Dr. X's Sexual Prescription # 102 !

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Dr. X's Sexual Prescription # 102 !

Postby Ahreeman X » Sun May 22, 2005 5:31 pm

From The Desk of Dr. X

Dr. X's Sexual Prescription # 102 !
A New Sexual Experiment
May 22, 2005

Dear Members:

Warning :stop:

Age Definition Chart

Child = 0 to 9
Pre Teen = 10 to 12
Teen = 13 to 19
Young Adult = 20 to 45
Middle Age = 46 to 64
Senior = 65 to ......

:horseman: This experiment is designed specifically for Adults with Healthy Sexual Appetite:
Young Adult = 20 to 45
to capture the full effect & joys of the experiment.

:don: This experiment could be used for:
Middle Age = 46 to 64
But move with caution.

:old: This experiment is absolutely forbidden for:
Senior = 65 to ......
You are taking a risk!

:sheep: and this experiment is also not healthy for:
Teen = 13 to 19
You might have Heart Failure!

:crybaby: and if you are between:
Child = 0 to 9
Pre Teen = 10 to 12
Get lost Bozos!

Why the hell are you reading this? Go play Ye Qol, Do Qol :chilling: with your playmate or your own Shambool or Nanaz, either way! Get lost kids, you are too young to do these experiments!

Get lost kid! :sarcas:


Allow me to write you a sexual prescription! As your Family Doctor, I am obligated to write you one & I am sure, once you grow up to be Big Boys & Girls or in betweens, then you will appreciate it much!

Now as you know, Old Male with limp tools :restpeace: do miracles with Viagra & Levitra; however, allow me to bravely state here that its all in the head! You can take a Viagra but if your mind is not sexual or it is occupied somewhere else, then the Viagra means nothing! On the other hand, it is possible that you are not even using any pills, yet your mind is sexual, then you will perform like a bull! So its all in the head! I personally believe that Levitra is useless, Viagra is OK but Cialis is Awesome!

Experiment :doctorF:

:drlove: Now lets do Experimentations, shall we?

Let me prescribe you a new combination prescription which is sensational! First, here are the items in which you need for this experiment:

Medications :pill-booze:

I. Cialis 20 MG
II. K.Y Warming Liquid

Age Definition Chart :Chorus:

I will be talking about age, so before I start, allow me to once more, draw you a chart about age definitions according to Health Sciences:

Child = 0 to 9
Pre Teen = 10 to 12
Teen = 13 to 19
Young Adult = 20 to 45
Middle Age = 46 to 64
Senior = 65 to ......

Directions :teacher:

If you are an old man & you are going to do this, it will be a Hot Experiment, yet be careful not to get a heart attack! But if you are a young man or a middle age man, not even needing Sex Enhancers or Sex Stimulators, then when you do this experiment, The Sex will be out of this world! Something totally different!

Cialis 20 MG :jumpy:

Take one pill, it will be good for 36 hours! Can you believe that? Viagra is good for 4 hours, so is Levitra. But Cialis is good for 36 hours! This means during the next 36 hours, every time you feel spiky, you will get an outrageous erection! Your tool will feel like something out of a Horror Show! The Thing that never dies! It will go on & on & on & on............ until either you die or he shreds to pieces!

If you are a young adult between the ages of 20 to 45 & you have a normal or over active sexual appetite, and you still decide to take this, then you will be waiting for a riot!

K.Y Warming Liquid :sweating:

Next, use just a few drops of K.Y Warming Liquid. Did you hear me? Not K.Y Jelly, not K.Y Cream, not K.Y Warming Jelly, not K. Y Warming Cream, but I want you to purchase: "K. Y Warming Liquid"! Its the only liquid lubricant that I want you to use for this experiment.

Put a few drops on your tool & her tool, you will start to feel a warming sensation, extremely Hot!

Combination :pianoman:

Combine taking one Cialis 20 MG pill, wait for about 15 minutes (younger male) to 30 minutes (older male) & then drop & rub a few drops of K. Y Warming Liquid on both your tools!

Start the SEX. This will be The Sexual Experience of your life! :yeees:
You will drive yourself & her, both crazy! I suggest, you perform @ least 2 or @ max 4 different sexual positions to get the full effect!

No Nos [-X

:rain: You do not want to kill the mood by going crazy & try more than 4 sexual positions with this experiment! Some guys go for 6 or more positions & all of a sudden they get limp or they kill her mood! Stop it, just stop the craziness! You do not need to prove anything! You are not Superman! :weightlifter: Do not kill her mood or yours by acting Qorbati & Retarded!

:bath: Do not put too much K.Y Warming Liquid, because then there will be a Slippery Slope, totally undesired! You are not a child, this is not your bath tub & the Lubrication is not your Rubber Ducky! You are not doing Rube Dub Dubby, Ooh Ye..... Also if you use much liquid, then you might burn much! Skin can turn too Hot! Remember, you are not making Soup! You are just trying to get the experiment right & get the full effect! Do not act like a FOP (Fresh Out of Plane) from Dahat-e Iran into America!

Satisfaction Guaranteed! :victory:

Of course, I would not recommend you to do something, if I have not experimented with it first! I tried this first hand, actually right now, I am writing this prescription to you, after my first round of using this combination potion! I believe by the end of 36 hours, I will be injured badly & in need of an Ambulance! Its like Energizer Battery Rabbit, just keep on going & going & going ...............
But its like a burning hot, Rock Hard experiment ..................

