Question Of Endorsing Monarchists? (Official Policy)

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Question Of Endorsing Monarchists? (Official Policy)

Postby CR » Sun Aug 07, 2005 9:23 am

Question Of Endorsing Monarchists? (The Official Policy)


A few friends asked me in person, and others emailed us & wrote:

"Why do you endorse Daryoush Homayoun, CPI, Reza Pahlavi & other Monarchists but you are so & so and unclear about Aryo Pirouznia, and you don't recognize Foroud Fouladvand & Anjoman Padeshahi?"

Please let me clear any existing clouds in your minds. For public records,

We (IPC Operations) recognize "All of The Opposing Forces to IRI) including "All of the Monarchists above" as forces of Iranian Opposition & there is no conflict on this issue.

But there are levels of struggle & it is common sense. All of these people are opposition members but:

CPI is a political party
Daryoush Homayoun is an opposition leader & Head of CPI
Reza Pahlavi is an opposition member & accepted as an Inspirational leader by some Monarchists
Aryo Pirouznia is a net media publisher & head of a small group of SMCCDI activists
Activist Chat is a Chat Room
Foroud Fouladvand is a TV Broadcaster & Anjoman Padeshahi are his TV Fan followers

We recognize all of them as opposition members but any person with a functioning brain can see that they are in different levels of struggle & there is a difference between:

A political party (CPI)
A party leader (Daryoush Homayoun)
An Unofficial Inspirational Leader to certain parties & groups (Reza Pahlavi)
A Net Broadcaster (Aryo Pirouznia)
A Small Group of Pirouznia's Friends (SMCCDI)
A Chat Room (Activist Chat)
A Television Showman (Foroud Fouladvand)
Some TV Fans (Anjoman Padeshahi)

Clearly, there is a big difference on what Dr. Matin Daftari does for opposition and what Aryo Pirouznia does for opposition!

Myself, I am not a Monarchist & I am very skeptical of their intentions & their devotion to Democracy. I have official communication with all of the Monarchists but I only have personal communication with proven "Constitutionalists" faction of them. In my personal experience, I can only trust a very small Minority Faction of the Monarchists (Proven Constitutionalists). "For historical reasons and backgrounds", I maybe hesitant to trust Majority of Monarchists, But as a member of IPC Operation, I recognize all of them as opposition members/groups and I am bounded by Constitution of IPC to work with them, so I am working with them.

We don't endorse or favor any Monarchist Groups over others, but we recognize all of them as opposition members/groups, and we distinguish their different levels in struggle as opposition members/groups.

The Official Policy

The Official Policy of IPC Operations including,

Political Operations
Web Operations
Club Operations

And All of the members, Inside Iran, Outside Iran, and in Liaison to Iran, is:

"IPC Operations consists of members from all of the opposition groups, so we are bounded to work with all of the opposition groups."

In our eyes, we see Monarchist, Mojahed, Marxist, Nationalist, Republican, Socialist, Social Democrat, Muslim, and Every other member from any Faction of Iranian Opposition, all equal and the same.

I can't explain this issue more clear than this. That's all I have to say here.

You are welcomed to your opinion and we will be glad to hear more of it.


Catayoun Razmjou
IPC Web Mistress
IPC Office
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Postby Bita K » Sun Aug 14, 2005 6:17 pm

CR Wrote:

"A Television Showman (Foroud Fouladvand)"


Forood FOOL-advand and rest of the present Iranian Satellite Television Owners/Operators, aren't TV Showmen. A TV Showman needs to be conducting a show, so he requires to have Artistic Talent, director, producer and a cast. These present Iranian TV Operators or so called movement leaders are Talk Show Hosts. They are conducting Talk Shows. These Talk Shows could be performed on Radios. They don't have to conduct them on TVs, but they do conduct them on TVs, so they can show their faces & become famous. Present Iranian Television Programs in exile, are Radio Talk Shows conducted on Televisions. Every TV has a Talk Show Host who talks with people on the phone. For hosting these programs, no talent is requiered. The host copy & pastes the programming documents from different web sites, magazines and books. One of these Iranian Talk Show Hosts/Self appointed Leaders of Television Movements, is Forood FOOL-advand.

No Regards for Any Iranian Television Movements and their Talk Show Hosts and Wanna Be Political Leaders,

No society without a "Socialist Foundation Base",
will function, prosper and last for long!
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