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ANe-Qollaabi : Miran vs Russia

Postby Admzad » Fri Aug 19, 2005 4:52 pm

I was brain-washed to think that Russian people did revolution coz they believed in communism. This is pure bullshit.

In fact Russian people were nothing but pee-pole, just like Miranians, mostly gaav/olaq dehaati peasants.

Read a very good book by Richard Pipes : russia under bolsheviks.

It says:


Feb 1917 was not a "worker's revolution" : industrial labor played in it
the role of a chorus that reacted to & amplified the actions of the true
protagonist, the army. The mutiny of the Petrograd garrision stimulated
disorders among the civilian population unhappy over inflation & shortage.
The mutiny could've been contained had Nicholas chosen to quell it with
the same brutality Lenin & Trotsky employed 4 years later when faced with
the Kronshtadt rising & nationwide peasant rebellions. But Lenin's &
Trotsky's sole concern was holding on to power, whereas Nicholos cared
for Russia. When the generals & Duma politicians persuaded him that
he had to go to save the army & avert a humiliating capitulation, he
acquiesced. Had staying in power been his supreme objective, he could
easily have concluded peace with Germany & turned the army loose against
the mutineers. The record leaves no doubt that the myth of the tsar being
forced from the throne by the rebellious wprkers & peasants is jsut that.
The tsar yielded not to a rebellious populace but to generals & politicians,
& he did so from a sense of patriotic duty.
The social revolution followed rather than preceded the act of abdication.


Nicholas 'cared' but the KK & MJ Lenin & Trotsky & the rest of the MF
Bolsheviks forced themselves on millions of goov/olaaq by 3 years of
civil war & terror & torture & butchered millions to stay in power.

Germany was behind the KK Lenin & gave him a lot of money & support.

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Postby Admzad » Mon Sep 26, 2005 5:55 pm

The full article added to the artcile sections.

AX, is there a limit on how much text can be in the reply/post?
I posted the article, but all of it didn't go tru.


saw a TV prog on Miran: Pilot guide ...
A Goh basij-gurad was telling the guy from UK that "... iranians were pissed off with Shah ....After the revolution iranians didn't drink & didn't take drugs ..."

Yeh, sure, even PIGS were flying in Miran.

The guy went to the mostaraayeh-melli (KKK's grave) & was talking to the camers, but some savage 10 yo kids kept on jumping in front of the camera making faces.
Wow, the new generation of no-bell gaav/olaaq of Miran!

The other intersting thing was that this young guy from UK goes to a
cafe in Isfahan to take qlyun. One Mullah-looking Goh was on his left
side & a young guy on his right side. The young guy makes fun of him by saying "feshaar nayaareh" & the Goh guy laughed & they all laughed at the guy, in the true "mehmun-navaazi" & peder-sukhtegi fashion of Isfahani.
What is shocking to me is :"what the F* do they have to make them
laugh at a guy from UK?"
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Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Sep 26, 2005 6:24 pm


I am not sure, what's the limit but of course there is a limit! You killed the limit with your long article! Why don't you edit your article (you have the option). Log in & check the edit button on top right of the article & then clean up the bottom part & divide the article in 2 parts like I do mine. Post the 2nd part as a reply & part two. So you can post part one and two. You can delete or edit your articles.

I got my hands on some out of print books of before 1979 & also some new banned books. Later I should post some interesting points from these books.

Any interesting books lately?


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Postby Admzad » Tue Sep 27, 2005 4:31 pm

yaa hazrate mo'laanaa aayaateh allaah amirol mo'menin,

di oh en i, done!

Yes a few books & may write AFGHAN101 when I get around it.
I'm just amazed how the idiots F* their own country, sure they were
"pushed", but hell just coz u r being pushed it doesn't mean u should F*
u'r brain & become a totally savage idiot.

I'm just shocked at how many F*ing Islamic parties they had.
Everytime somebody didn't like this group, the group will split & 5 others
groups will branch out of it, all fighting each other.

The other thing that shocked me is that not only the communist party was
divided, but later on aftre USSR left, it was renamed & lost all it's
marxist ideology!
It was as if all the Goh intellectuals only wanted was a way to make themseves
rise above the mass gaa/olaaq & to do so they would wear any "hat"
that did the job & gave them erection of power. But the minute
they saw a bigger hat, they would throw away the old hat & grab the
new hat. It seems that they had no principles what so ever & didn't really believe in what they did. They were quite happy to switch groups &
loyalty & hats.

