Iran has no National Health or State Pension but lots of Oil

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Iran has no National Health or State Pension but lots of Oil

Postby alimostofi » Mon May 02, 2005 1:31 am

It is so pathetic that Iran has so much money from oil and yet there is no government service like National Health or State Pension. If you are disabled, old, or just out of school, there is no money for you. Government employees need handouts. This is seriously deplorable, in a country that is sitting on the largest mineral resources of the world.

So the question to ask is why do the theocrats not worry about the impending economic crisis and demise they are about to fall in. It is because they truly believe in the islamic dogma that has besieged their minds. The only thing they have done is to spend all the money on defense of Islam in such capital intensive programs as Nuclear Industry. Just look at Isfahan, or the village of Natanz; do they get a drop of money for their social benefit, even though there are billions being spent on the nuclear defense of Iran.

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