Statement in USDRI

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Statement in USDRI

Postby Liberator » Thu Nov 03, 2005 3:23 am

Statement in USDRI

To enlarge:

The above article concerns a warning from the anti-Pahlavist Farrokh Negahdar, a long time NOKAR of the Mullahs and now a member of the comedy troupe known as the "Unity for a Secular and Democratic Republic in Iran" organization, on the possibility of the return of the Iranian Monarchy (read, a government capable of defending Iran’s interests)---which he compares with the Velayate Faghih Shiite system in order, first, not to appear as to be ranting against the monarchy alone, and second, to blemish and denigrate what is left of our national character--- and, as incredible as it may seem, the danger of the ROSHANFEKRAN (“intellectualsâ€
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