Fouladvand's Arrogance ends in Terrorism!

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Postby CR » Sun Oct 15, 2006 11:04 am

[quote]‘Kooni was a monarchist at heart when he joined IPC until, from his point of view, he realized it was a mistake to be a monarchist.â€
A day you haven't learned a new, is a day lost!
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Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Oct 25, 2006 5:15 pm

On Fouladvand


Allow me to respond to you under the proper topic (here).

“Anyhow...Mr Fooladvand has announced he will be entering Iranian soil within the next few months (before the Iranian New Year).”

Here we go again! I try to forget about Fathollah Manuchehri-ye Koskhol, but there you go again & bring him up! Therefore, I just have to bash him over again, which happens to be as one of my favorite recreations!

Let me ask you something:

Do you know why I have API logo, name and links under 3 pages of main Iranian Political Organizations but I have Hakha Movement of Ahura Yazidi under the fourth page of links only?

Iran Political Organizations

Because Ahura Yazidi is such a sensationalist (wanna be showman) tabloid operator that it is simply so hard for me to allow myself to let IPC include him & his Dokan into the first 3 pages of Iranian valid Opposition Organizations! Who can forget that cockamamie episode about “We will land planes in Tehran and Mullahs will not be there”?

Fouladvand, on other hand, did not used to be a sensationalist TV Anchorman; however, lately he had that “Sivand Dam” episode:

Sivand Dam Destroyed

and now, he is travelling to Iran episode!

Tell me, are the ratings so low that now he had to reduce himself to tabloid style of sensationalism?

Obviously same as myself, he cannot legally travel to Iran, so what will he do? Sneak to Iran from Persian Gulf with Balam, or from Pakistan Border, under the belly of a sheep or Khaye of a Donkey?!

Then he will take some pictures in Iran to prove that he was there, before he sneaks back out? Then he will show the photos in his idiotic TV Show? Or will he just go to Turkey and take some photos and pretends that the photos are from Iran?

I am so fed up with these cheesy sensationalist Iranian TV Talk Show Hosts like Yazdi and Fouladvand and other Dayous!

Tell Fouladvand, do not destroy that very little respect which I have for him, by these new sensationalist tabloid propaganda style episodes for ratings, will ya?

“They've got something planned.”

Yes indeed! To eat Dona Kabob in Turkey with other Kos Mashang, then take photos, bring them back to London and display them in his stupid TV as the proof for “Operation Zepeleshk” (Neo Operation)!

“He's a good man”

No one said he is a bad man! That is not the issue here! What have I told you? I have said:

Fouladvand is an arrogant man. Why?
Because of his actions. For instance, I got IPC to send him informative articles and then he comes out and responds to me with that pathetic e-mail which he sent me! What kind of idiot would reply like that?

I bet with you, back then, he did not know who am I and what is IPC! He thought we were just another bull shiite Iranian political website! If he knew who we were, then he would have not responded in that way! His response caused his doom! Since then, he gave me a reason to openly mock and trash him as a silly humor subject! Go to any search engine and punch his name and you will get my beautiful writings about him on top of the page! So basically Fouladvand fragged himself due to his own stupidity. This brings me to my second point:

Fouladvand is a stupid man. Why?
A logical person, thinks first and only then, he opens his mouth and speaks! A logical man, after receiving an e-mail from someone, will go & research about the sender, before he replies to the e-mail, same as a simple fool or a 9th grader! But then again Fouladvand is not a logical man, is he? Fouladvand, the same as majority of Monarchists, thinks with his heart rather than his mind! He is emotional rather than logical. He can easily be flamed or influenced by his emotions. In other words, his simple brain, caused him to years ago, do an action which until this day haunts him! He created a nightmare for himself, called Ahreeman to bash, mock and haunt him for rest of his political life! Now is that an intelligent man’s action or a stupid fool’s action?

Fouladvand is a Fake. Why?
Because he has no scholarly or research background; yet he is a good copycat! Basically, everything he shows on his TV is copy/pasted from Iranian Anti Islam Websites’ clips, old issues of Payame Ma Azadegan (Dr. Aryamanesh’s Magazine), Real Islamic Scholars such as Dr. Ali Sina and others, and indeed my own historical articles, books and IPC photos and material. Fouladvand is only a copycat. His scholarly background is zilch. He is indeed Bi-Savad and intellectually illiterate! He can’t even write a paragraph without English spelling/grammar errors! What I want to know is where did he get his Doctorate? Of course these days, any Iranian Kachal carries an adjective of Dr. @ the beginning of his name! These days they sell Doctorates online!