Just like small kids with their toy cars trying to brag & dominate other kids: my car is BMW, my car is Benz it is much faster than u'r car.
But they have no F*ing clue what cars r or how much they cost to buy or maintain, the whole game is about EGO & dominating others & not about
cars at all.

Y the F* they needed so many Islamic groups is beyond me, I can understand 1 or or 3, but they had 7 major ones when the russians left!

One idiot group even wanted to be like the KIR in Miran & rule there
in the name of shiit islam, when it was totally in minority & hated by the majority pashtuns.

They r indeed true Miranians in their stupidity & savage fanaticism &
khar-koni (all should be explained in afghan101).
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Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Sep 28, 2005 6:09 am


Hich chiz be manand-e khabar az dust, niku nist.

Ey Naqash-ol Doule-ye Deylami :painter: ,

Lets Roll ............


Afghan 101 (Riot)! I am glad you are focusing your series of courses on Middle East/Near East, & now towards Afghans! They are most amazing creatures! Basically 2 ex-states of Iran, today they are more Muslim than Arabs (Kase-ye az Ash daqtar)!

Terms such as Hemarollah, Gav-Ali and primitive species comes to mind! I don't know which are more primitive than Miranians? Arabs or Afghans?!

After I read your Afghan 101, I might write a commentary on it because I have been observing these people for years. I got to know them much better, when years ago (about 12 years ago), I was managing a Persian Supermarket for my mother. Afghans were one of my major customer groups. I can speak Dari (Afghani dialect Persian), same as they do, to the point that they cannot tell I am not Afghan! I am good with accents!

These people are more extreme than Iranians! They are either Fanatical Muslim or Westoxicated Extremists! Some of them were coming to store, inquiring if the Pita Bread is Halaal?! By that, they meant if oil was used to make this bread, then was the oil animal oil? And if so, then was the cow which oil was taken from her, killed via Zebh al Islami?! Little they known that Pita or Arabic Bread does not have oil ingredient!

They were much concerned with Halaal or Haraam oil in Pita Bread, yet they never questioned if the money (welfare, housing, insurance, benefits, medical/Medicare, social security, etc.) received from US Government is Halaal or not?! I had so much fun with these people! One day, I should tell you many funny stories about those times!

At the same time, that Fanatical Hijabed Afghanis were coming to market & asking these Halaal/Haraam questions, there were Afghani girls with 9'' (one Vajab) Mini Skirts going behind the counter area, climbing the ladder & showing me their under shorts, while pretending to view the Persian selection of CDs & Cassettes, displayed on the wall shelves! Either that or constantly bending over to pick up the pistachio pills they dropped while sampling the Ajils & of course sticking their Asses in my face while doing so! Afghan girls with their spaghetti strap tank tops & Mini skirts were practically walking nude in the market! Everytime I went to market to inventory or order material, they stuck either their Asses or Tits in my face! The employees could not believe that Afghan girls were more Qerti & Westoxicated than Persian Girls!

You see, no middle ground with these folks! I knew this Afghan guy who used to total a number of Mercedes Benzes while DUI. He used to stand near his apartment door & as soon as his girlfriend walked in the home, he used to stick his finger in her crotch & smell it, if it smells like sperm, to make sure she is still faithful to him or not!

I can tell you stories until Frog sings Abu Atta! One day soon, I need to write these down!

Listen Brother,

The whole region is full of cattle! Islam has shiited all over the whole region & a few guys here or there, like Ibn Varraq, Ali Sina & yourself cannot clean up the whole Middle East/Near East! The Shiite Water (An-Abeh) is way above your heads to clean up!

These people are drowned in the Shiite & they do not even know it!


