To the enslaved Iranian, the last completely enslaved tribe

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To the enslaved Iranian, the last completely enslaved tribe

Postby Joehohoho » Mon Sep 22, 2008 11:54 pm

To the Enslaved Iranian. The last completely enslaved tribe on earth.... By the evil ones....

Iranian be aware. Learn to see through the words and action... There is a strong propaganda by the Israel and western governments in the interest of their forcefully erected, “ignorant Ahmadinejad”
After the Shah Left, Iran never had a free government. Read the book “ Poshteh Partdehaie enghelab” it is a true story of our evolution.
Who is the present “Western Assigned” governor of Iran? Eternal Curse and Disgrace on to the mother who gave birth to him.
Would a mullah give one dark cent to any one? How about a billion dollars? Then.. who is the giver?

The half ass freedom which President Clinton gave to Iranian (because of the pressure from the congress caused by a brave Iranian) was removed by the greedy Bush and his friends through the last coup and erection of AhmadiNejad. You love Bush, because you love who ever screwed you historically.
The atomic game, the “ Khareh Dajal” of the western forces, may be strengthen or replaced with “ the Space program “Khare dajal” soon.
The Iranian space program can be a blessing to the hungry Iranian, because it can transfer all the homeless and hungry Iranian to out of space for search of food , job and a new home.
I am the center of Divine mind , and an observer to the evil acts of “ man against man” for the sake of control and money. You believe in Darwin, and act accordingly, now let’s see who will ultimately win, my ultimate truth or your fictional Darwin. I do not care that you are reptilian or Alien, your ass is grass and it will be smoked, Are you still ignoring the events around you which can be much worse? You make, a great present to the dark Islam for thousands of years into the future.
I hold Wesern governor of Iran, eternally, liable ( multiplied by Billions +) for all the harm and evil in Iran and the rest of the world. I hold him responsible for all the people who are being stoned savagely, and cut to pieces with sword. Curse and Disgrace on the mother who gave birth to such a savage planner of evil. Curse and disgrace on his desire for “money and control”. Curse and disgrace on his appetite for evil and pain.. You think that you do because you can, but there are forces bigger than you in play, stay around and see, it is unfolding now, you blind man.
There is a strong propaganda by the Israel and other western powers for promotion of their ignorant child, Ahmadinejad. Last erection these governments had to erect him forcefully, by a coup. This time they are trying to persuade the Iranian to re-erect him or… ( To save face?).
Two weeks ago Israel released news about a plot for kidnapping Ahmadinejad and this news was responded and coordinated masterfully in Iran, which created a big stir in Iran. Now they have arranged for a Wide spread protest towards him. They may even arrange a fake assassination attempt towards Ahmadinejad which can change him to "hero of heroes", bestest! :badgrin: . These acts will deflect the world attention from the real problem in Iran which is “Khamene-ei” and the Western power, control of Iran which is hidden behind the Atomic game and the ugly face of Ahmadinejad. They are all aware that AhmadiNejad has no power in Iran and the Iranian government is being run by the great dictator “ The Spy master Khamene-ei” and the gangs behind the scene, then what is all this noise about? Why are you pointing your gun at the wrong person? He is just an ignorant man in use ( an ignorant prostitute?)
The main reason that they want to keep Ahmadinejad in power is that; during the rein of “Ahmadinejad the ignorant”, the team has an open hand to execute their destruction freely through Mr. Khamen-ei , without any resistance from the erected president. The Iran is, more than any time in the past, dependents on the imported food, gasoline and other primary necessities from outside and that is the sign of the beast (slave masters activities). Most of the food producing entities is closing their doors and that includes the “half dead” Nishekareh Haftapeh. Ahmadinejad is an ignorant blabber mouth who was guided, to uproot the system. in the matter of 3 years by the “atomic game propaganda” as a source of pride to Iranian... Give them pride and screw them.