Fouladvand is a LoudMouth. Why?
Why on Earth would someone like Fouladvand reply in that manner to someone like me? Let us analyze:

Fouladvand has 1/5th of my education.
Fouladvand has done 1/10th of what I have done politically.
Fouladvand has 1/30th of my studies.
Fouladvand has 1/100th of my historical research.
Fouladvand is not even Aristocracy to respond to me in such ridiculing tone! For Gods sake, I am both a Prince of Qajar and Zand; both are 2 of the 40 Dynasties (Chehel Famil) which ruled Iran. Fouladvand does not even know who his Daddy is! Then why on Earth, this man is so arrogant to reply to IPC’s official e-mail in such manner? Because this is not arrogance, but this is the Loud mouth of a foolish person, yelling!

The only thing Fouladvand is good for, is to talk & not to allow anyone else to talk (Typical Monarchist), and indeed he can do that. Afterall, his job in Iran was a Dublor (Voice Doubler) for Italian Comedians such as Chicho!

So as you see, an ignorant man who was a nobody in Iran and is a nobody now, commits a large political mistake by mocking Ahreeman years ago! This mistake, causes the never forgiving, never forgetting Ahreeman to until this day Finger Fouladvand and portray his true nature, which is a comic relief and a humor piece to the globe!

Moral of the story:

Do not Frag with Ahreeman, thus you will whither become Ahreeman’s bitch or be Fingered by Ahreeman for rest of your life!

I am a vengeful son of a bitch, aren’t I?!

“ and I don't see why it's necessary to make a mockery out of him.”

You don’t?!
Are you blind?!
Show me a more qualified person in Iranian politics to make fun of?!
I mean he is so gullible and vulnerable to be mocked!
He is the Joseph Goebbels of Iran!

“Yes he is no military man...”

Then he needs to stop all paramilitary operations urging his sympathizers wanna be Commandos to do partisan moves! He must seize all his missions inside or outside Iran, before he causes the injury and death of more stupid young Soosool Monarchist teens who play with pipe bombs (like he done before)!

If Mr. Gooz aka Fathollah Kos Mashang wants to play soldiers, then maybe he needs to talk to Imperial Generals, Officers, IIRF or myself!

“no politician...”

Obviously not! Everytime he talks, he sticks his foot in his mouth!

“(he has vast knowledge on Islam though!) “

Bull Shiite! He is only a copycat! I already addressed this issue above.

Fouladvand seems like he has vast knowledge of Islam, but for who? A bunch of young Exile-born Bache Soosool Monarchists who hate Mullahs and rally around the first Bozo who speaks ill of Islam on TV! For these Bache Soosool, Fouladvand is a Hero!

Look @ young Iranian Nazis, Fascists and Ultra Nationalists or Emotional Monarchists who call Fouladvand “Ostad aka Master”! For them, whom before Fouladvand, had no clue about Iranian history or Islamic history, Fouladvand is Fuhrer and someone whom they can identify with; however, real Islamic Scholars or Historians see through this guy! You cannot hide ignorance, illiteracy, arrogance and foolishness from elder veterans!

Fouladvand is a Rating Dweller for his TV Show, the only place where he can make a name for himself and show everyone that he exists! Fouladvand is a Fake.

Do you want to know a real Islamic Scholar?
Lori Forouzandeh bull shiites around IPC, but in reality, she has a vast study of Islam on her belt.
Ali Sina is practically history of Islam alive!
Salman Rushdie has a vast historical knowledge of Quran and Hadith.

“but he knows what his patriotic duty is”

To promote himself indeed!
Ego, Ego and more Ego ………………

“ and is doing it to the best of his ability;”

Doing what? Playing Arshimalalan with his Shambool?!

“ that's the way I see it.”

That is why I have been telling you that you are in desperate need of eye glasses, but you never listen to me! You are a hot head who does not want to wear glasses due to cosmetic reasons!