Sign O Times

Yesterday I was watching couple parts of a series "A Species Odyssey" on Discovery Science (Great Channel) about Human Evolution. Years ago I wrote my final biology paper in Junior College (getting my Associate Degree) on this subject. Research shows us that an Evolution has occurred:

Some parts of Human Evolution from lower forms to sophisticated forms in descending order:

Oran (Orangutan looking primates similar to Sumalians or Ethiopians)
Australopithecus robustus (had nothing to do with robust coffee)
Homo Habilis (North African Breed)
Homo Erectus (Type o primate who used to get a lot of Erections!)
Neanderthal (Arabo_Muslim Cavemen Broes in the region!)
Homo Sapien (Osama & Imam)
Homo Sexual (Qom O Qazvin)
Transsexual (Sheboys O San Fran Sisco!)
Transsexuales Bostonicus (Massachusetts Shemale Liberals)
Homo Massachusi-Kos (Fag Ol Boys O New England)
Homo Poli-Femeninous (Senator Barney Fag (Frank)/Senator Kennedy/Other Liberals)

It is amazing how Neanderthal could not compete with Sapiens in survival of fittest! They were more brut, heftier, more wild, more tough and more climate adapted but on the other hand, they were primitive, not compatible to progress, could not reproduce with Sapiens and mentally inferior to Sapiens! Finally they disappeared from face of the Earth!

Today's Arabo_Muslim of the region, specifically Afghan Abominations, remind me of Neanderthals, The Last Neanderthals in a world full of Sapiens! They cannot adapt, or be compatible to Today's Global Changes! They are doomed to be extinct! That my friend, is called Survival of The Fittest!

Social Darwinism and Science of Raciology

My friend,

After 27 years, after what happened in Iran, after years of us, preaching from top our lungs, the true history of Islam, after teachings of history on Islam & its results, after showing them Quran as a documented evidence on murder, after 9/11, after centuries of backwarded infection in Middle East, after destruction of our nation in 2 occasions, after after after............................. we still have Iranian Muslim in the west, bragging about Islam, throwing Sofreh, Rouzeh Khani, taking Ruze on Ramadan, reading Namaz & even going to Masjed & Khaneqah! Tell me: Is this a Brain Infection or an Allahic Virus (Iranian Disease)? And Is there any cure?!

The Great Lie

A Great Lie has been told 1400 years ago, An Infection has been planted 1400 years ago, which with no amount of logic & science can be cleaned! These primitive species are doomed to be extinct. They are the last of their species!


Kherefti and Khorafat are Miranian Traditions and of course Afghans are Red Neck Miranians and Masters of Kherefti!

A Grave Mistake

When KIRollah Khomeini (KIR of Allah) gave birth to Abomination & Aberration of Neo Islamic Fundamentalism in the region, he forgot one thing!? To make the Neo Islam, compatible to the ever changing & evolving Modern Globe & the Sapiens in it! Muslim are an inferior, out-dated, incompatible species of Jurassic, trying to survive & are barely alive in The Modern World .............. They are:

Gusale-i ke hich gah Gav nashod!
(Calves which never became Cows!)

Gusale-ye Piri ke hich gah Gav nashod, va ham chenan Gusale mand o dar Gusalegi mord...........

Neanderthals are doomed to banish! That my friend is called the Human Evolution!

Kholase Ma khar shodim o in Melat adam nashod! :scared: :donkey:

Looking forward to read your Afghan 101. Just luvse luvse love your Courses in Human Studies!


Who loves you baby?
Ahreeman indeed!
Who elese?

These were my takes on the situation, What's yours? Any random thoughts?!

Velo-ye Shekaste-ye Pir
(The Persian William Shakespeare)
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Islamic Mind-set and Afghans!

Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Oct 02, 2005 9:27 am

Islamic Mind-set and Afghans!
October 2, 2005

Dear Social Observer:

This post should go as a comment to your future Afghan 101 human study course. I am going to post a dialogue from a movie (At 5 in afternoon) by Samira Makhmalbaf, as the best way to express to you, the logic of Muslim, particularly Afghans & in general the Middle East on the fundamental question of philosophy.

Picture this scene,

An old traditional Afghan man in his old traditional clothing with turban is sitting on the desert sand next to his donkey. The donkey is dying & taking his last breaths. The second old traditional Afghan man in his old traditional clothing with turban arrives & starts talking to the first old man.

Please try to see the movie. This is the final scene of the movie. Now try to read this dialogue in Dahati Qandahari Accent (The most off shoot dialect of Dari)

Qanadahari dialect of Dari (Afghani Persian) is equal to Red Neck, Mississippi Southern Accent of American English! So please read with extreme Dahati accent.

