Religion and Pahlavis, a political history!

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Religion and Pahlavis, a political history!

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Feb 05, 2005 12:50 pm

Religion and Pahlavis, a Political History!
February 5, 2005 = 2564 Shahanshahi PIY (Persian Imperial Year)

A Background

I openly admit that I do work with Muslim of opposition & I value them as freedom fighters of Iran, for instance Mujahedin, Movahedin, Rabbani Movement, etc. However, have in mind that the heart & soul, the energizing battery of this regime is Islam. To kill this regime is to attack it's heart! Destroy it's heart & you will kill this regime. Destroy it's validity & absolute Godly theocratic base & you will crumble the beast.

People like me, simply cannot hide the truth of Islam & keep quiet about the nature of Islam, to avoid to hurt the emotions & feelings of the Muslim opposition! What is wrong & Evil, is simply wrong & Evil & we cannot hide it behind the curtain or like a cat, cover the feces under the cat litter or sand! That is exactly what Shah done! Shah was religious himself, he never announced to the whole world, the truth about the depth of religious fanaticism in the blood & bones of Persians, he always painted a civilized, progressive Iran for the outside world. The picture was so convincing that even we believed that we lived in Germany or France!

Suddenly 79 happened, & suddenly we saw so many fanatics, deranged, backwarded religious people & derelicts in the streets of Iran & we told ourselves, "Where were these guys before 79"?

They were always there, but Shah covered them up behind the facade of progress!

"Iran was a pot full of Shiite that Shah was covering it up under the Gold Lid!"

Shah never did hurt any Ayatollah, he just exiled them or made them house sit! Shah never executed the Muslim Terrorists or fanatics, but he always executed the Communists! Hell, he was religious himself! He was dreaming & getting revelations & premonitions from Ali, Hussein & Hazrate Abbas!

Once, he had a dream that he was fallen & Hazrat-e Abbas on horse top, came to his rescue & held his hand to stand up! He talked about this dream! Tofiq, the number one caricature & humor magazine of Iran was always in trouble because they were boldly criticizing everybody. At that time Tofiq wrote:

Hazrat-e Abbas had no hands (both been cut off by Shemr & Yazid), then how did he hold Alahazrat's hand & helped him to stand up?!

As usual, once again, they closed down Tofiq for a few months! Dobare Tofiq, Toqif shod! That's how democratic, the Shah's regime was!

The Point

My point is that Shah himself was a religious superstitious person who honestly believed that Shiite Saints are protecting him from the beyond! They saved him from assassination & bullet & they will keep on protecting him! Shah believed that Allah is his protector! Shah even went to Haj to Mecca!

While back, when Saudis beheaded a Sick Persian man (a pilgrim) for barfing in Kabbah and for insulting Islam, Reza Khan said: It is a shame that Iranians are treated like this by Arabs!

But his son, Alahazrat would go to Mecca for pilgrimage!

Shah was a progressive man, but Shah never had the open mind of his father Reza Shah The Great, nor he was as secular & a free thinker as Reza Khan. He was never an intellectual as big as Reza Khan & he was never as strong as him. He simply had periods of weakness, like bingeing, he could not make serious decisions, specially in later years with cancer. Alahazrat was a great man but he had many flaws!

Reza Khan was the least educated man in Pahlavi Dynasty, yet he was the greatest intellectual & free thinker in the whole Pahlavi Dynasty! He had no scholarly education but he had street education. He was a self made man. He rose himself from a Kossak Guard in service of Russians to General level, Minister level and all the way to Shah's level! They don't build them like Reza Khan any more! He openly was Anti Religion, Anti Islam & mocked the whole hirarchy of Shiite Islam. He posted Pasebans (policemen) @ street corners to cut off chadors of women & Amameh (turban) of Mullahs!

Mother's Role

But as I always say:

"Mothers play the most important role in education & psychi of the children!"

If the mother is a religious superstitious person, then the son becomes a religious superstitious person!

Queen Mother was a backwarded religious superstitious Muslim; therefore, all the Islamic Garbage had transferred from her brain to Alahazrat's brain! Alahazrat, never took after his father! He never inherited the clear vision, the free thinker, the secularist, the Atheist, the Anti Islam & Anti Fanaticism views of Reza Khan! Thats why Reza Khan was solid & strong, but Alahazrat always had this weakness in him, the weakness that came from Islam!

Roots of Seyed Reza Pahlavi!

Reza Pahlavi, also took after her mother. No matter how progressive & modern, Empress Farah may look, & no matter how many progressive tasks she has done for the nation, yet in her mind, she is a conservative Muslim. She is a traditional Muslim who believes her roots go back to Hassan & Hussein. She believes she is Seyede of Hassani & Husseini! Until a few short while back, she had a web page full of nonsense about how her roots go back to Hassan & Hussein & she was proudly announcing this to the whole world! Obviously Empress Farah has no historical background or education to comprehend that Hassan & Hussein (Shiite Saints) were couple of murderers who mass murdered thoudands of Iranians in the First Arabo_Islamic Invasion_Occupation of Iran!

