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Now & Then!

Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Feb 22, 2005 2:08 pm

From the Desk of Dr. X

Oldies but Goodies
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Now & Then!

One More Time for All To Think about,

Now & Then

Iran was the second powerful economical nation in Asia, only second to Japan. Iran was becoming a blooming economical nation, another Japan in Asia or another Germany in Europe. During Shah's time & Imperial Iran the foundations & bases where established for Iran to move toward the "Great Civilization" (Tamadone Bozorg). Industry was progressing & improving, even though lots of "Montage" Factories were the norm, yet that was the stepping stone for the future. After IRI take over, Petro chemistry, Nuclear plans in south, Tehran's Metro, Bio Chem plans, etc. died, & just recently some of Shah's programs are being half way started again.

One Dollar was 7 Tooman, I remember people were nagging, that why such a powerful great nation like us should have a lower money value, one dollar should be one Tooman! They were criticizing the Shah for that. Now One dollar is, what is today's rate? 800, 900, 1000, Tooman or what? And of course Forget about Rial!

The country was stable, this caused economic, social, stability which in return caused huge foreign investment to move the economy, & businesses were secure to progress. Now foreign companies are very unsecure to even consider Iran as an investment area, even domestic companies are doubtful, there is no stability, hell, there is not even a guarantee that what will happen next week.

Iran was the most secure nation in Near East, Asia, & it was the police of neighborhood. The whole region was secure because of mighty Persian military, remember Yemmen's episode, remember Oman's, remember when Hassan ol Bakr or Saddam talked too much, few of our fighters landed in Baghdad, & we gave them a notice that just like that we will take over Iraq in one week. Now well you know, the whole region is in shambles, Saddam started a 8 year war, & because Mullahs killed, exiled, or force retired any military officer above the rank of lieutenant, we did not even have pilots to fly our planes or Generals to plan the strategy of war, they started their own army of Pasdars & Basiji, & you know what happened, a stale mate with Iraq & millions died. Iran's military, is just beginning to be a fraction of it's old glory. Some of the Generals today, are Ex-Tea Boys (Abdar Bashi) of ministries, I even know one, who used to be an Auto Mechanic!

Iran was a powerful reliable effective pawn in world politics, police of neighborhood, second powerful military in Asia after China, Now Iran is an important pawn in supporting world wide terrorism, an isolated nation, the only large theocratic dictatorship country ran by clerics like 14th century AD.

Internal safety:
Peace & harmony, safety & security, capital & heavy punishment for criminals, strong police force was the motto, now they cut your throat with the knife in your own house in Jordan, Shemiran, or Tehran as a norm! not that we have gangs & bands of domestic criminals, yet we also have foreign gangs such as Afghan criminals too! The worst criminals, drug dealers, & thieves run the government themselves!

During Imperial Iran, basically, Iranians had all kinds of freedom except political freedom. Clergy was free to say or do whatever, specially in mosques, Clergy could openly critic the Imperial Regime & the worst that could happen to them was exile like Khomeini, individual freedom was on going, semi press freedom, very little political freedom, yet that was the price for stability in that era. Now You cannot say or do anything against the only political party in the country or you will be, you know what! There is no human right or individual freedom whatsoever. The basic Individual freedoms of dress code, speech, press, assembly, expression, thought, even choice of music has been taken away from Iranians!

Were normal human beings in Iran, side by side to the men in labor force, they were almost an equal & going toward the direction to become totally equal. Reza Shah The Great spent a life time to fight for women's rights, De-Chadorisation, Women's Education & equal opportunities for women. Now women's rights does not exist in Islamic Iran. Women are second rate citizens in all aspects of life including inheritance, job market, sports, testify in courts of law, human rights, etc. Polygamy, Forced Hejab, Job Discrimination, & Alienation of women is a norm in Iran. They are reduced to measly properties of men! We went backward in history! We have regressed!

Iran was respected in the world as a progressive powerful civilized nation, now Iran is condemned as a terrorist welfare & headquarter of the world.