This is a masterpiece on true psyche of the people of the region!

For argument's sake, lets call the first old man with donkey, Seyed Qand-Ali and the second old man arriving to the scene, Seyed Jasem. Qand-Ali is going from Kabul to Qandahar, with his donkey on a dirt road. He is the cavalry to support & help Mollah Omar's Taliban forces! Qand-Ali doesn't know that Taliban & Al Qaeda have lost the Afghan Campaign & Infidels (Americans) are in charge! Jasem is moving from Kabul to Pakistan (Border Mountains), to take his family to live in the last pure Islamic community! Jasem knows that Infidels took over Afghanistan (Land of Islam) & he is moving to an Islamic Utopia!

This dialogue often occurs all over Middle East, sometimes in the most isolated rural & isolated regions such as deserts of Afghanistan, but sometimes in universities of Beirut, Lebanon or Bazaar of Tehran, but the fundamental is the same! This dialogue occurs today. This specific dialogue occurs in deserts of Afghanistan on the dirt road from Kabul to Qandahar between two lost souls. Let me expand on it, this time, the dialogue goes something like this:

Jasem: Baba jan, Khar-at cha shod? Khar-at chara mord?
Qand-Ali: (sitting next to his dying donkey) Az goshnagi, az teshnagi, az bi abi .............
J: Chara vesate biyabani?
Q: Miraftom Qandahar, abadi nabud, ab nabud, adam nabud .............. rahe Qandahar gom kardom!
J: Baba jan, chara Qandahar mirafti?
Q: Miraftom komak-e Mollah Omar. Bin Laden mehman-e mast, Mosalman-a, Mojahed-a, nabayast u ra tahvil-e Koffar bedahim!
J: Baba jan, dir amadi! Ay Baba jan ...............
Q: (looking amazed with a wide mouth!) Ha ....................
J: Baba jan, Bin Laden o Mollah Omar farar kardand. Koffar Qandahar-a gereftand, Kabul ra gereftand .....
Q: Ajab, cha guyi? Eh ........
J: Ajanab dar Kabul-and, engari khoda kaffer shod-a!
Q: Mollah Omar farar kard-a? Bin Laden raft?!
J: Guya khoda mord-a!
Q: Ney, Ney ..........
J: Baba jan, guya khoda mord-a!
Q: Ney, khoda namemora! khoda namora! Khar mora, gav mora, darya khoshk mesha, vali khoda namora............. khoda namora.........
J: Ay Baba jan, ayyyy............. (sigh)
Q: (staring wide mouthed) Eh.........
J: Baba jan, hala cha mikoni?
Q: Man namidanam koja beram! Man gom shodam, rah nadaram!
J: Baba jan hala koja miri?
Q: Man haminja mishinom, man gom shodam. Rah nadarom, ja nadarom. Man haminja mishinom........

Sounds familiar?

And Jasem leaves and Qand-Ali squatting in the middle of desert, next to his dying donkey (lying next to him) with no where to go! Jasem roams the desert on the pilgrimage to nowhere, moving to Pakistan in search of a pure Islamic society to live in..............

This is the story of destined to be extinct species (Muslim), incapable of adapting to Science & Today's world, clinging to nomadic dogma (Quran) of Dark Ages, fallen behind civilization, living in their primitive lifestyle, isolated from the present world and blaming the west for their miseries. A species incompatible to Evolve and doomed to be Extinct. This is the story of as we Persian's say:

A Blind guiding another Blind
(Kuri asa kesh-e kur-e degar)

Obviously both will end up @ the bottom of the well, as the whole Middle East & somewhat Near East is going towards that direction! Some are trying hard to save their societies & adopt Islam to modern times, but the rest are a dying breed, placed out of their time & place! Muslim are floating with their heads under the Shiite water (An-Abeh), drowning in their own superstition and they don't even know it! Some wear turbans & pajamas, some wear suit & ties, but "All" are out of touch with reality, set aside logic!

For more info read:

At 5 in afternoon

Islamic world is on the verge of making a crucial decision. To be or not to be, is the question!

My friend,

Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!


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Postby Admzad » Tue Oct 11, 2005 4:54 pm

Yaa Hazrat,

I added AFGHAN-101 to articles.
More books & comments will be added to the end of it.

