Saudi Women’s Olympic Team!

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Saudi Women’s Olympic Team!

Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Sep 27, 2012 3:28 pm

Saudi Women’s Olympic Team!
Islam on Women!
Ahreeman X
September 27, 2012


On the late note ...
A bit late but I meant to post this much earlier! Better late than never!

Do you remember the Saudi Women’s Olympic Team? “What team?” You may ask! There were only 2 women in the team! Actually the West had forced all of these little backward Muslim nations of the Arabian Peninsula to send a woman or two to the Olympics just so there would be a trace of a few Arab women in Olympics too! So they sent some!

During the opening parade, the amazing thing was that all nations even IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) had their women walk either in front of the men or mixed alongside with the men. Only exception was Saudi Arabia!

Saudi Arabian Women were walking behind the men like dogs who follow their owners! Am I the only one who noticed that? I mean even the little Shiite Kicker nations such as Qatar, Bahrain and UAE had their women walking in front of the men but not Saudis!

Saudis had to make a statement that:

Even though you God Damn Westerners forced us to qualify 2 women amongst our team and drag them to Olympics, but we will refuse to count them as equal to men! We will do negative struggle (Mobareze-ye Manfi) as a protest by making these two females tag along at the back of the parade line behind the men!

So Saudis got the final word in this argument by making their women tag along and follow the men at the back of the parade line. Those two poor, ugly and fat Arab women were chase running after the men to get caught up like little dogs chasing after their masters! US TV did not like that so it did not concentrate on the Saudi team for long and took the camera off of them.

I shall never forget that scene. It was pathetic but it was revealing the true face of the true Islam. The true version of Islam from the Islamic horse’s mouth, Saudi Arabia the birth place of Islam and Muhammad!

But hey, if having a couple of Arab women in Hejab, Burqah and Chador tagging along each Arab Olympic team makes the west happy, then let it be; however, in Saudi Arabia, women are still not allowed to drive or even travel without their fathers or husbands’ permissions! That’s Islam and Muslims for you!

I think Saudis are the most backward of the Muslim nations. Just take away their oil and they will be back in the desert living in tents, eating lizards and banging camels! The last women on earth which will have equal rights to men will be the Saudis!

As I have always stated, in Islam, women have as much rights as cattle. They are all properties!

This also makes me ponder that how unfortunate are the Persian women! After 1979, they got their rights reversed and taken away from them by the Islamist Regime. Iranian women used to be so progressive at the Imperial Era and it is a shame that Islam made them to go back in time. 33 years of IRI did not just destroy the Iranian economy, society, national soccer team, women’s rights and women’s status, but it also destroyed the Iranian women’s hearts and souls! I truly feel for the Iranian women which now have been reduced to the level of the global Muslim women! And of course we all know that Muslim women have no human rights!


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