Iranian woman’s place is in kitchen, bed, and in service of

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Iranian woman’s place is in kitchen, bed, and in service of

Postby alialahi » Fri Jun 26, 2009 3:58 pm

Congratulations to Esteemed “Supreme Ali” for getting hold of unruly insurgents, by clubbing women and children and killing few Iranian , ZAIFE, women in the process. Our beloved “Supreme Ayatholly Ali” affirmed the proud Islamic way that, Iranian ZAFEFA’s place, I mean woman’s place is in the kitchen, in the bed, and in the service of his master (Father or Husband) and not in the streets carrying on, TAZAHORAT, insurgency against Islamic ways.

The saying is that the woman who lately got waked in the street was a Satan Worshipper sent by CIA and was shut by fellow, KAFER TAZAHORATI, terroristic insurgent to put the blame of harsh treatment on the shoulders of peace loving, MAZLOOM, Pasdaran and devotees of justly elected, MAZLOOM Ahmadinegad.

ALAHO AKABAR.... Good to have DOMBALANS, I mean be a MAN!
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