The whole region is full of cattle! Islam has shiited all over the
whole region & a few guys here or there, like Ibn Varraq, Ali Sina &
yourself cannot clean up the whole Middle East/Near East! The Shiite
Water (An-Abeh) is way above your heads to clean up!

These people are drowned in the Shiite & they do not even know it!

The other problem is that the Goh Mullahs rather kill those who dare to
find faults with Islam than answer back in a logical manner & prove that
Islam is the true religion of a true God.

It's very simple, no need for suicide bombing or nothing. Just write a book
& prove that all points raised against Islam are simply wrong.

after after............................. we still have Iranian Muslim in the west,
bragging about Islam, throwing Sofreh, Rouzeh Khani, ....

Tell me: Is this a Brain Infection or an Allahic Virus (Iranian Disease)?
And Is there any cure?!

What BRAIN?!
If they had any they wouldn't live such stupid painful lives, living with lies.
The cure can only be EDUCATION.
Since the gaav/olaaq don't know any better & their stupidity is now affecting the
West, then Masters should do something about it. OK, they've used it so far for
their own benefit, but if they don't want the shit to hit the fan in the West,
then they should ensure the regimes in Islamic countries provide proper education
This can only happen if the regime is not too Islamic. So in Miran, KIR must come down.

This is the story of destined to be extinct species (Muslim), incapable of
adapting to Science & Today's world, clinging to nomadic dogma (Quran) of
Dark Ages, fallen behind civilization, living in their primitive lifestyle,
isolated from the present world and blaming the west for their miseries.

Personally I don't give a shit about this 'new age'.
If I believed that the true Creator sent a religion to the mankind, I'll
follow it, regardless of science. But God has also given me Brain so I can
use it. Islam can NOT be the true religion of the Creator. So I don't follow
it. It's about logic & sense not fashion.

A species incompatible to Evolve and doomed to be Extinct.

If they could use logic & see how wrong their religion is, they wouldn't
follow it blindly. If they can't then they won't adapt & r doomed.

Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!
How true.
Yet when the Goh Miranian Mullahs kill their true-educated ones (Kasravi),
but not only they do nothing about it, the Goh pee-pole help the Masters
Erect KIR with the Killer (KKK) at the top.
OK we can't expect much from gaav/olaaq, but how about their Goh khaarej educated
leaders, namely the Goh Opposition leaders of 78?

It is very clear to me how Islam has destroyed Miran & how they must be properly
educated on mass to prevent their doom. But this was even far more true in 1900.
Y didn't the Goh educated Miranians who opposed the Pahlavi regime didn't see this?
How could Goh Mosaddeg & Jendeyeh melli & Tudeh & other Goh didn't see that problem
was the culture, not the regime? They should've seen it & worked together to fix the
culture from within.

But they still haven't seen the light.
If they could think, they wouldn't be Muslims, would they?

Muslim are floating with their heads under the Shiite water (An-Abeh),
drowning in their own superstition and they don't even know it! Some wear
turbans & pajamas, some wear suit & ties, but "All" are out of touch with
reality, set aside logic!

If Christians really believe in their religion, they should regard Muslims as lost children
of their own God & try to help them see the light. I bring Christianity into it coz Masters
mainly live in Christian countries. But even in the West social justice & caring for others
is a thing of the past these days.

Educated people in the West should see the light that Muslims r F*ed & blind to logic.
The world is getting 'smaller' & one can find people from almost every country living in the
West now, where the power & knowledge exist. West can no longer live in bliss &
isolation, so the pain of others one way or another will affect their lives directly or
indirectly. They need to lobby their politicians to work together to create a better world
by ensuring that the governments in 3rd world ‘behave’. They have always imposed all
sorts of sanctions to boost their own profits, now it’s time to use sanctions for the benefit
of humanity.

It’s ironic that I criticize Afghans for expecting the West to fix their problems, yet I
Suggest that the change should come from the West. But I’m not demanding or shouting
to boost my EGO. I’m saying that gaav/olaaq don’t know any better. Just as RSPCA
exists to protect animals, similar organizations should be there to protect gaav/olaaq
humans too.

KIR couldn’t have risen without help & planning from the Masters.
Situation in Afghan was engineered by the Masters.
I put the blame on Miran & Afghan for being stupid enough to be fooled.