Oh Igor, Igor ..........I have created a Monster! :mons:

Recommendation :scholar:

If you are a Healthy Male with Healthy Sexual Appetite like myself, do not get used to doing this, because it can be highly addictive & hazardeous for your health! I would personaly not do this often, I would only do this for special experimentations!

:idea1: It is amazing how Doctor always comes up with radical combos for yous! What would you do without your Family Doctor?

:drlove: That Good Old Dr. X?!

Now boys & ghouls,
Now go away & experiment with your new toys!
:egg: :discobanana: :egg:

Shoo, Shoo Shoo fly, go away......... shoo......... :buz:

Who Loves you babies?
Ahreeman indeed!
Who else?

Ph.D. in conservatism,
Defender of patriotism,
The believer in optimism,
Dr. of passion and eroticism,
With a truck load of magnetism,
Disciple of charm and romanticism,
The one and only, yours truly, Dr. X;

Ahreeman X

Watcher in the woods
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Ahreeman X
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Postby Shahrzad BB » Wed Dec 28, 2005 4:05 pm

Dr. BB's Sexual Prescription for Ahreeman!!!

Ahreeman's present dietary recreations

Through the years we have learned of Ahreemanocrat's alternative and unclean recreations concerning his wide range of sexual appetite which includes:

Chunky little blondes
Very young teenage girls
Native and naked, black tribal African girls
Mini skirt wearing Persian girls
Chicks with Dicks
Masculine Transsexuals
Feminine Transvestites
Round Butted, pale faced Mexican girls
Corps looking Elvira look alike, gothic girls
Child Brides
Sado Masochistic Broads
Female Serial Killers
Little Innocent Virgins
Girls who enjoy play rape
Girls who enjoy being dominated by Satan
Middle Aged psycho women
Criminally insane female convicts
Cat Burglars and Satan worshipers
Sociopath spastic, exhibitionist women
Bi Sexual Nymphomaniacs
Nymph School Girls
women with twisted desires
Mentally imbalanced women
Teenage Gothic Witches
ill Faithed melancholic women
Desperate Torshideh Persian women
Biker Chicks
Shemale S&M-ists
Teenage Submissive Asian girls
Seductive Drama Queens
Persian Female Cyber Sex fans
Criminal Tom girls
Young Persian Communist Militant girls
Abnormal Persian women with unusual names
Women in and out of institutes
Tough Rowdy wenches
Melodramatic Trauma Queens
Valley girls
Farmer redneck girls
Naive Midwestern chicks
High School virgins
Girls who dont know their right arm from left
Vampiress chicks
Girls who wear black capes and boots
Femme Nazis
Fascist girls in black mini skirts and jack boots
Dumb blondes from little towns
Dangerous and insane women
Tiney school girls who still blow bubble gum and can't spell their own names
and the list goes forever ...

Ahreeman's future dietary restrictions

Dr. BB's Prescription for Ahreeman

Ahreeman must be leashed. It's time for Ahreeman to settle down because his getting too old and then nobody would want him! :)

Who better to settle down with, than Queen of Shiba, the most beautiful woman in IPC and the Persian Goddess of Cali and you know who! :)

A combination of Muscle Relaxer and Downer Med Prescription can also come handy. They will slow Ahreeman down, hence he won't spend half of his life chasing women! :)

I prescribe:

Mixture of
Naproskin 30 MG
Norgesic 50 MG
Vicodin 660 MG

To be taken daily with lot of water to slow his Ahreemanian Metabolism to human level. Ahreeman has to be slowed down, trained and contained into human form! LOL :)

Check this: some numb nuts (plural) PM me and tell me I stole this one (my signature) from ahreeman:
<<<Long Live Me,
Death To Those Who Hate Me.>>>

Its not true. First one to come up with it was Atash (my cous), then Ahreeman used it and now I'm using it. If you don't believe it, go read old IPC Club posts of 4 or 5 years ago.


happy holidays

Psychiatrist of the board
Long Live Me,
Death To Those Who Hate Me.
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Long time no reply butt......"no pun intended"

Postby LOJ » Mon Apr 17, 2006 6:17 pm

Mixture of
Naproskin 30 MG
Norgesic 50 MG
Vicodin 660 MG

BB my most loathed member of IPC....you truly need to get your mixtures straight and the names....I thought you were so GREAT w/English missy????
First their is no such Pill as Naproskin, that sounded more like some Freudian slip.
But there is a Naprosyn, and it's just an anti-inflammatory, which I would only recommend to use after talking to you since you do seem to grate on everyone's nerves i.e. PAIN IN THE ASS..../Hemorrhoid!
Vicodin does not come in 660 mg.....the 660mg is only the amount of acetaminophen that is combined with the Vicodin.
Vicodin only comes in 5.0mg, 7.5mg, and if you get a really NICEEEE DOCTOR, you can get 10.0 mg.

And trust me those do not increase your sexual desire, actually for men they can have the total opposite affect/effect.
That is why I always offer the trade-off "give me your vicodin and I will give you good sex"....so your advice as usual was USELESS AND IRRITATING!

Get a life...and btw: If you need a John Deere for a deal I'm sure I can get you one for a whole lot CHEAPER than you ever thought.

NO, NO, NO....I don't have a sugar daddy, I have a TRACTOR DADDY :badgrin:

Btw: when r u going to update that picture? Surely you don't look the same as you did in 1345 :---)
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