Handbook for Surviving Wars and Disasters

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Handbook for Surviving Wars and Disasters

Postby Liberator » Tue Feb 21, 2006 12:38 pm



YARAN: What you are about to read is the accumulation of many years of practical experience gathered by one of our members as emergency response managing team for the disasters and experience of a member in the armed forces who has experienced these procedures on a wide range of places from Mexico City earthquake to wars in Beirut, Bosnia and Iraq.

Read it, learn it and use it. It may save your life in many emergency situations. We are fortunate to have them with us in order to have them share their expertise with you.

One thing we ask you is, please do not take our name and replace it with yours. Share it and tell the reader you are distributing it or have translated it. But don’t steal it. This is not right as we have spent many hours on this HANDBOOK and it is unfair to the people who have put them together.

Please learn to share. Please don’t try not to make money out of this handbook as it is intended for our fellow Iranians and we want nothing in return. Also, to make profit out of others misery is wrong and immoral in anyone’s book. Share it with people photocopy and circulate it. Never sell it. You may ask for the price of photocopy cost or reprinting it.

We hope none of the topics in this handbook ever become necessary for you to use.

Although, we know for some of you it will become a reality to use the contents of this handbook. Best of luck and God bless you all.
We are all Nationalists and striding to serve our people
and our country.


Our dear Brothers & Sisters, our fellow Iranians,

YARI NATIONA GROUP OF NATIONALISTS, in every publication, has indicated that Iranian Problem must be solved by the Iranian hands and military strikes, bombing Iran is not the answer.

The events are moving against what we wish and although they seem harmless now, if we have learned anything from history, we know it will escalate to bigger proportions much faster than we can anticipate.

What we wish to do is to make sure none of our brothers & sisters are not caught off guard to face the upcoming disasters with hardships if they ever come. The following advises are cheap and effective ways to be prepared for God forbid when the disaster strikes you will be ready to deal with it until it is over.

The Iran & Iraq war has given you valuable lessons that you should start recalling them and make a note about do’s and don’ts in addition to what we are recommending.

Since the world is not at war with the people of Iran and just the government, we are praying the need for bomb shelters and going to them will not exist. The allied will inform before hand where the population is surrounding the military target to evacuate or will use precision bombing to take out that “assetâ€
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