If the West is serious about being ‘civilized’ & a humane society, not to mention a
Christian & caring society, then it should ‘help’ the Muslim see the light. It can use
many true ‘educated’ people, who have seen the light, who either live in Muslim countries
now or used to, to help educate the Masses in Muslim countries (or even in the
non-Muslim ones who need to be educated).

They have been in the business of regime-change for more than 100 years, so they know
how it is done. All they have to do is to choose the right people for the job to ensure the
mass gaav/olaaq is properly educated.

But the old regime in Miran also tried to educate the gaav/olaaq, yet many of the Goh
‘educated’ ones protested against it in Washington!

It will take time, at least 4 generations.

All humans r in this together, all living on the same piece of ‘rock’.
They no longer can live in isolation. Pain of one will affect the joy of others.

GB : Gurbunesh Beram
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Postby Admzad » Wed Oct 12, 2005 4:27 pm


I’not anti-Islam, but pro-logic!

Saw a Doc on Indonesia saying that the military intelligence(MI) wanted & engineered
some if not all the bombings there. This guy was saying that X (a leader of JI, who was
working for MI) showed them a phony paper/Doc which angered a few & caused them
to bomb somewhere out of anger.

Also another convicted terrorist was saying that his group didn’t have a name, but the
name was ‘reported’ as xyz, then he said xyz wasn’t their name, but he was told by the
authorities that it was OK & just use the name xyz.

The fact is that the Masters have used ‘Fanatic Islam’ to engineer events in their own
benefits. If they think ‘Islam’ is causing them problems, they can always use the many
who r out there speaking pro-logic criticizing Islam & try to spread what they say to the
masses. Only proper education could improve things.

But the crime rate & the decline in social services in the West also proves that the
Masters don’t care even about their own ‘people’, so they r not gona care about others,
Especially the poor gaav/olaaq.

If the gaav/olaaq r not educated properly, it will only lead to problems for the West, one
way or another, directly or indirectly.

If the Masters keep on ‘protecting’ their pet regimes in the 3rd world, who r corrupt &
uncaring & don’t provide education, then the gaav/olaaq will continue to be a problem.

If making money is the goal, then more money will be spend on defense & Military,
Using terror as an excuse. Else, education will be provided to improve things.

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Postby iranazadbad » Wed Oct 12, 2005 6:29 pm

You said just right.
The masters are masters for good reasons, Let gaavs and olaqs kill and detroy each other and their own future. The masters are getting what they want.
Man, they are good.
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Russian Revolution vs Iranian Reaction!

Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Oct 14, 2005 10:30 am

Russian Revolution vs Iranian Reaction!
:bearus: vs :Mullah:
A Russo-Iranic Analysis
October 14, 2005

With Talent,
only given by Ahreeman (Father), to Ahreeman (Son), & via Ahreeman (Evil spirit),
Broadcasting from IPC Networks, Excellence in Iranian Net Broadcasting,
We start this beautiful morning,
Greetings to All,

Naqashol Doleh-ye Hamedani :painter: :

I have a few comments on this topic. In my opinion, Russian Revolution, unlike Iranian Reaction of 1979, was a move forward. Why you ask?


Tsar Nicholay Romanoff's regime was the last stop of the fast speeding train of Russian Semi-Feudal System of Tsardom, going down the drain to doom. Industrial Revolution had never fully hit Russia & Russian Empire despite the efforts of Peter The Great and then Romanoffs, never really became a full-blown industrial nation such as Britain. Russian System was a Semi-Feudal System, even @ the time of Nicholay!

On the other hand, The whole European Imperial Era was destined to come to an end. The time for European Monarchial Systems & Great Empires had come to an end. On 1917-1918 period, Monarchy was basically obsolete. Monarchy, even then, was an outdated system of government, bounded to die out. So all great empires including Russian Empire, German Empire, Austrian Empire, & Ottoman Empire died out. The only reason, Britain survived the Death of Monarchy, was due to their transformation to Constitutional Monarchy & also due to the fact that the internal system of Great Britain was basically democratic.

So basically @ this time frame, "All" Great Monarchies of the globe either died out (Historical Destiny) or they have been forced (through the years) by the masses to transform to Constitutional Monarchy, where the Monarch would become a powerless figure-head short of a puppet. @ this time or better put, by this time, democratic regimes had taken over the whole Europe.