Human Rights:
In 1979, Imperial Iran had 3000 political prisoners who were in the prisons for crimes of Terrorism to overthrow the regime. United Nation (UN), European Nations, American Liberal Media, European Socialist Media, American Democrats, CIA, British Intelligence, & Mr. Jimmy Carter made a huge fuss about it, globally & started the human rights campaign against the Imperial Iran & against Alahazrat himself. This eventually led to not backing the Shah & Imperial Regime & leading Iran toward the Islamic Disaster!

Today, there is 30,000 political prisoners in Iran for crimes as low as carrying a political or philosophical book or to owning one! In the 80's only, there were over 30,000 political prisoners mass executed in jails of the Islamic Regime without even a show trial! Torture, rape, & murder is a normal pattern of life in Islamic Jails of the regime today! Today United Nation (UN), European Union (EU), American Liberal Media, European Socialist Media, American Liberal Democrats combinely have shutten the hell up about the human rights issue in Iran! No one is talking about human rights violations in Iran! Furthermore, United Nation just took Islamic Republic of Iran off of the "Top Violators of Human Rights List" in the Globe! So according to United Nation, IRI is going toward Democracy & Freedom & Iran is no more a top violator of human rights & a miserable Theocratic Dictatorship! One can wonder & cannot help not to ask the UN about:

"What are 30,000 political prisoners of Iran doing in prisons of regime?"
"Why are thousands of political prisoners of Iran rotting in Evin, Vanak & other Torture Houses of the regime?"

Is there any wonder that UN is controlled by EU, & EU in turns is being controlled by Germany, France, Italy & of course United Kingdom (UK), & of course these four nations are the top trading partners with Islamic Republic of Iran? In a million years, these European Whores would not leave their billion dollars economical profits, dealing with IRI, & care about 30,000 political prisoners of Iran! This is why, according to UN, Iran becomes a Democracy heaven, EU profits billions of dollars dealing with IRI, the best of Iran's Fruits, Vegetables, Caviar, Pistachio, other Food Products, Oil, Gas, mining products, Persian carpets, hand made products, other natural resources end up in European Capitals & our fellow sisters & brothers of opposition rot in jails of the regime!

Lets say that the three U's: UN, US, & UK, on 1979, have sold the security & prosperity of Iran, region, & Near East for the Cheap Oil! And then we got the EU whores, who even sell their mothers for a buck, now forget the Iranian Political prisoners! And that is why every Mullah has a British made T-Shirt under his Aba Cape!

Iranians, often do not revolt when they are hungry, yet they revolt when they are well fed.
One could have one job & live well, thanks to economy in the past, yet now you have to work 2 or 3 jobs & still cannot make ends meet. Stress, depression, neural & mental problems in Iran are the norm, psychiatrists are getting rich & booked! Instead of Afternoon naps & enjoyment of life during Shah, now Iranians are in an economical hole. Government of each country is a representation of the masses of that country. They say people deserve their own government & a government is the reflection of the people, I guess Iranians got what they wanted & what they deserved!

Have in mind that I do not preach for the Imperial Family, I was & am a good critic of Shah myself, yet I am also a Realist, & a Fair Judge of History.

"If Shah put a dollar in his pocket, he spent ten dollars for the nation, yet if a mullah puts ten dollars in his pocket, he is still doubtful to spend, even a dollar for the nation."

This makes one wonder that if we as a people unit, are ready for democracy? Not that we did not achieve nothing by overthrow of Shah, yet we lost a lot, during this episode, we lost so many lives, freedom, economical power, wealth, social factors, security & safety, & specifically our prestige in the world.

I criticize Shah & I do not even believe that Reza Pahlavi has passed his test as an opposition leader yet! After he quit his claims as the future Monarch & Monarchy & then took stands on "Non Violence", the success of his ways seems vague; However, I wish him the best & I support him in his ways & his success, the same way that we support "All The Opposition". Now, I do believe Reza Shah the Great was the father of Nation, & whatever Iran has got is because of his reforms, he took a stand to progress Iran, & he did not let clerics, feudals, bazaaries, & Small Bourgeoisie or anyone else to be a block on his way. Now that the clergy is back in power you be the judge of what has happened in your country, & please be fair.

