Advice to All Wanna Be Authors Out There!

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Advice to All Wanna Be Authors Out There!

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Aug 13, 2008 5:20 am

Advice to All Wanna Be Authors Out There!

I am going to copy/paste my advice e-mail to a young talented comrade who wants to be an author except that I will blank his name. This I will do for all of you wanna be authors out there to read and learn, so you will not keep on sending a bunch of cheesy and mediocre work to IPC Office to be published in IPC. If you must send material to IPC (articles, books, art work, cartoons, graphics, modeling portfolios, etc.), then make it eye catching with talent. I want to see works that make me go Wow! There are plenty of cheesy or mediocre patch jobs on the rest of the Iranian Tabloid Websites, Ragazines, Rag Papers and Media out there. Garbage in and garbage out. No one reads, no one cares and no one will remember! I want to see works that will be remembered along with the author’s name!

Send your garbage to other Iranian websites. Send your talent and future masterpieces to me.

I hope you are getting my drift, are you?

Now here is my e-mail to this comrade:

Advice to a Young Talented Comrade

Dear ……:

It seems like you are not getting the point, simply because you have no patience. To become an author, first you need to develop writing skills, then research skills, next you need to develop creative skills and lastly you need to develop your own style. Writing is not similar to lying an egg which one can do every week. This takes time and patience. It took Kaveh Farrokh 17 years of research and study and then writing to write a book (Sassanid Cavalry). Writing a book is not like posting a post on a forum.

With your present skills (and I read your past and present work), you can write and publish articles and books every week, but who will read them? You have talent but if you don’t develop it, no one will get to enjoy it. They will take one look at your material and never return to read another one. There will be no captivated audience for your work!

You must develop communication skills to transfer your feelings to the audience. This does not happen by taking one course in a 3 months period.

This is how I know that you are ready, if I can receive an article or a book from you and just by looking at your name, I will have a peace of mind that I don’t need to edit it, so I just run a quick spell check and publish it. You are far from that point, with or without your present skills.

Writing is not something that you can rush. It is an art form. If you rush it, the results will be Fragged! Now think about everything that I told you and you will see that it is better to work on something for months and years and provide a masterpiece so it will be remembered and everyone will quote it (8000 Years of Iranian History), than to write something (like many do) and publish it every few weeks for just a limited number to read as a time passer!

Writers are a dime a dozen, but only a few can be Stephen King!

I rather read one awesome work than looking at a 100 mediocre or cheesy articles!

Do you dig? Am I making myself clear?

I don’t want to see another article or book from you unless you have reached my level and standard, which I have explained above; however, I want to see you using the forum as a practice grounds and testing grounds to develop your skills, research, creativity and style.

It is all about Skills, Research, creativity and Style.


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Postby IPC » Tue Aug 26, 2008 10:06 am

So You Want to be an Author?
Ahreemanic Writing 101 for Wanna Be Authors!
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