Persian Invasion of Turkey!

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Persian Invasion of Turkey!

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Nov 24, 2004 5:59 pm

Persian Invasion of Turkey!

You are probably asking yourselves, what happened?! Iran invaded Turkey & we missed it on the news! God damn Mullahs started another war? Did they bomb Ankara & Istanbul? How is Tehran? Whats going on @ the border in Azerbaijan? what..............??????

Relax, do not worry your heads! I am talking about Persians invading my turkey @ Thanksgiving day! Actually about 30 of them Persians are going to invade our Turkey, Pot Roast, side orders & etc. persicely tomorrow! Like that is not enough, we even prepared Qorme Sabzi & Saffron Rice for those who are not so westernized! Thanksgiving dinner, the whole shebang plus a Persian dish & then more! Dang! Tomorrow @ approximately 5 PM, Hord of Mongols, Oops sorry, I mean our dearly beloved Persian guests will invade our house, eat our food, eat our munchies, drink our drinks, trash the house, destroy our antiques, dirty our valuable Persian Rugs & after their pillage, they will leave our broken-down home!

Why do we do this every year? And not even once, but on Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year?! Mongol Invasion of our beautiful home!? I mean, I am such a neuratic & clean freak person that if a painting is crooked & one milimeter to the left, I have to get up & straighten it! Then why on hell do I let these people to destroy Dr.'s House of Pleasure & Pain?! House of Ahreeman will be trashed & then afterwards, the 24 non stop hours of cleaning must begin! Are we ill? Why do we let the Hord of Mongols to invade every year?! Is it worth it? Party my sweet butt, this is an invasion!

What the hell, I'll tell ya why! Cause we just lovse lovse loves our family & friends & neighbors! thats why! I guess we be doomed, due to our Persian Hospitality & ofcourse Thanksgiving day spirit! Now I know you feel the same way, don't ya?! Get ready folks, The hord of Mongols are comming, they are @ the gates of Shiraz! Yet once more!

Happy Thanksgiving to all


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Happy Thanksgiving

Postby IPC » Fri Nov 25, 2005 1:34 pm

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving holidays to everyone and don't forget to check our Thanksgiving special:

A Thanksgiving Prayer for IPC!

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