S.O.S. Iran Short Wave 7490kHz Broadcast Radio To Iran

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S.O.S. Iran Short Wave 7490kHz Broadcast Radio To Iran

Postby Bahram Maskanian » Mon Feb 07, 2005 2:50 pm

S.O.S. Iran Short Wave 7490kHz Broadcast Radio To Iran From Monday February 7, 2005


Please distribute this message as much as possible inside Iran regarding our Short Wave radio test (7490kHz) next week. We need as many of our - Haste ha - to give us feedback regarding the quality of the test. The test will be a 4 minutes audio of IOTM's Mission and 10 Articles, with Ms. Ehsan's voice.

Haste ha can give their feedback via:

- E-mail - - hasteh@sosiran.com

- Fax - - 818-474-7229

- Phone Office - - 818-986-0200

- Phone Message - - 888-767-4726 (888-SOS-IRAN)

- Date - - Monday February 7, 2005 - Friday February 11, 2005 inclusive (5 days)

Target - - Iran

Freq - - 7490kHz 19 or 21 Meter

Time - - 19:30-20:30 Local Time (Iran time)

Program Content - - 5 minute test sample provided by IOTM, repeated as many times as necessary to fill the hour

Download the Persian .pdf format

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