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Postby IIRF » Sat Apr 29, 2006 11:17 am

Dear Compatriots,

Over the past few months there has been an alarming increase of a possibility that America, along with a few other nations, may wage war against Iran. Although it may seem like a great advantage to us who want to see Iran free, it will actually put us back for decades or even longer then that. Only Iranians can free their nation. Reza Pahlavi cannot do this by himself when so many factors and obstacles are pitted against him. He needs us and we need him. America will only exploite our situation and take advantage, we know this and if some do deny this then they are blind. We cannot let others do our duty for us. Iran has been under seige for well over 27 years and time is coming to an end for us to decide upon her future.

Please do not be fooled, an American invasion of Iran will never give us the freedom and progress we truly want and have been trying to achieve. We cannot stress this enough, please spread the message and make the choice. This situation should motivate us and all Iranians to join in the resistance. One of the main reasons we have made little progress in our fight against the Islamic regime is because many Iranians do not care or think they cannot make a difference but remeber the many political influences it took to shape a nation or the world. In most cases it only took one person. We only set ourselves short and most of our obstacles are the ones we set for ourselves. When we are united, no one can stop us and history has proven that.

Long Live Iran - Long Live The Resistance,
Long Live Shahanshah!

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We can't let it happen

Postby Ruzbeh_01 » Sat Apr 29, 2006 12:43 pm

I don't know of any group that would support such an attack on our people, but nevertheless we cannot stay silent. Silence is acquiesence! If we want regime change then we have to do it and we have to do it now before the United States or some other country decides that they have enough of a pretext to use depleted uranium bombs or worse on our people. What a disaster that would be not only for the comming revolution, but also for our people and their children.

There are reports comming in from Serbia and Iraq that defective births have substantially increased in those women who were exposed to depleted uranium shells. There are areas in both countries and Iraq in particular that are contminated because of the use of such weapons.

Is this what we want? We can't stay silent. We have to devise a strategy that will be vocal in opposition to any attack on Iran, but does not strengthen the hand of the Kaseef Mullahs at the same time.

I really truly hope that there is no attack on our people. Something like that would be absolutely devastating.
Marg bar Jumhuri-eh Eslami; Payandeh Iran!
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