Demonstrations All Over Kurdistan (Komalah)

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Demonstrations All Over Kurdistan (Komalah)

Postby IPC » Wed Aug 03, 2005 5:20 pm

Kurdistan Demonstrations reaches its hight





Latest News

Komalah calls for General Strikes

Bokan demonstrations has started! Bokan is now added to the list of unrested cities. Possibilities of Martial Law in whole province of Kurdistan by the Islamic Regime is very visible.

On the basis of received news from city of Mariwan,the Islamic Regime would like to prevent from demonstrations of people by military government in this city.

According to sent news to Representation of Komalah Abroad,On Tuesday,August 2nd,2005 the Regime forces broadcasted threatening prospectus address to people by helicopter then they settled too many military forces in city of Mariwan.

According to received reports from city of Baneh,On Saturday,July 30th,2005 the Iranian government criminal forces shot a truck. In process of that event two passengers of the truck were killed. As soon as young people of Baneh came to know,they moved to centre of city,then they wanted business-men to shutting their stores down.after that all of stores were suspended at taking exception to this felony. On the basis of the latest news,city of Baneh has been checked by military government.

On Tuseday,July 27th,2005 Sanandaj municipality officials shut down repair shops.
Most owners of those workshops are young men who can not buy or rent shops which are located in manufactring city. After that action,mechanics gathered on the ground of protest in front of the city council and municipality for 3 days. In the long run mechanics succeeded to receive their claim.

In conformity with received news,On Monday,August 1st,2005 people of Sanandaj closed their stores at protesting to punished campaigns by the Iranian government in cities of Kurdistan.

Beginning,people moved to Independence Park on 6th of Bahman street.afterwards at 7 o'clock afternoon people deviced against the regime at the same time the regime forces attacked people and they captured 300 people also on Keshavarz street people set fire somethings and deviced.

On Nemaki,Sirous,Farah,Mardokh,Hajiabad and Ferdosi streets people made demonstrations too.
Devices consisted of down with Islamic republic of iran and political prisoner should be freed.
According to the latest news, number of people are killed or wounded.must say this city has been occupied by military forces.

On the basis of  sent reports to Representation of Komalah Abroad,On Saturday,July 30th,2005
people of Diwandareh supported people of Mahabad,Oshnavieh,Sardasht and Piranshahr.

People meantime closing their stores also they deviced against the regime,its leaders and its anti-human policies. In that demonstrations,the government anti-revolution guard attacked displeased people.

According to received news,after a business-man in the name of Hossin Balani was killed by the regime forces. On Sunday night, July 24th, 2005 people of Sardasht came to streets and they deviced against the Iranian government. In the cours of that protest, objector people meantime setting fire to tires and conflicted the regime criminal forces thus they supported fighter people of Mahabad.
In conformity with news, On Friday, July22nd, 2005 a villager man went on the mine and lost his life when he was walking around Bivaran village. By reason of the mine explosion two more people were killed at same area in the course of past 10 days. However the remainder mines and other explosives since the reactionary war between Iran & Iraq yearly kill or wound too many of people at frontier localities in Kurdistan province, but the Islamic regime responsible(S) do not gather the explosives.

On the basise of received news, On Monday, july 25th, 2005 fighter people of Oshnavieh took exception with regard to the regime anti-human policies but the regime forces attacked this quiet protest and then they shot people.

At that wildly attack a young person in the name of OMAR AMINI was killed and 5 more people were wounded.

According to published news,in the cours of past 3 days people of Mahabad meantime suspending their work places also they have protested as compared with accomplished crimes and captures by the regime in this city.

After 2 more spreading 13 &16 years old were killed as the result of rack by the regime forces,angry people of Mahabad asked for set free all of captured whom had come to streets at objection to death of Shwanah Ghaderi by his capturer yet.

It is necessary to explain that protests of people are continuing in this city.

In conformity with news from Sanandaj, On Saturday, july 23rd, 2005 about 80 conventional workers of Kurdistan's University protested as compared with non-extension their agreement.Discharged workers asked for returning to work.

According to received news, On monday night, July 18th, 2005 the regime forces killed a business-man in the name of Hassan Ahmadi who has wife and 7 kids.

When Hassan Ahmadi was carrying some tea from Iraq to Iran,suddenly official of frontier control department shot him and unfortunately he lost his life.

should say that the Islamic regime criminal forces tease and torment business-men in frontier localities every day also they shoot hard-working people without taking care their lifes and fates.the regime forces kill numerousness of people in those localities yearly.


KOMALAH considers itself a Marxist organisation. Its aim is the establishment of a new kind of society, a new kind of social system based on freedom, equality and social justice, in other words a system of socialism guided by this principle: from each according to ability, to each according to need.

At no time in its history did KOMALAH support the systems and camps known as socialist and communist, such as the former Soviet Union, China, Cuba and Albania. It has always tried to pursue its own independent policy
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