While Ahmadinejad is in presence of the Great “Spy Master, the puppet Khamene-eie” he behaves like a little submissive kid. The past presidents behaved more like an equal to the “ Spy master” and had courage to fight back and stop some of the demands from him and his governing body behind him. Erection of another Mullah as president may not be welcomed by the western sears until all their fundamental destruction is completed because it can cause some challenges to the “Spy master” performance.
Last erection Ahmadinejad celebrated his nasty erection, by execution of more than 60 Pasdars who tried to resist the coup by the “Spy master” and his back up team, I wonder how many will be executed this time. **********
Iran is surrounded from every side by the western troops and I see no chance for freedom of that land beside intervention of divine or change of heart by the West, based on it’s interest. “Western appointed governor” kills Iranian and Middle Eastern faster than flies and he thinks that all is well, while ignoring the events which are unfolding around the world. Curse and disgrace on the director of this evil game in Iran and the world, for profit. I promise that, they will fail disgracefully in their evil scheme, and that is, indifference, to which they may be, a gang of nasty greedy men, some evil reptilians or a bunch of lost Aliens (Kissinger and his club members.) ***********
I am the center of the Divine mind…. And you believe in Darwin, now lets see who ultimately win… If you have doubt check the history…
Be aware that, the slave masters have started propaganda about the Iran’s space program as a replacement to the Atomic program (in the future) or, as another source of heat to meld people around the government ( Khare Dajal). If you read the book “poshteh Pardeh hi-ei Enghelab” you will notice that the writer points out the present kind of government as an aim of US in Iran but with one twist, which is free “erection” and Atomic game ( the pivot! The Khare Dajal!).
Is production of Gasoline in Iran, a red zone for Iranian government? Is import of Gasoline a method of control, and a way of forceful tax payment by the oil rich Iran to the foreign forces? As long as the country growth is halted and it is kept dependent for food and necessities, who cares where the money is spent, right? Dear friends, It is end of your tyranny, run…. But… there is no place to hide, you screwed up big time.
The Iranian government wants Atomic energy, while it is ignoring “the abundant of resources” in is possession. Why aiming for atom and space program, while still the elementary needs in the country are not met and are being threatened and ignored.
Opposite to the game that you see on the surface, the Iran is being run by a vicious western governor through Khamene-eie.
From my latest observation, I have concluded that, this Mr. Governor has a tremendous amount of hate towards Iran and Iranian ( keep Iranian hungry and in need), and he has plenty of sympathy to the South America and rest of the world at the expense of Hungry Iranian. Shame on you Mr. Khamene-ei and your bosses. Your end and your master’s end are very close.************
Would a mullah give one dark cent to any one? How about a billion dollars? Then.. who is the giver?
Are not US and British afraid that there are many people aware and observer of their vicious game In Iran and the world? How much longer they can deceive the world? I am the eyes of God? Do you see what is happening in the US and the world. Is it an accident, or a warning shot…To the evil ones?
You want Atomic bomb and they may even give it to you but, they will do so in exchange for their access to the mind of mobs in your country, through your democracy. Which one is more powerful, Access to the mind of mobs through democracy or Atomic bomb?***********************************************
It took, US and British only two months of preparation, to replace the president of the “Atomic Pakistan” “ Mr. Mo-sha-raf” for, saying, too many “no”? I am glad that, they decided not to hand him to the same mobs that Mo-sha-raf tried to protect.
I wander if the “Pakistan the Atomic” has even access to its own atomic arsenal? Do not be fooled by the surface clashes and the game. Do not listen to the words, they are only a trap for the fools.**************
Be brave and fight the tyrants with your life…Slavery is a disgrace. You will go to my heaven, which is much better than Mohammad’s heaven :badgrin: :badgrin:   I will give you 100 hoories and other goodies.

If you find me ten honest Iranian... I will create The heaven in Iran... Any one like to be tested? Read the book... "Poshteh pardeh-haie enghelab"
Goftareh nik Pendareh nik Kerdar nik and I really mean it...
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