Extra Extra Rafsanjani Wins Elections!

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Extra Extra Rafsanjani Wins Elections!

Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Feb 22, 2005 1:00 pm


Once again, Its Islamic Erection (Election) Times! Lets reminisce & look back in times. It brings back memories and it still makes sense! Doesn't it? Shall we looksi loo in the past so we can have a better understanding of the future?

Extra Extra Rafsanjani Wins Elections!
(Commentary on Election's Game Results)
March 2, 2003

Oldies but Goodies
Old IPC Files

Are you still waiting for my commentaries about the Islamic Elections? I won't keep you waiting no more, here it goes:

About 10% of the masses vote in Tehran & a larger percentage vote in other cities. Well, this shows you how the Iranian people have supported this puppet election! Iranian Masses know very well about the nature of this puppet election. 24 years of lies brighten up the minds of our masses! Out of this 10% votes, so far the "Kar Gozaran" or "Faction of Islamic Development" has won the Election of Iranian Local Councils which is a typical joke & new fraud type of the election to prove to the world that Iran has reached the Democracy! specially in these times of crisis, IRI must show the world that Democracy rules Iran! So they conduct a puppet election which only 10% of the people in Tehran & a larger number outside Tehran show up to vote & while many conservatives practically boycotted this election, then there were Reformists & Moderates (Kar Gozaran) to wrestle in the ring!

Fundamentalists took a break because they know that no one will vote for them! They are a few people in numbers who would vote for them. Opposition to IRI forces naturally boycotts the election because they all know that this is a joke! So majority of Iranian people who are Opposition do not even bother voting!

So this leaves the very few minority votes of the Reformists & Moderates. Naturally Reformists & Khatami's Gang lose the election this puppet elelction because for two terms they been making fools of our people & riding the masses with empty promises!

Moderates or shall we say Kar Gozaran (Islamic Developers Faction) which have been Developing their bellies during the last 24 years won the election. At least Kar Gozaran are basically Muslim Technocrats who are engineers, builders, construction companies, industrial forces & other specialists who run the regime & government offices & some of the private sector. Kar Gozaran are more educated Muslim than Fundamentalists. So what does this mean?

Mr. Rafsanjani's Gang who has been out of the game as an independent force since the first term of Khatami's election & they had to join force with Fundamentalists as a coalition against the strong Reformists, are now gaining power to operate independently!

Moderate Faction or Kar Gozaran or Rafsanjani's Gang are now officially gaining power in Iran without Fundamentalists & in defeat of Reformists. In other words:

Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani aka Akbar Shah has won the election. Best put, Akbar Shah won this primary puppet election of local councils.

I have to tell you boy, I am in a way glad!

You ask why Dr. X is glad that Akbar Shah won?

Dear Darling Dudes & Dudettes, of course I am glad! Take a look:

We (The Opposition) won, meaning majority did not vote.
Fundamentalists lost, meaning they didn't vote.
Reformists lost, meaning masses of Iran are on to them & their actor president.
Moderate Kar Gozaran won, meaning Akbar Shah won, meaning:

At least a person who knows anything about Iranian Economy & Business won! Akbar Shah is the richest man in Iran & one of the top rich men in the world in top 20. Akbar Shah practically runs a major chunk of Iran's Agriculture & Economy.

For more info read, the middle of the page in part one of the:

X Diaries - (Planes, Ships, Ferries and Buses!) [Two Parts]:
Mexico (part one)
Cayman Islands (part two)

Who are Akbar Shah's Tools & Pawns? Kar Gozaran of course!

At least Akbar Shah & Kar Gozaran understand something about economy!

Why do you think they call him:

Sardar-e Sazandegi or Commander of Construction? Because he has built his belly since 1979? Well, that too, but basically he has built his bank account in Cayman Islands!

Fundamentalists are a gang of illiterate uneducated baboons who know nothing about politics or economy & they follow Imam Memeyi! Sorry, our Supreme Religious Leader Seyed Khamenei!

But Kar Gozaran & their King Pin Akbar Shah know industry, business, Real Estate, Development & Stock Market. Even though they are corrupt & a Gang Faction of IRI but hey aren't they better than Fundies?

At least they are educated thugs & not brain dead thugs like Fundies! And they are not just giving empty promises like that Actor Khatami & his Gang of Reforms!

Now you see? Moderates are much better than the other two factions. What can I say, I am keen on Rafsanjani simply because he is the only thief, Oops I mean the only person in Iranian Government who knows anything about Economy! More power to Akbar Shah & Kar Gozaran, I wish them to win the main election too! If some Mullah has to rule Iran, I rather Rafsanajani rules Iran or some pawn of him in Kar Gozaran to rule Iran than some idiot Reformist or Fundamentalist!

So as the election comes to an end as the primary, we can observe that the even the majority does not vote in Iran & they are on to this joke of the elections, yet the minority who votes, they even see the light & they know that Reformists & Fundamentalists are both jokes!

Hail to Akbar Shah & Kar Gozaran

Back to the power after his last term as the president, then Head of Council!

Viva Akbar Shah, my main man, The commander of Construction, The commander of Development, The man with the Big Belly & Big Bank Accounts in Caymans & Swiss, The Numero Uno Rich boy in Iran, The Major Gang Banger of Iran, the major Brain amongst the Mullahs.

Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome back to power:

Akbar Shah has won the Elections again!

Long Live Akbar Shah

Any Reformist or Fundamentalist who cannot see our Glorious Akbar Shah's Victory & are Bad Eyeing our beloved Shah, may you become blind & wear an eye patch.

