Overthrow The Terrorist Mullahs Now, Or Face - WWIII - Soon

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Overthrow The Terrorist Mullahs Now, Or Face - WWIII - Soon

Postby Bahram Maskanian » Fri May 26, 2006 5:28 am

Overthrow The Terrorist Mullahs Now, Or Face - WWIII - Soon

Dear fellow humankind,

We, the all of humanity, all over the world have invested interest to do whatever we possibly can to prevent any military attack / action against Iran / Persia. - Except a hand full of truly dim witted individuals who are actively pursuing the mythical apocalypse to occur, none of us the sane people wants to start - World War Three (WWIII) - and annihilate the humanity to rapture and go to the none existent heaven. Any military attack / action against Iran / Persia, even if by a remote chance does not lead to the start of a World War, it will definitely galvanize and unite the Iranian / Persian people against the people of Europe and United States, in the support of Iran / Persia behind the criminal ruling mullahs.

We, the people of the world, should all come together and get behind Mr. Reza Pahlavi, - - read his interview below - -. Also read my proposed - Constitution For Future Iran / Persia - and the - Declaration Of Independence -, I posted at the base of the article. Regardless of what political philosophy and spiritual beliefs one may have we must organize and mobilize an international movement to peacefully remove the criminal mullahs, parasites of humanity from Tehran / Iran. We must not forget that the only means of prolonging the life of mullahís regime is - WAR -, therefore if we are serious about stopping mullahís regime from becoming a nuclear power, we should follow the simple and cost effective methods, suggested below, to peacefully remove the mullahs from Iran.

  1. If the nation-less corporations owned by the Europeans and the Americans are forced to stop helping murdering dictators like that of the ruling regime in Iran.
  2. If the governmentís of Europe and United States block and confiscate the mullahís assets, on behalf of the Iranian / Persian people, all over Europe and United States.
  3. If the ruling mullahs and their cronies are denied access and entry visas to travel in and out of Europe and United States.
  4. If the mass media in Europe and United States tell the truth and help the Iranian people to take their country back, just like the British Broadcasting Corporation, (BBC) helped the mullahs, at the time when American and the European governments and their nation-less corporations orchestrated and were implementing the Islamic coup of 1979.
So you see, its absolutely doable, it is cost effective, and no European and American soldier needs to go to war and die, and no need to annihilate the humanity, a win, win situation for all. - And lastly the war on terror will come to an end as well. -

At the time of the Islamic coup in 1979, Reza Pahlavi was only 18 years old. No law, or any society prosecutes the innocent son, for the sins of the father. The ruling mullahs of Iran and their cronies have been spreading baseless and divisive rumors about Reza Pahlavi, in order to discredit and stop him. Mullahs are fully aware of the fact that Reza Pahlavi is a creditable candidate, who could potentially rally Iranians, stop the pending attack on Iran and peacefully remove mullah’s criminal terrorist regime. - Mullahs want war to prolong their heinous existence. They are in pursuit of a bloody conflict with the Americans and the Europeans. - Just like the rest of the Iranians / Persians, Reza Pahlavi does not want Iran to be attacked for any reason. Iranians will support him to liberate Iran. Iran / Persia would never become Imperialist again; Reza Pahlavi knows that, he can function as a leading figure to give voice to the voiceless Iranians who are suffering within Iran and help to lead Iran to a bright democratic future.

Please consider helping in any manner possible for you. Thank you.


Bahram Maskanian

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- - Those Who Sacrifice Their Liberty For Security, They Deserve Neither - -
Bahram Maskanian
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Postby Emam Kooni » Fri May 26, 2006 3:34 pm

[b]Hey Bahram,

1- I want to know what kina Wine bottle did U knock up before laying down your mighty insights?

2- What, “mythical apocalypseâ€
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Emam Kooni
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