Listen Good Fellow Viking:

I do support Fouladvand and his Dokan full of young emotional kids (API)!
You can see that I support Fouladvand, because you can see that we advertise for them in many ways and we promote them in many ways such as web, flyers in universities and word of mouth.

I support Fouladvand the same way that I support Maryam Rajavi or Reza Pahlavi or rest of Iranian Opposition. But this does not mean that I will stop revealing my personal opinion on them or stop mocking them as persons!

Just because I work with Muslim or Monarchists, this doesn’t mean that I should seize criticizing them or their characters!

It is very hard to earn Ahreeman’s respect!

My respect is earn-able, purely on person to person basis.
Reza Khan has earned my respect not because he was a Shah! I do not give a flying fandango about Shahs! He earned my respect because of his actions! Reza Khan was a Big man, a giant, a great man. So was Aryamanesh and so was Hoveyda.

When I sat next to men like Hoveyda or Farokhzad, I have noticed and felt a certain glow and warmth from them! I have seen them shine.

Now, you know Fouladvand, for only a few years, since after he started his silly TV show!

I know Fouladvand for decades, before he was even Fouladvand! I know him since he was Fathollah Manuchehri! I knew of him in Iran and I certainly knew him in 80s when his Out There Bull Shiite and illogical ideas and Gigantic Ego was famous! I knew him then and I know him now! Fouladvand is nothing but a Loudmouth, illiterate, uneducated, arrogant, fool! A wanna be soldier, leader and scholar! He is so fake, but it takes wisdom to see through him. Young piss ant soosool Monarchist children do not have this wisdom! This wisdom comes with age!

Men like Bakhtiar are one in a million.
Men like Fouladvand are dime a dozen.

Who knows, maybe we should this time, throw The Trial of Fouladvand, but this time you be the Defense Council and Amir be the DA! Then we decide if this Bozo is a scholar or a fake!

So, you made me to once again expose Fouladvand for what he is. Now, by all means start your defense and glorify this man. Afterall IPC is a Fair and Balance Media, open to “All” to speak their mind! Unlike certain cheesy Monarchist Forums, we do not delete posts and silence voices of reason!

By all means, let us hear your point of view?
And anyone else who wants to defend Fouladvand?
And anyone else who has an opinion on Fouladvand?

Watcher in the woods
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Postby Liberator » Thu Oct 26, 2006 1:36 pm

Haj-X Khaan,

This whole thread (read title) is wrong to begin with.

You have no evidence to charge Mr Fooladvand for being responsible of terrorism! or even the death of his own supporters! If doing whatever is in your power to oppose and bring down the Islamic Republic is now classified as "terrorism" then we are on completely different pages. How can you be a terrorist for bringing down a terrorist regime!?

All the operations that Anjomane Padeshahi Iran have undertaken have been successful. You remember all the protest-actions that they undertook in Belgium, Netherlands, France? They didn't get the media attention they deserved but it was enough to get their point across to a segment of society.

As for the Sivand ordeal that too was a success in itself. The report that I had posted was a preliminary report that i had come across on the net and not an official one - hence the misunderstanding of "destroyed". Yes it was damaged and i'd rather have it damaged than ready for operation leading to the flooding of thousands of years old cultural-heritage sites going to shiite! If Imperial Generals had offered their expertise then maybe it would have been destroyed! Maybe if Iranian patriots unite the Islamic Republic would be exterminated! For now API has to work with what its got.

All these "episodes", which you call them, have been positive and there is no need for mockery.

So far its all been good, we shall see how this new "episode" develops.

Regarding the email IPC sent API months/years (?) ago you need to look at things more rationally. Firstly, it's most likely that Mr Fooladvand was not the one who replied to that email if it indeed was an official reply from API; there are other people who are more likely to read the hundreds of emails received each day/week than Mr Fooladvand personally. Actually if you have a copy of the letter, complete with heading and footers, can you post it so we can discuss it. If you had it signed "Ahreeman" i doubt they took it seriously. If you had it signed with your real name and Mr Fooladvand recognizes who you are then it's a different matter. And as I think I told you when this issue was being discussed previously an email isn't the best way to establish official contact with another opposition group in my opinion - in person would of course be the best way but there are other means (telephone, letter). Everything has to be conducted in a professional manner. If you sent API an email undersigned "AhreemanX" i doubt it will be taken seriously.

