Is Iran legitimate?

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Is Iran legitimate?

Postby Joehohoho » Sun Mar 18, 2007 3:42 pm

****Have you heard about, the young teenager who tried to prove that his ancestors were illegitimate without thinking that if they were illegitimate he is illegitimate too*****
Iran is like a mother land for all, including US because most of the goodness which spread in the world came from that land through Christianity and contacts. All the admiration the west has for Turkish emperors can be related to ideology of sophism and Persian culture not from Islamic ideology or turkish past. While Iran fell in trap of Islam and depth of ignorance, others claimed the Iranian old ideology and used it. If you go to turkey and look at the Sultan’s resident, you can see the persian poems engraved every where on entrances. The western world is aware of this but since they are Frangy ( greedy), their profit motives force them to deny this. They are the young bully boys in the block and they are so brave that they are denying a culture which is more than 6000 years old, for profit. How old is your identity my dear?
****Is the spread of fear and misinformation a tool to prepare the world for spliting Iran?***************************************
****There is a vast Propaganda and misinformation by the West towards Iran.****
Western countries are questioning the legitimacy of Iranian as a separate nation and they even claim that Iran and Iraq were a part of turkey and were separated from turkey by the British empire. I have no doubt that Turkey occupied and separated Iraq and some other parts of Iran, but how can you precede turkey a 600 years old occupier as the owner of a culture which is 6000 years old. If Iraq is a part of turkey because they occupied it by force then the whole Europe belong to Italy (Rome?). Same logic can be extended to many other countries. ************************************************
The Propaganda and misinformation is so vast that most of US intellects feel uncomfortable to mention the name Iran. Dear friends, not only all the goodness in christianity originated from Iran but most of your festivity originated from that land.
Last week I looked at a book written by a priest. It was pointing at AhmadiNejad’s comments while trying to prove that Iran and Russia will end the world, unless west destroy those countries immediately. He was worried about progress in Iran, extensive research and universities extension...and so on. He was proving his points by some verses from the bible and then referring to AhmadiNejad damned speeches. He mentioned that real Iranian empire ended by Alexander the great ( The best proof to his ignorance).
If you find me ten honest Iranian... I will create The heaven in Iran... Any one like to be tested? Read the book... "Poshteh pardeh-haie enghelab"
Goftareh nik Pendareh nik Kerdar nik and I really mean it...
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