I honestly do not know if Farah honestly put up that web page because of her true beliefs, or did she just put up that web page to connect Reza Pahlavi, her son to Mohamad The Prophet as a Seyed, so the masses of religious superstitious Gav O Guspandan Cattle of Iran, would see the light of Prophet in Seyed Reza Pahlavi's face & erect him as the new Shah! Maybe Farah was trying to help her son & push her incompetent, passive son forward to become Shah! Or Maybe Farah truely believes in all this garabage! I do not know!

However, the web page is off the air! Now I don't know if Farah, since then has historically educated herself about her Holy Saints or not!

My disappointment of Empress Farah!

But I tell you what?

@ that moment, my great impression that I had built of Farah in my mind, as a progressive woman, was crashed! I was always under the impression that Farah was a Free Thinker! I knew Shah was a religious superstitious person but I thought of Farah as a progressive Free Thinker, until she published that Seyed Roots Web Page & connected herself to Hassan & Hussein!

Then I asked my mother,
X: Did you know that Farah was a divine Muslim?
P: Where have you been all these years?
X: I never knew?
P: Farah was such fanatical Muslim since she was in school in Europe!
X: Are you serious?
P: Yes.
X: How come you never told me this?
P: You never asked!
(My Mother was working directly under the Empress, as one of her two positions)

I was shocked and this was all news to me!

So the bottom line is that Reza Pahlavi is a Muslim, furthermore Seyed-e Hassani & Husseini, because her Mother is a Muslim!

Sliding The Shiite under The Persian Rug!

The funny thing is that Fanatical Monarchists claim that Reza Pahlavi can save them from Arab Worshipers (Tazi Parastan) of IRI! Reza Pahlavi himself is a Tazi Parast (Arab Worshiper)! How can he save the people from Arab Worshipers & Arab Worship?!

For Allah's sake, Reza Pahlavi had all her three daughters named Divine Arabic names! The man is superstitious to the bone!

For a long time, they used to glorify this Seyed-dom until I published that E-mail to RP & once it got all over the net, then they have decided that The Seyed-dom backfired in their faces! They thought, the Seyed-hood would be good publicity for Reza Pahlavi, but the Anti Islamic mood of the Iranians these days, are so high that it got backfired in their faces! So Farah took the web page off the net! But now, they are trying to give RP a new image! They are changing his name to Cyrus! Now they call him Prince Cyrus Pahlavi or Reza Shah-e Dovom, Cyrus Pahlavi!

I love the way the brains of the idiots around Reza Pahlavi works! They try too hard!

I love the way they try to:

"Put Shiite on Shingle!"

This is how over night:

Seyed Reza Pahlavi, rooted back to Mohamad The Prophet (according to Farah)
Cyrus Pahlavi, rooted back to Cyrus The Great (according to Bozos around him)!

They simply crack me up! Now you tell me:

Is this all real?
Or is this just a bit sounds like Political Opportunism to you?!

For more info, go read the unanswered:

Dialogue of Reza Pahlavi & AX (3 parts)

Reza Pahlavi, until this day, has refused to answer these questions, brought up to him in the dialogue! Reza Pahlavi, until this day, has refused to have a Face to Face with me! Reza Pahlavi until this day, has refused to clarify the air & respond to all the issues!

But then again, what can he say that I already do not know?!

If I was Reza Pahlavi, I would become Speechless too!

Yes my friends,

Mothers are the ones who build children's characters! Fathers are important but it all comes down to mothers & thats why Alahazrat went a different path than Reza Khan & thats why Reza Pahlavi is the way he is today! I guess from to time, Empress Farah does go over the history and results & productivity of her children & asks herself what went wrong? And how responsible is she for the way her children turned out!? Specificallly Reza Pahlavi!

"Mothers are the ones who build the ultimate character of the children!"

The Declining Pahlavis!

Alahazrat never had the Iron Determination & balls of steel like Reza Khan. That is why Reza Khan meant business but Shah was just putting up the facade. Everything went upside down, because he never had the will & determination to act firm with Muslim, Ayatollahs, & Islamic Terrorists. This brought the end of him & the end of Iran @ 79.

No one had the guts to disobey Reza Khan's will. No one dared to even try to spice up the government with religion back then, no one even wore Islamic Crap or hejab in the streets. Reza Khan meant business.

As you see the weakening of Pahlavi Dynasty goes from generation to generation, until now that the Pahlavi The III (Reza Jan) is totally a liberal boy!

Ishan Va Dadand!
(He loosened up so much that he fell apart!)

In this case Reza Jan The Second Va Dadand!

This is how it goes:

The Ever Shrinking Balls in Pahlavi Dynasty!

Reza Khan = Balls of Steel
Mohamad Reza Shah = Balls of Copper
Reza Junior the second = Cotton Balls

Let me put it this way, Reza Khan would never leave the country in times of need, under internal enemy. The Allies exiled him by force. However Shah left Iran & the Military wide open to the Arabo-Muslim bandits & left! Well, he was a sick man with cancer but still! If Alahazrat was to die of Canser, then why didn't he stay in his own land & die there? Why did he escape from Iran? But @ least Alahazrat done a ton of good for Iran. And now, we got Reza Junior, who wants referendum & he wants to reason with IRI! Well, more power to him!

But overall, I strongly believe that:

We shall overcome and Iran will be free,
I have faith!

More power to resistance

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