If you ask me, I don't think Mr Fooladvand is aware of IPC and as you said thinks its yet another Iranian forum... btw how can we be sure that IPC has such a wide-scale reputation amongst the Iranian opposition? Does IPC have any other operations apart from its internet operations? If so why haven't we heard anything about it during these past 27 years? Does it go under a different name? If so why? Everything surrounding IPC to me is unclear and foggy to be honest. I sure haven't heared anyone in the opposition mention IPC? How can we be sure that there is an IPC Operations in Iran and Outside Operations? apart from the members who post here? I think these are valid questions no? Questions which really haven't been discussed previously or addressed. Don't get me wrong though, even if IPC consists of the 10 or so members who are actually active on this internet forum i'm still grateful though because i've been able to gain much appreciated information from yourself and other IPC members which I wouldn't have been able to gain elsewhere. IPC to me consists of yourself and the 10 other IPC members on here as I do not have proof for anything outside that scope.

Regarding being emotional. There's NO need in singleing out " a majority of" Monarchists being emotional when the majority of the Iranian nation is an "emotional" nation! Iran is an emotional nation. If you for example put Iran and Sweden on a scale of degree of "emotionalism" Iran would be very high whilst Sweden would score considerably lower. Maryam Khanoom i.e. Mojahedin are emotional! Dr J (remember him from JM, with his exceptional foul mouth!) are emotional! Ayatollah Hassani's (Islamic faction) are emotional! Monarchists are emotional! There is no need to single out one group as this gives the WRONG impression.

Scholar or not what Fooladvand says is what needs to be told. He has the balls to come in front of the world and say it on television - putting him at risk for assasination attempts by jihadi muslims! If he is reading the works of Dr Ali Sina for us that's great! If he is reading the works of Dr Koroush Aryamanesh that's even better! Someone is doing it and it's reaching a lot of our compatriots. He has achieved something no Iranian, (or to be on the safe side) not many Iranians (!), have been able to achieve these past 1400 years and that is to educate a large portion of our society regarding Islam! And we have to be thankful for that. If he's using the works of Dr Aryamanesh more power to him!

Anjomane Padeshahi Iran invited opposition groups to unite and to together march towards victory - no groups responded to this call.

Regarding paramilitary operations. They will continue because they, Anjomane Padeshahi Iran, need to go ahead by all means to free our motherland -this should be understood by any patriot. If former Imperial Officers wanted to assist API they would do so, but they haven't and they haven't responded to API's call to unite. Our country is being destroyed and our peoples' mind polluted with Islamic shiite for each SECOND that passes. If former Imperial Generals do not want to assist in this cause API has no other option than do what they can with the experience they have. If former Imperial Generals, yourself or IIRF desire to assist API you need to approach API in a professional manner and offer your expertise.

Ba Sepaas
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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Postby CR » Thu Oct 26, 2006 7:38 pm


Your last post shows you know enough about operations, you don't need to know anymore than what you already know. You are not ready to know more. To know more, is to accept more responsibility, more risk and more work. You are not ready to accept any. You know plenty about operations. You know what you need to know. You are good at what you do, and what you do is all that you need to know. To know about what you do and nothing more is enough for you for now. When you will be ready to take more responsibility, it will show in your behavior and you will ask for more responsibility.

You must prepare yourself for admin responsibilities and then web responsibilities. You don't need to know who in Tehran and in what university, does what? IPC Operations is not a TV Show to announce what it does everyday. We don't exist for TV ratings or propaganda gimiks. IPC Operations is not a political party or organization to announce its operations! Whatever missions which are getting done, gets done and noone needs to know what gets done, unless they are a part of that task.

Loose mouths, cuts throats. unskilled leaders get children to blow up with pipe bombs by accidents. This is real life. This is not Fouladvand, Atabay or Yazdi's TV show. When you want to carry more weight, then it will show in your posts and you will ask for it.

I promise you, every key player in politics of Iran, knows IPC Operations. Don't kid yourself, Fouladvand knows very well who Ahreeman is and what he replied to him in that email. Get real and don't fish for information which you really don't want to know.