What Iran needs is not, so called Intellectuals who nag people to death by their criticism of what happened 23 years ago while they brought the "present of 1979" for the Iranian nation themselves! What Iran needs is people with Balls of Steel, this is what Iran is lacking! Even among Pahlavis, it seems like there is a
DE-Evolution of Balls:

Reza Khan: Balls of Steel
Mohamad Reza Shah: Balls of Iron (@ first) & Balls of Copper (later years due to lack of determination & Cancer)
Reza Junior: Cotton Balls

Words like "Non Violence" tactics to achieve the Democracy in Iran as a Strategy, sounds unfamiliar to me! I do not believe that The way to achieve Democracy in Iran & to fight the Blood Thirsty Beast of the Islamic Regime is only by conducting interviews, partitions, & non violence!

I am a firm believer of 100% Massive Radical Full Violence by any means possible & in any way needed, to achieve the Over Throw of the Islamic Regime of Qom. I greatly believe in Extreme Violence as needed to battle an inhuman regime like IRI. I commit violence, I order violence, I preach violence, I make sure my comrades commit violence, & I sing violent songs to the whole opposition of Iran. I am proud of my violent ways & our movement's violent ways.

"One does not battle the beast with feathers instead of a sword!"

Problem has roots deeper than the ocean in Iran. We have to look for the roots. Thats why we act the way we are, why are we all, little dictators in nature, why there is no unity among us? Why are we so envious of one another, why we always need a father figure, a dictator, a valeeye fagheeh to tell us what to do, some of these fathers, are nationalistic or semi nationalistic & give some in return, yet others are taking us for everything that we got. Why, why & why?

We need to educate ourselves, & by that I just don't mean, going to school, I mean social education.


"Before we even consider a "Social Revolution", we need a "Massive Social Education". First, we are in desperate need of a "Moral Revolution", starting from the personal level as the "Personal Rehabilitation", which ends up to a "Social Reformation", so we can finally establish a "Mass Salvation" to achieve our "National Recognition" and "Persian Identification". Until then, our "National Identification" is lost in Arabo-Muslim or Foreign Worship and "Mass Infiltration."

"The primary step for a Social Revolution is the achievement of a Moral Revolution, through a personal and Social Education."

"Many are schooled, yet only a Few are educated!"

"It is an absolute necessity for the creation of a United Opposition."

"No Compromise
No Negotiations
No Deals
No Reforms
Absolute Over Throw of Islamic Republic of Iran, by All Means Possible."

In 21sth century, Times have changed, Clocks have turned, World went forward & Iran went backward.............

But then again,

That was Then, & This is Now!

A Lover of Iran,

Dr. X
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Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Jun 10, 2005 9:02 am

Then & Now!

Before 1979, they had to pay me to migrate to America! They practically wanted to force me to go to America but I used to tell them: What the hell for?! Iran is much better than America, I want to stay in my own country!

Today, they must pay me to go even for a visit to Iran, & I still will reject. I will pay them something, not to go! Who the hell wants to go live in Islamic Republic of Iran?! I mean people are jumping over each other shoulders to get the hell out of that Shiite Hole!

A word with Pious Iranian Muslim

Pardone moi ladies, but I cannot help myself!

Ya Gav O Guspand:
Dar Qorbat va dar Iran,

Che Budim O Che Shodim!
Khak bar sare har chi Olaq-e Eslami dar diruz va emruz!
Shoma agar liyaqat dashtid, ke taklife Iran in nabud!
Shoma Eslam mikhastid, khob hala KIR (Khomeini's Islamic Republic) dorost kardid,
Hala ta jayi ke ja dare, KIR meyl befarmayid! KIR bokhorid, khoshmazast! Na?
Ta'arof nakonidha?! Ta dasteh bokhorid!
KIR nushe jan befarmayid!
Male har do Emam ro meyl befarmayid!
Agar kame, male Aqaye Rafsanjani ro ham tanaqol befarmayid!
Ma dar Iran, be hich vajh, kambud-e KIR nadarim!
Chizi ke faravan-e KIR hast!
Be qol-e Khomeini (ba lahjeye Dahati):
"Hama ba ham, Hamagi ba ham KIR meyl befarmayid"!
Do lopi meyl befarmayid!
Nushe jan, govaraye vojud!
Ya Allah!

The amazing reversal of Fortune indeed!

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