Sharp contrasts from Iran.

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Postby Ahreeman X » Thu May 12, 2005 6:57 am

Camran Mirza:

Welcome back from Iran! It is always great to hear your feedbacks from the situation inside Iran. Many of our Exiled Opposition members are living in LaLa Land & the world that they created for themselves in Exile! In this world, every other month, they drag Millions of people in the streets & in cities of Iran, clashes happen & they almost bring the Islamic Republic to her knees but not quitley!

The same nonsense goes on & on, month & month after, year after year! Old people & naive youth, seeking for hope, sit down in front of these TVs, Radios, Rag Papers, Ragazines & Sites & anxiously watch them & either believe the nonsense or convince themselves that these nonsense stories are true! Many know that thse are all Bull Shiite but they lie to themselves, just to have hope!

In this Bull Shiite Bazaar & Fantasy World of Exiled Opposition, created by their cheesy Media & Up_Position Feeders & Leaders, it surely nice to hear a voice of truth & reality once a while!

I get my news directly from Iran because I am on Net Meeting, Video Conferencing & IM with Iran, every month. I am in touch with Tabriz all the way to Zahedan & from Mashhad all the way to Ahwaz, so all this garbage being preached in Exiled Media is the laughing stock for peple who live inside Iran & for myself.

The funny thing is that everything that you mentioned in your report, has been verified by a couple of friends & family who just got back from Iran! They say the same things that you say! Right now, there is another dear friend traveling in Iran & I talked to her last week & she basically mentioned same things that you mentioned! But of course your analysis are unique to your own.

Camran, how do you conclude & put a closure to all your analysis and what conclusion do you get from everything that you witnessed in Iran? I am curious to hear your general conclusion on the present situation & hopes of the opposition? Also how do you find the general public's temprements or attempts to rise up or even do some civil disobidients? Tell me your input on elections? What percentage will participate? What will happen? What is the everyday average mood & talk of the Iranians in the street? Tell me more about economy, events, daily lives, women/men relations, level of the strictness of hijab & what is fun in Iran these days? Did you go to North & Pahlavi? Qaziyan? Did you eat Ozonburon, Mirza Qasemi & Caviar?

Personally I do not give a single dime of validity for anything that Iranian Media preaches in Exile. Almost All of these Media Owners, TV/Radio Managers, Web Publishers and so called Journalists are con artists & charlatans feeding garbage to the folks. No one believes them but the gollible Hopeless Old Folks & Young Neo Activists seeking for a shred of Hope!

That is the reason why the average Iranian inside does not know any of these Up_Position Characters in Exile & even if they know them, they do not trust them. Bunch of con artists on TV screens, Radios & writting crap on Ragazines, Rag Papers & Websites! Thats why As Soon As Possible we must publish the New IPC Website to provide a tribune for the Intellectuals of this nation to read & write for, & for a change, to have a Stand for The Truth!

Seems like Akbar Shah will once again become the President & the Absolute Shah & Owner of Iran! What say you? How many terms can a president get elected? Maybe in his case they extend it, no?! I guess he got fed up with errecting Khatami, Ebadi & other Reformists & he decided to directly run things in his own Private Corporation named Iran! Well look @ the bright side, @ least he got an economical brain in his skull in comparison with Imam & conservatives!

Its always a pleasure to hear your views. Hell, that's why you are the political consultant of this joint!

Someone fed up & overloaded with the amount of
Bull Shiite coming out of Iranian Media in Exile!

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Postby Ahreeman X » Wed May 18, 2005 5:49 am

Re: Sharp contrasts from Iran.

Camran Mirza:

A jan, che bukudi? ti hal khube? Musaferat khosh bibe? Tafrihat kudanderi, khurak-e salem aqziye bukudi, Reshte Khoshka, Kuluche Lahijan, Torshi Tareh, Mahi Dudi, Khodka, Zeytun Parvardeh, Badkube Chekhertmeh, Baqala Qatoq, va Moqe Torsh? Havaye salem tanafos bukudi, ti ruh shad bushudeh. Me ze khudavand, shadiye ti re khastaram. Ti jane qorban bushum.

Camran Mirza,

Heres a Gilaki Idiom for you:

Baqala Qatoq, bi morqane,
Hafta olaq, ti mehmane!

......and I don't have to translate, cause you are the Master in Gilaki!

I have observed a few points from your post in which I am going to share with you:

I. I believe, the fact is that you are between 1/2 to 1/4 Gilak & all these years you have been Shiiting me about your roots! Anyone who can speak such perfect Gilaki Dialect, must be part Gilak. If we dissect your roots, we will find Gilak somewhere. Allow me to give you an example & dissect myself:

X Dissect:

I am from Tehran; however:

Father (Pahlavichi) => Father's Father => Russian + Georgian
..................................Father's Mother => Gilak (Pahlavichi) + Gilak (Jafrudi)

Mother (Tehran) => Mother's Father => Kermanshah/Kurd (Qajar) + Qazvin/Turk (Qajar)
...............................Mother's Mother => German + Kerman (Zand)

So I bet if we dissect your roots, there will be a Gilak there!

II. I notice that @ certain points of your dialogue you speak "Shish be bala"; furthermore, you speak "above Ph. D level"! You are assuming that everyone here has a Ph.D in political science + Ph.D in Sociology + read philosophical literatures of Salman Rushdie!

If I have to read some of your statements 2 times to comprehend, then figure how some other folks must concentrate on your statements to grasp them! Haji, would you "a little short bia"? Lotfan ye kam "Shish be payin sohbat konid"? I know its hard for you but try to preach @ least College Level! You better start talking in a manner that The Average Joe comprehends or I will exile you in atmospheres in which you despise, such as Forums built for illiterate High School & College Drop Out, Hip Hop Persian kids in west such as DC Persian, Bia2, Deci Persian, Rating Hispanics, Iranian Personals, Certain Yahoo Groups like Golden Boys & Girls, & other Bang & Bologna Bull Shiite Iranian Forums made for Mentaly Challanged! I am warning you!

I am aware that how you suffer arguing with 3 types:

a) Illiterate Iranian Hip Hop Kids who speak Persian with English accent & write like this:
WhAt iT be dude? Deci GanJa mAn, cHill oUt dude! RoCk on guy! What it'll be............

b) Illiterate Muslim, half breeds, defending Theocracy & Allahic Laws, communicating in Arabic Rooted Persian!

c) Illiterate profane mindless bozos barfing rhetrorics & threats

So, do not make me Exile you to some Cheesy Iranian forum for a month & make you suffer by reading all the above groups!

Suffer Camran, suffer.................... Sometimes, I love making you suffer, by condemning you in the company of idiots! Its the Sadist in me!

III. Very interesting analysis; however, everytime you travel to Iran, Reality hits your upside the head & once you get back, you sound pessimistic to many, yet Realistic to moi!

I only wished if I could have send a group of these out of touch Exiled Iranians who never been to Iran, to Iran, so they would have understood that the crap they are talking is Miles away from Realities of Iran!


Someone too old to Rock & Roll,
and too young to Die!

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