Be one with this operation and we will be one with you.

A day you haven't learned a new, is a day lost!
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Postby Liberator » Fri Oct 27, 2006 8:13 am

CR wrote:Lib:

Loose mouths, cuts throats. unskilled leaders get children to blow up with pipe bombs by accidents. This is real life. This is not Fouladvand, Atabay or Yazdi's TV show. When you want to carry more weight, then it will show in your posts and you will ask for it.

Children do not get involved in this cause. Every opposition member is aware of what they are facing and what they stand to loose. It's not like Iranians have not come to know who their enemy (in Iran) is and what they are capable of doing! Please do not belittle those who have decided to dedicate their lives to the motherland as "children who don't know any better". If there are those "who knew better" they should have stepped forth long time ago. They even had the chance to do so when API invited them to unite for the good of Iran.

CR wrote:I promise you, every key player in politics of Iran, knows IPC Operations. Don't kid yourself, Fouladvand knows very well who Ahreeman is and what he replied to him in that email. Get real and don't fish for information which you really don't want to know.

Again a promise isn't proof enough. I could promise you i've got 15 battalions waiting for my orders to attack the Islamic Republic from the east, west, and north but it doesn't mean anything. There needs to be some kind of proof for me to make a claim like that and as for IPC I must say I haven't seen such proof- for good or bad.
And when you say Fouladvand knows who "Ahreeman" is do you mean by that name or his real name?! If by his real name, has he been in contact with Mr Foladvand under that name? I addressed the issue of "the letter" and the issue of establishing contact with other opposition groups earlier .

Ba Sepaas
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Oct 27, 2006 9:01 am

Final Analysis of Fouladvand


The title of this topic is absolutely correct. There is no mistake about it. Fouladvand is a terrorist, but terrorist due to stupidity and irresponsibility. Himself, admitted that API was responsible for pipe bombs set in trashcans near mosques which injured innocent people. In addition, I am sure that his own sympathizers got injured by pipe bombs. I am also sure that his bombs killed people in Iran. This is not Islamic terrorism or Marxist terrorism. This is not even professional well-trained terrorism! This is terrorism due to stupidity (Nadanam Kari). Fouladvand is a Stupid Terrorist! If you have amnesia, then you may want to go back and read this whole thread from the beginning to refresh your memory! The title for this thread is a perfect title. But does he learn? Hell no! He still sits in London and orders children to play with Pipe Bombs in Iran! Now he wants to go to Turkey, take some photos and pretend that he is leading his Teenage Army in Iran to do missions!

Once I saw him on his little silly TV. A handful of time I have seen his TV show. On this occasion, same as always he was talking and talking and not allowing any caller with an opposing view to speak (typical Fascist). It went something like this:

Caller: Why don’t you work with opposition? We need to create a united opposition?
Fouladvand: You don’t need to go create an opposition or tell us to join an opposition or how to create an opposition. We already have an opposition and we know what to do. Why don’t you join our existing opposition which is API?

Then the argument was heating up, so he hung up on the caller!

This is the mentality of Fouladvand and his teenage cronies (API)! With this mentality, do you expect any valid opposition organization of Iran to work with him? You cannot shut people up, hang up on them, cut them off and keep on preaching your garbage over and over. This is the difference between an undemocratic organization (API) and a democratic organization (IPC)! People have the right to speak and express themselves. Without Democracy & respect for the masses, API and Fouladvand can shove their “Ayine Rishei” Bull Crap up their asses!

In the civilized world, when one needs something, then he goes about it, by asking people for whatever it is that he needs! In Fouladvand’s world, he does not ask for anything, because he knows it all! Yet he demands all Iranian opposition groups to join API!

Now let’s analyze this issue. Fouladvand is a comical man, with no combat, partisan or military background; no organizational skills, no political knowledge, no scholarly education or research, and no bloody idea about how to run a political party, set aside declaring war on IRI! He is a Loudmouth ignorant little man, that’s all. On top of it all, he demands Iranian opposition groups to join him!

I don’t know what part of it you don’t understand, but a sane mind of any ideology cannot take this man seriously! Not a single Iranian political party or organization had joined Fouladvand in his delusions! Why would they? How can professional freedom fighters join a whining arrogant child?

