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Postby LOJ » Thu Nov 06, 2008 11:42 am

I would like to take this opportunity to announce the introduction of my

It will be used as the promo site for my book which will be published and out on shelves within the next SIX MONTHS. I will hopefully go on a 4 country book tour (not sure as of yet which 4 countries).
The book will also as contractually obligated to do ...go under consideration for movie rights and is being revised for other additional chapters including life events that certain people in my life are aware of and you soon will be too.
I only have the IRAN POLITICS CLUB and especially AHREEMAN X to
thank since he was the first one to believe in me and publish my book. I love him totally but of course unfortunate for him not sexually
The NEW site is still under construction and being updated daily, but
I will keep you informed on the updates and all my pages on the site include links to the IPC club. I only hold the highest regards for sites like
IPC and will continue to promote it, including mentioning it on the POSSIBLEEEE appearance of Dr. Phil's taping in January.
WE WILL SEEEEE, I'm biting my nails over that one....and truly only want to appear if he will take my good friend Debra Kamza with me, she has also wrote a book called Lost In Foreign Passions which is available through AMAZON.
But she is getting screwed through her agent. I fortunately have decided to go self-publishing since we found out publishers were shying away due to many reasons which were but not limited to:

-Since 9/11 they have taken the stance since Fanatic Muslims had no problem destroying the Twin Towers then they would have no problem destroying Publishing Houses or the agents either....therefor self fear!
And since I am publishing under my married name FOROOZANDEH, I am an apostate and this "TECHNICALLY STILL CALLS FOR MY EXECUTION" according to them, which cites for too many problems, thus equating to self-fear.

Two: Libel...fear of lawsuits since I mention specific names in my book, without consent forms being signed....gee how do you think Mohammad would sign a consent you think Ahreeman could get a noose and pull him back over here to do it???

And Three.....The revisions in my book that Ahreeman was made aware of recently include pieces that usually arent' included in a book unless CRIMINAL CHARGES ARE FILED AGAINST A FAMILY MEMBER...that is ONLY IN THE CASE IF SOMEONE WANTS TO WRITE A BOOK ABOUT the revisions include true facts but of course criminal charges weren't filed, as they usually aren't in most families since this type of behavior is hush hush...but I won't go on.....

So there you have it the details thus far on the website and the book.
I appreciate all of your support!If anyone has any special LINKS or Articles that they would like links put in then please notify me at

ALSO if anyone would like their own personal free email address at Please let me know....They are available.
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