Cheshetun be surakhe matahte Akbar Shah & Kar Gozaran!

Persian Idiom:

Cheshmetun be surakh-e Kunesh"
"Your eye to his rectum!"
(So you cant bad eye him!)

Islamic Republic, I want to thank youall for the great show time in Jamaran! I enjoyed the show, I mean the election & I also enjoyed the results!

Until the next major Jamaran Show, please accept my critics on the Islamic Show on Islamic Broadway (Jamaran)!

........Extra Extra Puppet Elections in Iran, Extra Extra............

President Actor Matami Lost the elections primaries
Imam Memeyi the Fag Old Boy, lost the elections primaries
Akbar Shah won the election primaries

Extra Extra, get your IPC copy, Extra Extra read all about the Jamaran's New Theatre Act:

"Islamic Election Play in Iran!"

Extra Extra................

Praise Allah
Praise Akbar Shah

Ya Allah


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Iranian Elections (A word in Persian with Persians)!

Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Feb 22, 2005 1:04 pm

Iranian Elections (A word in Persian with Persians)!

Entekhabate Eslami!

"Arab Parasti Eftekhar Nist!"

Oldies but Goodies
Old IPC Files


Dust darid nokariye Arab ra konid? Nokari khube? Adat kardid Nokar
bashid? 8000 Sal Arbab budid, hala shodid Nokare Arab va Arab
Parastan, khube? Na tanha be Nokari adat kardid, hata dust darid
entekhabate sakhtegi va bazi bazi ham bekonid! Shoma Nokari ra Maktub
kardid va alanan halqeye nokariye Mola va Arab ra be gardan
andakhtid, shoma nokare khane zad shodid! Yavash yavash amr be
khodetun ham moshtabah shode ke vaqean darid tu entekhabat ray midin!

Pas farda ham behetun migan ke Iran Democracy hast o Imam ham
Abaraham Lincoln hast! Shoma aslan Iraniyate khodetun ro az dast dadid
va yavash yavash bandeye Arab shodin. Shoma moshti qatele Arab mesle
Ali, Hussein, Hassan, Mohamad ro miparastin ke babaye Ajdadetuno dar
avordan va sadha hezar nafar aba ajdadetuno koshtan, badesh ham
madaranetuno tajavoz kardan va yek mosht haramzadeh pas endakhtan be
name Seyed!

Shoma be Dayusiye Arab va Khosh Khedmatiye Arab adat kardin, shoma
liyaqate hamin Amameh be sar ha ra darin.

Shoma Irani hastin ya Arab Parast?
Shoma Beyzeye Ali ro masazh midin ya farzande Kurosh hastin?
Khak tu sare melati ke hoveayte khod ra az dast dadeh va nokare Arab

Kaseye Az Ash daq tar shode, Az Arabha Mosalman tar shodeh, Un melat
ra bayad kosht, un melat khod be khod tahlil mire va tabdil mishe be
yek melate Arabi mesle Mesr va Tunes!

Shoma Irani hastin ya Khaye Male Arab? Khaye Male Mohamade Dozd?
Shoma aslan qeyrate Irani darin?
Shoma aslan midunin Parsi yani chi?
Age Ali alayi hastin khob berin dastbuse Arab dar Make va Sheikhe

Shoma Qane' shodin be nokari, qane' shodin ba Aqa Bala Sar dashtan va
Vali dashatn.

Be shomaha 1400 sal hast doruq goftan, sho ma ra gul zadan, shoma ra
ba Ali Bazi va Hussein Bazi Chiz gir avordan va az shoma savari

Shoma ensanid ya bardeye Arab va Sage dame dare Arab?

Arab Parasti, eftekhar nist, Seyed Budan eftekhar nist, Rokud o sojud
be moshti Nime Arab kardan eftekhar nist, Faheshegiye Arab ra dar
Tehran kardan eftekhar nist, Dastbusiye Mola ra kardan eftekhar nist,
Valiye Faqih dashtan eftekhar nist, moshti dayus-e Nime Arab ra
dastmal zadan eftekhar nist, dola va rast shodan 3 bar dar ruz be
dokane Arab eftekhar nist, bardegiye Mohamad Dozde bache baze Arab
eftekhar nist.

Irani budan eftekhar ast, Parsi budan eftekhar ast, Ariyai budan
eftekhar ast, Azade Budan eftekhar ast.

Nokariye Arab eftekhar nist, koskeshi beh az Nokariye Arab ast va in
regime moshti Arab va nime Arab and.

Ta dar in peykare khaki jan ast
Ka'be vo Qebleye ma Iran ast!

Fee Khatemeh!

Ma dar entekhabate sakhtegiye in regime pushali sherkat nemikonim
Ma tamame qodrate khod ra sarfe sarneguniye in regime pushali mikonim

payane Jomhuriye Eslami nazdik ast.

In bastegi be ma darad, ta nazare shoma che bashad?

Entekhabati ke dar an hezbi be joz Hezbollah vojud nadarad, bayad be
an Entekhabat Shashid, bayad be an regime shashid, bayad be an
rahbariyad shashid, bayad be an aqideye siyasi ke khod ra be onvane
mazhab ja zade shashid va bayad be mardomi ke hoveyate Iraniye khod
ra az dast dadeand va nokare Arab shodeand, kheyli bebakhshid Rid!

Zebde Bad Iran

Yek Asheqe Iran,

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