Dialogue of Haj Maloun and LOJ

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Dialogue of Haj Maloun and LOJ

Postby Lawrence Of Persia » Sat Nov 12, 2011 10:09 pm

Dear Lori,
Lori wrote:Rob you really need to change your avitar . . . Lindsay Lohan would be a better avitar than this!!
I like my avatar as it is. What's your problem with it? Who is Lindsay Lohan?

Lori wrote:I will try to find the squirrel with the swinging balls that you asked before . . . http://www.nutsacdance.org/
Thank you. I am thinking of doing a political graphic on sigheh. I would give the squirrel a mullah's beard and turban.

Lori wrote:What polls are we talking about . . . if you ask me the whole blog thing is confusing. You click the link to read the post then you get directed back to reply or to vote. Why not just put a link with a subject period and let people follow that, rather than have to follow two or three links
I don't know what "blog thing" you are talking about. I have not waded through this whole topic in detail. You and AX love to write such long, involved posts sometimes. I am talking about the polls in this room of the forum.

Lori wrote:. . . we all aren't intelligent as you and I :)
Nor as humble and modest.

I took a look at your site and am impressed. Did you create it all by yourself?

I tried to sign the visitor's book and couldn't. It said the visitor's book was full.

Is Peter Khan Vendran still around? What is he doing?

Take care,
مرگ بر رهبر :skull:
آزادی برای ایران
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