150 Iranians were not allowed to enter USA!

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150 Iranians were not allowed to enter USA!

Postby IPC » Thu Aug 10, 2006 8:34 am

150 Iranians were not allowed to enter USA!

150 Iranians to gather for "SUTA" (Santa Clara, California) with visas to travel to US, had their visas revoked.

Global Gathering of Sharif University of Technology Association

All the visas were gathered by government officials. The ones who arrived at the airport, were not allowed in. Their visas were canceled. They remained in immigration detention centers and sent back the next day. Guests included men, women and children to be gathered for this event. US Immigration and State Department, had officially rejected them and revoked all their visas. This event is a direct result of the Iranian Government's role in the global terrorism. But in between, the international prestige of the Iranian people, has ruined and they are getting embarrassed around the world, on daily basis! With heated war against terror, Iranians need to prepare themselves for many other visa rejections around the world.

Who is to blame, you decide? We say, Iranians are to blame for bringing the Islamic Republic Regime to power on 1979!
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