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Mister Seyed Haj Maloun to Sir ZJ

Postby Lawrence Of Persia » Mon Jun 30, 2008 9:26 pm

Dear Sir ZJ,

Hello. Howzit? What r u up to these days? Collecting a harem of Ferozans? ;)

I'm driving round America. Currently in Savannah, GA. Very nice old Southern port city. Reminds me of Cape Town.

Savannah was, and maybe still is, the headquarters of the US Eighth Air Force. There is a very good Eighth Air Force museum here. Here is a link to their website:

Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum

There is an excellent video on the Battle of Britain. Man, at one point it was really touch and go whether the RAF would be able to survive the onslaught of the Luftwaffe. Then Good Old Winnie went & bombed Berlin! :D Adolf was so pissed off that he switched from bombing the hell out of the airfields to bombing the hell out of the civilian population in London. This took the heat off the RAF & they gave the Luftwaffe a thrashing. :D Teach them Krauts to fuck with the Brits.

My Dad served in the South African Air Force in WW2 and was seconded to an RAF squadron in Burma. He flew the P-47 Thunderbolt.


The Eighth Air Force also flew P-47s until they converted to P-51 Mustangs.
My Dad was sheduled to convert to flying a Mustang when we nuked Japan & WW2 ended. Teach them Japs to fuck with the USA. Moslems take note.


Mister Seyed Haj Maloun
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Maloun to Camran

Postby Lawrence Of Persia » Fri Sep 05, 2008 6:48 pm

Eh? Camran? What are you doing in here? What have you done to Sir ZJ?

Camran wrote:Not so fast Haji, you knew who you were fighting then, it was Japan, loud and clear with all it's nationality hallmarks.

Yeeeeees . . .

Camran wrote:The problem fighting the Muslim is you don’t know who Muslims are and where Islam hides.

As regards Al Qaeda, I agree with you. As regards IRI, I disagree with you. Any Iranian may be presumed to be a Moslem unless he can prove that he is more intelligent and more civilized than that. Guilty until proved innocent. We know exactly where Qom is. We know exactly where Tehran is. We know exactly where Imam Khamenei's palace is.

Here is a nice picture of an F-22 Raptor, the most modern and deadly fighter plane in the US Air Force.


I believe that Iranians will see many such planes in the sky over Iran within the next 5 years. Before September 5, 2013. This is my opinion.

Here is a nice picture of a US Air Force B-52 bomber dropping bombs.
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v107/ ... b_52_1.jpg

If the US chooses to utterly destroy Tehran using conventional bombs -- like we destroyed the German city of Dresden in World War 2, much more thoroughly than we destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki using atom bombs -- then we will use B-52s to do it.

Camran wrote:Muslim, divided in inseparable cells with so many nations as a United Front of Arab, later properly shaped by Baas Party as all the Arabic nations to have one Arab identity.

On the one hand you have the Arab to include Shiite, on the other hand Islam. Arabs with most advance Gurilla warfare and islam with all it's fanatics, poverty stricken, segregated, anti democracy, etc, etc, etc, enough to fill the world with.

At the end of the day, both Islam and Muslims together, make it harder for the West to win the war.

Let's keep it simple. Our biggest Moslem enemies right now are
  • Al Qaeda
  • IRI
Al Qaeda is very difficult to locate and destroy.
IRI is very easy to locate and destroy.
  • From the air.
  • Without one American soldier having to set foot in Iran and risk his life like in Iraq.
  • No-fly zone for any aircraft other than US Air Force throughout all Iranian airspace.
  • Total air, sea and land blockade. Nothing allowed into or out of Iran. No people. No food. Nothing.
  • Bomb every train and motor vehicle that tries to move along Iranian railway lines or roads.
  • Bomb all fishing boats in Caspian sea and Arabian sea.
  • Drop chemicals to destroy all food crops in Iran.
  • There are seventy million Iranians in Iran today?
    Within three years all of them could be dead.
    Every single one.
  • Total war.
  • A warning to other Moslem countries.
  • If America wants to have Iran's oil, then modify the above for American troops to occupy and hold the Iranian oilfields.
We can't leave Iraq until we destroy IRI.
The above is the safest and cheapest way to utterly destroy IRI.
The above assumes that America is prepared to be politically incorrect and ignore the opinions of people in other countries.
The above can serve as a model for dealing with Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria and any other Moslem countries who dare to fuck with us.
The final solution to the Moslem Problem.

If there are enough Iranians who are prepared to help America fight IRI then perhaps a different scenario may be possible.

But it does not look like that is the case.
مرگ بر رهبر :skull:
آزادی برای ایران
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Lawrence Of Persia
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