Automatic Iranian Kabob Maker Machines & Grills

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Automatic Iranian Kabob Maker Machines & Grills

Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Oct 16, 2018 7:18 am

Automatic Iranian Kabob Maker Machines & Grills
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Iranians could be very inventive when it comes to their stomach! The complete Persian Culture is based on Persian Cuisine. Call them gluttons who commit gluttony by culture, but those Persians love their bellies (under bellies too)!

Of course, in Iran and abroad, the Persians figured a way to make mass kabobs, rapidly, sufficiently and cost effectively. Now all types of kabobs can be made, cut and grilled with automated kabob maker machines, cutters and grills.


Kubideh Kabob (ground beef)
Barg Kabob (thinly cut filet Mignon)
Shish Kabob (beef Chunks & Vegetables)
Jujeh Kabob (chicken)
Shishlik Kabob (lamb)
Doner Kabob (thin slices of compact beef)
Chenjeh Kabob (beef chunks)
And so many more …

How can you study the Persian Culture without eating the Persian Cuisine?
How can you comprehend the Persian Cuisine without eating the Persian Kabobs?


Automatic Kubideh Kabob Maker Machine

Automatic Kubideh Kabob Maker Machine PS600H

Automatic kabob Skewer Machine PS400H

Automatic Doner (Gyros) Kabob Cutter

Automatic Doner Kabob Robotic Cutter

Automatic Rotisserie Smokeless Machine

Automatic Kabob Grill

Automated Kabob Grill

Show Your Persian Pride
Eat More Kabobs

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