Analysis: How could Iran vote be like?

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Analysis: How could Iran vote be like?

Postby alimostofi » Fri Apr 29, 2005 3:24 pm

Analysis: How could Iran vote be like?
Iranians will go to the polls in June -- for the ninth time since the establishment of the Islamic Republic 26 years ago -- amidst widespread speculation that, due to voter apathy and disenchantment, the right wing may win the presidency by default. This would be a repeat of their success in general elections last year and local elections one year earlier.

But what this article does not state, is the fact that the apathy of the silent majority, will send very loud and clear signals to the world. At that point, the world, especially the UN, will point to the illegitimacy of the theocrats. Once the silient majority realise their latent power and superiority, the non-violent National Strikes will spread and paralyse the theocratic machinery. Once paralysed and weakened, the strikes will bring the industry to a halt. At that point the feable theocrats will be surrounded.

It is paramount to win the peace, and as such there should not be any excuse for martyrdom in the name of dogma. The dogma needs death to substantiate itself, and as such the Life Loving Spirit of Iranians will not succumb to that. Winning the peace means containment of the killing virus's so called heroic opiate of its masses. Once the theocrats are surrounded and contained without death, then they will not have a comback for the rest of the history of Iran.
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