A Toast & A Tribute to Peter Khan Zendran!

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A Toast & A Tribute to Peter Khan Zendran!

Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Oct 31, 2005 1:35 pm

A Toast & A Tribute to Peter!
His Royal High-ness, Peter Khan Zendran III (The Third)!

Now we pick up our glasses and toast to our Peter Khan.
The Man, The Music and The Whole Shebang! :roll:
Peter has been misunderstood, he is truly a humanitarian genius!

Many of you cannot stand Peter, many of you straight forward hate the man, and many more use his face on the target board next to Moa'mmar Khaddafi for shooting and target practice! But lets face it, lets be fair, we-all (that's southern) have different politics and beliefs. Maybe Peter's politics are not popular and maybe as he calls it, "His Work" is not appreciated much, but if you are going to ignore man's work, you cannot deny one fact! If Peter has done nothing, the least he has done is that he created some very "Creative Terms" in IPC. Can you deny that?

Lets be fair, how can you call him untalented when he clearly shown some talent creating these terms?! His terms maybe bizarre, but yet creative! However, Peter never bothered to define his terms. Years ago, when Robert (May his spirit rest in peace!) and I, were discussing the possible creation of the "IPC Dictionary of Alternative Terms", we both understood that it is a matter of most importance to make this dream a reality! Robert, whereever you are, my hat is off to you! Today, the task has been done! As I am the Master Terminologist and in charge of:

IPC Dictionary of Alternative Terms

I urge you to come up with more creative terms. I have taken the responsibility to define and document these terms! Usually creative members of IPC, create these terms (Admzad, Lori, myself, others) and then I define them and format them for the Dictionary! Now, I would like to go through some of Peter's Words O Wisdom! Shall we review some of his terms? Let's review some of the most legendary ones! Lets roll:

Peter truly outdone himself when he created this one! Just think about the concept and it blows your mind! This term was truly worth of being added to "IPC Dictionary of Alternative Terms", so I defined the term and done so. IPC Dictionary of Alternative Terms defines this term as:

Hermaphrodyke = A dual Sexual organed male (Hermaphrodite) Lesbian!

So imagine a man who has both a penis and a vagina (one above the other) who also happens to be a Lesbian! What a concept! One must be truly twisted to think of such concepts! I cherish Peter's mind! I can relate to it!

Example: In the past Peter has named Reza Pahlavi, a Hermaphrodyke! Now I do not know how true that is, because there are 3 existing daughters and he is still trying to make the fourth one (a male baby)! But then again, Rod Stewart, David Bowie and Senator Teddy Kennedy are also married with children! Allah only knows what goes on behind closed doors! Allah Forbid!

Kun Tanbul
Kun Tanbul = Peter means "Kun Tanbal" but he speaks it with his beautiful New Englando_Turkmano accent! The word literally means Lazy Ass! Peter basically translated the exact English term to Persian and he thought he is actually speaking Persian! But then again through the years it has become popular! To think of it, Peter is clearly opening "New Doors" in Persian Language!

Remember, later on, I came up with a rhyming term to this one:

Kun Tanbul
Habeh Dul

Habeh Dul = Small piece of Dul = Little Dick!

They indeed rhyme! Damn I made a funny!

Kuspedar = Kus + Pedar => Kos + Pedar => Kos Pedar!
Wow, think of this concept, will ya?!
Kos (Vagina) + Pedar (Father) = A Father who has a vagina instead of a penis! And that's "Kuspedar"!
Once again Kuspedar, is the New Englando_Turkmano, or lets say Peterian Persian!

Tanbul Tasviri
This one truly turned me on to the point that I got an erection over this one!
Tanbal Tasviri = Lazy + Visual => A Visual Lazy Ass => A Lazy person on Internet (behind the monitor) => A Lazy Ass who lives in Cyber Space and not in Real Space! (Turkmanic Persian!)

What on Earth was Peter thinking of, when he created this one? And is this Persian? This is pure Turkmen version of a Neo Word!

Example: Peter once called me "Tanbul Tasviri", because I am just a character on Cyber Space, a lazy ass on Internet, while Peter according to himself: "Is actually getting results" by "doing his work", out there in the real world! "Doing his work" whatever that may be!

Wow, the concept is explosive! Tanbul Tasviri indeed!

Fuckmeat = A Meat which is not for eating but for Fragging!

Example: Peter granted Shahrzad (his favorite chick) this title!

