him by!

Cult Busting X
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Ahreeman X
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