Cultural Revolution through Copy/paste and sad editing is not possible!

You see, Fouladvand is in no position to demand anything! Him and his teenage Fascists need to get a grip and unite with the rest of this opposition!

Why on earth would CPI or IIRF or any other group join a delusional man who created a national anthem for himself?!

Are you getting as delusional as Fouladvand? Fouladvand is not the only man in history of Iran who openly speaks ill of Islam and mass informs a great number of public about Islam. In fact, Fouladvand is not the first man in history of Iran who done anything substantial! Obviously you need to go back to history books and study more!

So basically, what you are saying is that you equalize an illiterate psychopathic megalomaniac Nazi (Fouladvand) with people like Babak Khoramdin, Kasravi or Kourosh Aryamensh, right? Liberator, you are in a worst condition than I thought! You are in need of a therapy yourself!

Give any bozo a satellite TV and they can preach garbage 24 hours! This does not make them great communicators, mass informer of the masses or the greatest Iranian who mass informed the public! Public watches his show as a comic relief! He is a delusional little man with a satellite TV which no Iranian FreeThinker or Levelheaded person watches, that’s all!

When one such as Fouladvand has no clue about what he is doing, then he ends up committing stupid acts of terrorism! He hurts innocent civilians and he hurts the stupid young kids who follow him! Go back and read the topics posted in IPC about Fouladvand and see the way Fouladvand Fans and API sympathizers and members speak. Anyone can judge for themselves that these folks are a bunch of emotional children whom due to their desperation, had gathered around Fouladvand and nominated him the Fuhrer! They are playing Nazi Germany and WWII in 2006!

For your information, Sane Iranian Thinkers or logical people or levelheaded people are not emotional, easily influenced and inflammable! Iranian Religious people, teenagers, Juvenile delinquents, Mote’aseb (fanatics), and simple minds are emotional!

Ta’asob and obcession (due to weakness) towards God, Religion, anyone, any ideology, or anything are the cause for emotionalism and fanaticism. These people are often easily influenced (like Kids in API)!

So not all Iranians are emotional! Many Iranians do think with their brains, and not with their hearts or their dicks! However, Fouladvand and his brown-shirt children (API) think with their hearts and/or their dicks!

When you are desperately in need of expertise, knowledge, experience and professionalism in regards to Arm Struggle, Covert Operations, Running Missions, Organizations, Political Skills, etc., then you must behave yourself and nicely ask Imperial Generals, Imperial Officers, Professional Resistance Fighters, IIRF, CPI, and Opposition veterans such as Daryoush Homayoun and others for help. Fouladvand needs help. Fouladvand is the one who needs help, so he is the one who needs to ask for help! It is not vise versa! Opposition does not need Fouladvand nor cares about Fouladvand, so why should they be insulted by him and then run to him to help him?

Fouladvand is a fool whom as soon as he opens his mouth, he starts the division! Fouladvand is about Division. I am about Unification. Why do you think, so far I did not create a political party or organization? I did not want to create yet another Iranian political party! Otherwise, it was very simple for me to do so! Instead I created IPC as a political entity for “All” opposition members from “All” opposition groups to join into debates, discussions, trade of opinions, hanging out and working together.

Any day of the week, you can hear me criticizing, basing and humoring about Daryoush Homayoun, Maryam Rajavi, Ashraf Dehqani, Reza Pahlavi, and others. I base on Marxists, Monarchists, Mojaheds and Republicans. However, I never take sides against any of them! I work with all of them. They are all Iranian opposition. I work with anyone, from a Mojahed all the way to a Nazi! From a Communist all the way to a Monarchist. This is why IPC is unique. We do not take sides. We express our opinion but we don’t delete or silence people (like API does)!

IPC is the only Iranian political operation, entity and media which promotes all political groups and does not take sides! For God’s sake, we even advertise for Whores of Opposition (Jebhe, Tudeh, etc.) This my friend, is called FreeThinking and Democratic Behavior. This is called “Azadegi”! This is what Fouladvand and other Nickel Fascists need to learn!

Azade bashid ………

Do you think you are the only person in Operations who has a political affiliation with a specific political party? Everyone in operations has a political affiliation with some political party! However, everyone in operation, clearly understands that IPC comes first, and their own political ideology or affiliation comes second. Iranian Opposition comes first, their own political party comes second!

