I See Bloody Days Ahead!

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I See Bloody Days Ahead!

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Jun 25, 2005 12:34 pm

I See Bloody Days Ahead!
I see Absolute Curtains!
June 25, 2005


Conservatives Shammed The Sham Election!

This whole Election was a Sham, but Conservatives couldn't even through a Sham Election! So they Cheated & Shammed the Sham Election!

There is a Persian Expression:

Shashideh, taresh kardeh,
Rideh, bad taresh kardeh!


First, he pissed and made it wet,
But then he Shiited all over and made it worst!

This is the story of Iran!

First people had hope for Reformist's Reforms (Khatami)
Then people had hopes for Moderate's Reforms (Rafsanjani)
Now, Iran is back to Khomeini's Era, total Conservative Control!

I see nothing good comes out of this!
I see disaster waiting to be occurred!

I see absolute curtains!
I see total darkness.
I see absolute oppression.
I see, Iran went back to Khomeini's era.
I see Conservatives in absolute control of Judicial, Legislative, Executive & Armed Forces.
I see the absolute control of Supreme Spiritual Leader, Imam Khamenei!
I see, Conservatives decided that they can't even tolerate Rafsanjani & Moderates!
I see returns to Khomeini's era of 1980.
I see a sad period of total Suffocations & Oppression.
I see, Internet Bans, Strict Islamic Dress Codes, Nationalization of Businesses, End to privatization.
I see, absolute Theocratic Dictatorship, 10 times worst than before!
I see, any slim hopes of

Better Economy,
Privatization of Industries,
Better relation with US,
Open Markets,
End to Isolationism,
More freedoms,
Less Islamic Dress codes,
Less Controls,
More Democracy,
are all gone & done with.
Back to Khomeini's era we go................

Conservatives could not stand even the Moderates or Reformists!

I see total Islamization of Iran.
I see Iran The Nuclear Power.
I see Iran, the center of global Islamist Terrorism.
I see IRI, a regional & Asian power.
I see Total EU, Russian, Chinese support for IRI.
I see a head to head clash with Israel.
I see a head to head clash with USA.
I see a Head to Head clash between youth & Islamists.
I see Civil War.
I see Massive Bloodshed.
I see Dark Days but then Bright Days as outcome.

I am still in shock on how is it possible, Rafsanjani is not in power now!
Rafsanjani with backing of Businesses, Bazaar, Private Sector, Moderates & Technocrats, lost!
My predictions were wrong! Almost everyone's predictions were wrong!
Conservatives Won, Iran Lost!
Conservatives, Shammed the Sham Election!
Any slight hope of Rafsanjani's Moderations are gone!
Any slight chance of dealing with any sane person in this regime is gone!
There is absolutely No Way to even Talk to these people!
The Most Extreme Faction of Hezbollah is in power.

This is the Darkest hour of Iran in Modern History of Iran!
I See Bloodshed Ahead!
I see Bloody Days Ahead!

I am too depressed to write anymore.
I am too depressed to deal with politics of Iran!
Iran is doomed.
This is a Sad Day. Much sadder than you think!

I see horrible days ahead!

I see Bloody Days Ahead!

Got to go.

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