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Postby vartamelon » Tue Nov 23, 2004 6:51 am

i'm new here, if any of u have ever visited than i'm sure u recognize my screen name. i was just wondering if u guys could post a lil more information about this site, like who's in charge, are there any affiliations, that kind of thing.
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Satanic Information

Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Nov 23, 2004 10:40 am

i'm new here, if any of u have ever visited than i'm sure u recognize my screen name.

Dear Vartamelon welcome to IPC. I do not surf Iranian forums; therefore, I am familiar with not many forum dwelers; however, there is often someone in IPC Operations or club members, who does surf these forums & from time to time informs us of anything interesting which is going on.

I also am a great fan of Watermelon, I just lovese lovse loves Watermelon. In addition I know Honeydew, Casba, Kernshaw, cantaloupe & even "Kharboze" melon, yet I have no idea on Earth about what is "Vartamelon?! Is your name Varta & are you a melon? Inquering mind wants to know?! :-k

i was just wondering if u guys could post a lil more information about this site, like who's in charge,

Everyone & no one!

OK, check it out, let me briefly & in simple words explain to you on "Whats The Deal": This here forum is the official forum of IPC. This is the 2nd IPC forum. The 1st IPC forum existed for about 5 years. We had over 1000 members & much contentful traffic. Hezbos (combination of: Hizbollah + Bozos) :moo: , finally got us off the air. They could do that because we did not own our form (yahoo was the owner); however, to avoid future problems, now we own our forum no one can delete or kick us out anymore. Today, we are trying to revive IPC & get our old members & hopefuly more members, back. In IPC, there is no big brother, so you can believe that the only one in charge is you. You are the boss.

The bad news is that unfortunately, most of our old members, like myself, did not care to read the rest of the Iranian Forums, & now that we announced everywhere that we are back on the air, they will not be able to know of this fact! :(

The good news is that we took the first step to get this club going, one more time, so soon or late our members will get tired of reading nothing "intellect erecting" & exciting on the net & they will search for us & eventually they will find us again! :swingman:

are there any affiliations

Yes, our members are affiliated with All Political Parties & ideologies of Iran & the world! There will be all kinds of people here. You will see Monarchists all the way to Communists. You will see Christian Fundies (Fundamentalist) all the way to Hizbollah. Everyone is welcomed. :band:

that kind of thing.

Lets put it this way, while everyone wastes time & talks a lot of garbage, we actually Do something about it!

I believe IPC members are of the most devoted, most active, most passionate, most intelligent, most educated & worst Trouble Maskers, in the Persian Community! Now, if you want to know what IPC Operations is all about, then here you go:

As more & more of our old members drop by here & you get to see them, then you will get an idea that through the years, we managed to gather the brightest & elite of the Persian minds & greatest of the Persian Trouble Makers over here in IPC. Its very hard to gather these people all in one place! They are the cream of the crop! :happy06:

An advise:
Watch yourself, that screen name can be hazardeous to your health! Melon lovers might bite, even canibalize you! :LaughingDevil:

Well alrighty then, all this talk about Melons got me hungry, let me go eat some! I hope I was of a help to you.

Take care & watch out for:

a) Hezbos :moo:

b) Olama :Mullah:


c) Bozos :Thooth:

Ahreeman bless you dear Vartamelon!


Small Satan residing in the land of Great Satan

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