Obviously, Fouladvand and API do not understand this fact! There is a difference between criticising different opposition groups (like what I do) and rejecting their validity (like Fouladvand does)! Fouladvand in his mind, believes that his way is the only way to free Iran and his way is the legitimate way. He looks upon the rest of the opposition as inferiors! He does not even speak or communicate with Marxists, Mojahedin, Socialists, and Republicans! The people he communicates with are Nazis, Fascists, Ultra Nationalists and HotHead Baby Monarchists! He even hangs up on or rejects to speak to Real Monarchists!

Give me one reason that any sane person in Iranian politics would communicate with Fouladvand, set aside joining him!

Fouladvand is a joker and a joker does not have the facility nor the means and power to make a change or force a change upon the present situation. He can never succeed fighting IRI, because he does not know the first thing about fighting IRI! He is also too arrogant to ask for help! Yes, it is called asking for help! He needs to go around, kiss everyone’s ass and begs them to help him! Why? Because he needs help, not vise versa! They don’t give a flying fandango about him!

Without Iranian Opposition, Fouladvand is a nobody! He is a TV Talk Show Host, and a bad one indeed!

Out of every single political group and personalities of Iran, only Manuchehr Ganji responded to Fouladvand! Why? Well, I have some respect for Dr. Ganji. I was very keen on FFO. Once upon a time FFO was a factor but all their great commanders and military experts have died, assassinated and jailed! Their internal and external organization had collapsed! Today’s FFO is nothing but Dr. Ganji and his balls! The complete organization is gone. Once a while, he gathers some money and creates a radio or a website or anything else that he can do!

No disrespect to Dr. Ganji, because he has a history of devoted political activity for Iran, but Dr. Ganji has given a positive response to Fouladvand, simply due to desperation! Flag of Feedom Organization (Derafsh Kaviyani) of today, is not what it used to be in decades ago! Today’s FFO consists of Dr. Ganji and his both Balls! He wants to do something for Iran. He also needs to create some revenue to survive, so he sees no alternative but Fouladvand!

Personally, I believe it is absolutely not proper, and it is beneath Dr, Ganji (a veteran) to become Fouladvand’s pet! Dr. Ganji has done some good for Iran and FFO is his legacy, but becoming Fouladvand’s pet, out of desperation, can wipe out everything that he has done in the past! To consort with a bozo like Fouladvand is disastrous for his reputation! I hate to see Dr. Ganji, out of desperation, has been reduced to a Nouche and a pet to a Fascist Psychopath!

My duty is to promote All Iranian Opposition Groups and to work with all of them. However, do not expect me to go out of my way to contact API. Once we tried and Fouladvand (himself) sent us a stupid remark. And I assure you that Fouladvand is well aware of IPC and Myself. He is not as stupid as he seems to be!

If Maryam Rajavi is aware of IPC, then a Gooz like Fouladvand is surely aware of IPC. And for sure he is aware of myself, going back for decades! But the difference between a Real Political Party with sense, public relations and manners and API, is that a real political party knows what’s good for them and they know PR with IPC is good for them, but a Bozo like Fouladvand is incapable of civilized behavior! That’s why for instance Pan Iranist, CPI, Tohid, WCPI and others communicate with IPC, but Fouladvand sends an stupid email and stops communication with IPC. That is the difference between a responsible political party and Fouladvand with his Juvenile Delinquents (API)! Do not make excuses for Fouladvand!

Fouladvand is much small, too small of a man with many psychological problems, for me to voluntarily contact and help him! I am already helping more than enough by promoting API.

Maybe if Fouladvand resigns API and goes back to Cinema and Comedy, then API will gain some prestige and respect amongst the opposition! The problem that no one takes API seriously, is Fouladvand. If Fouladvand disappears and gets out of the screen, then maybe the real opposition can lend a helping hand to API and the communication begins! But for now, Fouladvand and his Ego are the worst enemies of API.

