IPC is not an Iranian Meat Market!

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IPC is not an Iranian Meat Market!

Postby CR » Sun Oct 30, 2005 11:29 am

IPC is not an Iranian Meat Market!

Some of the gentlemen are mistaking IPC with Iranian Singles Forums! I take this opportunity to remind you that IPC is not an Iranian Pick Up Joint. The 3rd Amendment of IPC Constitution defines IPC as:

3rd Amendment.
IPC is a club for intellectual discussions and debates about Iran, US, and World politics, philosophy, economy, history, art, science and related subjects. IPC is a club for "All the People," and not only for "some of the people". All nationalities, races, cultures, religions, ideologies; Persians, non Persians, Zoroastrians, Muslim, Bahaiis, Christians, Jews, Atheists, and all other philosophical, political, economical ideologies are welcomed.

Constitution of Iran Politics Club

I receive numerous love letters, pornographic letters, love poems, date offers, sex invitations, friendship offers, secret admirers, etc. in my e-mail accounts, instant messenger, private messenger and even in my official IPC Web Mistress mail!

I can understand and sympathize with some ladies in this club, for not posting their pictures in their profiles, not mentioning they are women or morely pretending they are men! Our dear Kaafer writes "Hitman" as her profession in her profile, so the men will not know she is a woman! Ladies in this club have a hard time with nuisance men, so they find ways to hide their female nature!

Dear Male members or readers of this club, please understand that this club is not a singles bar. If you are looking for an Iranian Singles Forum, Flirt Chatroom, Sex Mailing list, Whore house Bulletin Board, etc., please drop by Yahoo Groups and there you will find tens of Iranian Dating or singles Groups with hundreds of easy women waiting for dates and marriage. There are also Yahoo Groups for Iranian Mail Brides or Iranian Prostitutes from Iran. You can in addition drop by Iranian Singles, iPersian, Jokestan, DC Persian or similar forums to find a quick pick up meat, sex partner, date, match, friend or pen pall.

I believe I am also speaking for other intellectual ladies in IPC. I want to spell it out for you, when a lady joins IPC, she is not here to be made a pass on to or made a move on to! I know some ladies are hiding, by cloaking as invisible, when online and on Instant Messengers. I know some ladies disguise their profiles, avoid pictures, etc.

I have a different method. I openly tell everyone, I am a lesbian, a Big Time Dyke, so horny men will leave me alone. If I am really a lesbian or not, is only my business, but either way, I do not want or need to be bothered by horny members or readers of this club. The reason I am in IPC, is not to be picked up by men! There are Night Clubs, Bars, Chatrooms, Online Dating Sites and services, Iranian Singles forums and etc. for this use. I am perfectly capable and aware of where to find sophisticated, intellectual, financially secure gentlemen. If I am looking for a right man, then I know where to find him. I am not looking for a man, not interested in a man, nor it is your business if I am interested in men. I could be a lesbian!

IPC is not a Meat Market. Register it in your brains. If an IPC lady is interested to start a friendship or more advanced relationship with you, then I promise you, they will inform you of their intentions! I can be sure, other ladies in this club, such as Kaafer, Bita, Lori, etc. are going through the same daily soap operas with men! So please understand what is the nature of IPC and for your needs, please move along to Iranian Singles Forums or Groups.

Please let it click when you are being ignored. Learn to take "No" for an answer.


Catayoun Razmjou
IPC Web Mistress
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