BMW History

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BMW History

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Feb 19, 2005 1:00 pm

BMW History
Bayeresche Motoren Werke
(Bavarian Motor Works)
This one for Beemer Enthusiasts such as Moi!

Started from Bavaria (southern Germany)
1917 Built their first aircraft engine for World War One Triplanes
1923 Built their first Motorcycle
1928 Built their first Automobile
1939 - 1945 Built Junker fighter Engines for German Airforce in World War Two.
These are some of the engines that BMW Aerospace company built for Luftwaffe:

* BMW hp 801D 14-cylinder radial piston engines for Junkers JU 290 heavy Bomber Planes.
* BMW 1700 hp  801D-2 14-cylinder radial piston engines for Junkers JU 188 medium Bomber Planes.
* BMW 1890 hp 801TJ 14-cylinder radial piston engines for Junkers JU 388 Fighter Planes.
* BMW 725 hp 132A-3 9-cylinder radial piston engines for Junkers JU 53 medium Bomber planes.
* BMW 132DC engines for Junkers JU 86 Bomber Planes.
BMW 600 hp 132A 9-Cylinder radial engines for Junkers W34 Transport planes.

1990 merged with Rolls Royce and Built its 1st Jet Engine for business jets. At this date BMW owned Rolls Royce Automobile and Aerospace company.
1994 BMW bought Rover (Land Rover, Mini Cooper, etc.) Company.
2000 BMW sold Rover to Ford.

Today BMW builds Automobile, Motorcycle and Jet Engines.

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