In your case, you must use your hat as a judge (Persian Expression) and see if you can put IPC and Iranian Opposition first, and Fouladvand second! If you cannot do that, then you may need to reconsider your position, and same as your Bache Soosool buddies like Kian, Azadeh, Joojoo, Booboo, Soosoo and Doodool, join Fouladvand’s Army of Stupid Teenages full time! As I have mentioned, I am about unification but Fouladvand is about Division, and this division shows in every post made by API members and fans on this forum! Go read the back posts!

To me, Iranian Opposition is a priority. To Fouladvand, his ego is a priority! To you, well, you must decide what is your priority? Is your priority IPC, Opposition and Unification, or is your priority shriveled up Shambool of an ill Nazi named Fouladvand aka Dr. Fandoqist!

Operation Fandoq one!

You need to be honest with yourself and see if you can still put IPC first and your personal ideology second?

Now I need to continue my work. You have wasted enough of my time by writing this lengthy Toomar! But then again I spent my time writing this for you, not for Fouladvand! I believe there is still hope for you, yet Fouladvand is gone, he is gone too far off the radar in Twilight Zone to come back to reality and sanity! I only bothered writing this for you because afterall, we are still friends! Or maybe due to your seasonal amnesia @ young age, you forgot?

Back to work we go …………

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Postby Liberator » Fri Oct 27, 2006 11:17 am

Dr X,

I'm afraid our opinions differ regarding API.

I've never said that API is the ideal type of political party or that they are all knowing. API to me is an organization that has had enough of 27 years of INCOMPETENCY on part of the opposition and are now doing whatever is in their power/capacity to bring this regime down.

There are no reports that API has killed innocent Iranians other than those reports submitted by the Islamic Republic! The "pipe bombs" you are referring to where "sound bombs" and had been set off in Qom!

Again API's record of activities as i've pointed out speak for themselves. One IPC member even went as far as try to discredit them by calling their demonstration outside the Hague, where hundreds of Iranians participated, for ILLEGAL! For God's sake, should Iranians now have to go to TONY BLAIR, JAQUES CHIRAC and Co. and ask them for permission to overthrow the regime or hold an anti-regime demonstration!? This symbolic demonstration would never have been allowed to take place at the SYMBOLIC LOCATION that it TOOK place if it had not been done as an act of civil disobedience. Have we not learned that the European Governments do not have the interests of the Iranian Nation in mind? What API did was a GREAT act be it illegal or legal. It was a peaceful act of civil disobedience that caught the attention of many. Iranians are sick and tired of appeasement by European governments or the inaction of the "opposition". These are ordinary Iranians who the opposition have FAILED. These are ordinary Iranians who have taken things into their own hands. These are ordinary Iranians who are willing to risk their lives in the path of serving their motherland.

So far API has proved that they are all about TAKING ACTION contrary to the rest of the opposition who deliver statements but deliver no concrete action.

These are not "children" who are fighting the regime. These are Iranians who see no other way left and who the "opposition" has FAILED. The opposition has FAILED to convince them of their intentions. API has proven to them that they are not "empty talk" - which is why Iranians are attracted to this organization. The opposition has FAILED these patriotic Iranians. Today they are willing to put their lives at risk to once and for all remove this terrorist entity from the face of the earth. The opposition FAILED these people and now they will take action themselves. Yes, this is a desperate attempt to save Iran as they see no other way forward. 27 years has passed and no more time can be wasted. They are not "terrorists" but patriotic Iranians who have decided that enough is enough.

The least I can do as a student on some God forsaken island thousands of miles away from the motherland is to give them my moral support because I understand how they feel.

Now lets see how the situation develops. You say that Mr Foladvand will travel to Turkey and take some pictures from there, making it look like if he's in Iran! Lets see about that. Lets see if Mr Foladvand is a FAKE as you have accused him of being with the Turkey comment. If I understand it right he has already left the U.K. and is on his way. Don't forget that the U.K. government under Tony Blair conducted a shameful act by raiding his home and beating Mr Foladvand on the eve of the Islamic Republic's elections! The good friend of the terrorist Islamic Republic - the United Kingdom - conducted this act and confiscated Mr Foladvand's travel documents. Although no evidence was found for the reason of the raid - suspicion of terrorist activity against the Islamic Republic (!) - the UK government never returned Mr Foladvands travel document. If he has left the country he has left without his travel document. He says he is on his way. Lets see.

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