Dulz = is obviously plural for Dul (Dool) in Anglo_Turkmen (New Englando_Turkmano) Dialect of Persian!
Dulz like Tools, like Jewels! Get it? Peter practically has opened a New Chapter for Persian Language!

Druj Pigs
Drooz or Druse are an Islamic religious community of Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and Jordan, with important overseas branches in the Americas and Australia. Druj Pigs like Druse Pigs, but with Turkmen accent way o pronunciation!
Druj Pigs = Turkmen Druz Pigs, referring to those fake Media Lords, those bastards who don't publish Peter's Rhetorics (possibly Jahanshah Javid, etc.), Authority Figures, and basically "The Man"!

"The Man"(American Imperialist Establishment), who is keeping Peter and the Masses down! "The Man" who avoids Peter and his "Anarchisto_Communisto" Buddies (The Resistance) or "Fascisto_Nazi" Buddies (Also Resistance) to turn the American society into an idealistic Role Model "Chaotic Anarchist Heaven" which will be the primary step for creation of the Utopian Society, which Peter refers to as the "Totalitarian Titiost" Regime! Of course Titiost does not mean a society full of Tits! But it means Tito-ism (in Turkmen accent)!

Wow, Druj Pigs indeed!

Peter Khan Zendran

Peter Khan-e Turkmen-e Gorgani from Doshanbe

Peter, allow me to truly give you credit for creativity! You maybe Fragged the Persian Language, much further than as is today; however, I managed to define your terms and add them as much creative terms for possible entrance to the "IPC Dictionary of Alternative Terms"!

Who knows, maybe in the future, your name would be alongside the Persian Greats of the Literature!

Ferdowsi Tusi
Nezami Ganjavi
Khajeh Hafez Shirazi

and then comes:

Khajeh Peter Khan-e Turkmen!

Peter, what wonderful Persian you speak! This is Peterian Persian or shall we say:

Peterian Persian
"Pee_Terr_ri_An Persian"
thus you are Terring "Terekmaan" (Shiiting) all over the Persian Language! Peter, are you a Ferdowsian or a Shakespearean?

You know how, once he freed Iran, "Yaqub Leis Saffarid" forced Iranians to teach, learn and speak Persian in Iranian schools, rather than Arabic? And you know how basically Yaqub Leis and Ferdowsi revived the Persian Language? Well, heck, you are also reviving something, eh........., in a way you are Frag Reviving the Persian Lingo! Kind o with a spice of Turkmenish red pepper!

Na, I am only pulling your leg! I truly dig your political, ideological and lingual state o mind!

Any way you look @ it, we have to give Peter some kind o award for "His Work" and what he does to Persian Language! We simply have to give Peter something! Ye, indeed "Some Thing"!

Your terms are so creative, Just to think of their concepts, some even give me an erection! And that means a lot to me! What wonderful terms!

More power to Peter Khan Zendran, Khane Khanat-e Aq Qoyunlou and Qara Qoyounlu.
We cherish our Peter. He maybe a Anarchisto_Fascist who is Fandangoing the Persian Lingo, but hey, he is our Anarchisto_Fascist. He is our Peter!

I maybe pull your leg or "Peter" from time to time, but I truly dig you.
I do not care what they say, but I truly give you credit, the least for creating your creative terms and your contribution to IPC, set aside "The Work" that you do! It does not matter what they say, the only thing that matters is that Ahreeman appreciates your work!

Who loves you Peter?
Ahreeman indeed!
Who else?
And that's all you need.

Izat-i Ziyad Peeteer Khan (Turkish Accent)!

Ahreeman Khan-e Qajar
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Postby peterkhanzendran » Wed Nov 16, 2005 10:26 am

Get the name right, it's Peter Khan Zendran. No fucking third. Or as I'm known since that pig commied suicide because of me Notorious PKZ.
At least I get results with my work. Ever notice how that hermaphrodyke reza pahlavi has cash trouble because of my work? Or how american forces are having trouble with their "work" in Iran because of me? Or how my writings have been quoted all over the world?
And get your origins of my words right. I came up with the term fuckmeat while living with the kennedy's relatives some 5 years ago. They had taken in a 5 month old German Shepard who they found with a collar that had the name nigress on it, and since their morbidly obese Dalmation brought it into premature heat during an episode of "Son of the Beach" we caled it fuckmeat. And yes fucking is all that bb and others like her are good for.
As for Druj ever read the Avesta, or Yasana? Obviously not.
What can I say, after the damage dulpedars like ferdowsi have done to Iranian civilization someone needs to frag farsi to right it back.
Peter Khan Zendran
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