As you mentioned, it is true that Kaiser (Wilhelm), Nicholay's Cousin, had indeed backed the Bolsheviks/Lenin & aided the Marxists to overthrow Tsar. It is also a historical fact that most leaders of Russian Revolution including Lenin & Stalin were political opportunists & they believed Ends justifies the Means; however, The Russian Revolution in its nature was a progressive move forward.

Russia was short of a Senior-Surf or Master-Peasant system where the differences between the social classes were astronomic. On 1917, Russia was basically a backwarded, superstitious & primitive nation with a powerful Military. The 1917 Russia was a Paper Empire, Glorious & Powerful from outside, but weak & primitive from inside. Russia was destined to explode & it was a matter of time for it to happen.

Russia of 1917, was unreformable. The Aristocracy, The Feudals, The Church & The Merchants were ruling Russia with an Iron Grip. They would have never permitted any substantial change.

Alexander Kerensky seized power as the prime minister & his plans where to peacefully get Tsar out of the government, transform Russia to a Constitutional Monarchy, put a puppet Tsar (maybe Nicholay's son) in government & remain as a prime minister, or transform Russia to a Republic & become the president. You may look @ Kerensky as a Russian Dr. Bakhtiar, but I look @ Kerensky as the Russian Seyed Mohamad Khatami!

You may look @ Kerensky as a vessel to peacefully transform Russia from a Despotic Monarchy to a Democratic Regime, but I look @ the history of Kerensky & see that every time it suited him, he used force, even used mass murder to push Tsar & White Russians into submission. Obviously he underestimated the power of Red Russians (Bolsheviks), their German Backups, Their Rhetorics, their popularity amongst the masses & political experience of Lenin.

I see Kerensky as an obstacle on the way of the revolution, the same as the role which Khatami played in Iran.

Actually the only thing I see in common, between Kerensky & Bakhtiar, is the fact that they were both, put in the control room, Too Late so they could do Too Little.

The Anti Democratic nature, the our way or high way attitude, the despotic behavior (Rastakhiz Party in Iran & Aristocracy in Russia), The close down of all political movements & parties, the police state environment and the Iron Hand Grip to control the government by Pahlavis & Romanoffs, eventually had prepared both nations for an explosive situation. The Explosion would have happened; it was only a matter of time.

Fortunately in Russia the explosion resulted in a Communist "Literate" & "Pro Science" regime but in Iran resulted in an Islamic "Illiterate" & "Anti Science" regime.

No matter how you look @ it, Marxists are @ least progressive, scientific, literate, pro education, undogmatic & not superstitious. Islam on the hand is reactionary, unscientific, illogical, pro ignorance, dogmatic, & superstitious. If I have given a choice to live under a Marxist or an Islamic Regime, I would have surely chosen the Marxist Regime. A Mild Disease is often better than Death!

So eventually Kerensky became the Supreme Commander of the Russian Army. His continued support for the WWI war effort made him unpopular in Russia and on 8th October, Kerensky attempted to recover his left-wing support by forming a new coalition that included more Mensheviks and Socialist Revolutionaries. However, with the Bolsheviks controlling the Soviets, and now able to call on 25,000 armed militia, Kerensky was unable to reassert his authority.

On 7th November, Kerensky was informed that the Bolsheviks were about to seize power. He decided to leave Petrograd and try to get the support of the Russian Army on the Eastern Front. Later that day the Red Guards stormed the Winter Palace and members of the Kerensky's cabinet were arrested.

Kerensky assembled loyal troops from the Northern Front but his army was defeated by Bolshevik forces at Pulkova. He remained underground in Finland until escaping to London in May 1918. He later moved to France where he led the propaganda campaign against the communist regime in Russia. This included editing the Russian newspaper, Dni, that published in Paris and Berlin.

By the way, did you know that after he pushed out of government & sent in exile, In 1939 Kerensky urged the western democracies to intervene against both communism in the Soviet Union and fascism (Nazism) in Germany?

On the outbreak of the Second World War Kerensky moved to the United States. He worked at the Hoover Institution in California and wrote his autobiography, The Kerensky Memoirs: Russia and History's Turning Point (1967). Alexander Kerensky died of cancer in New York on 11th June, 1970

It is true that Lenin was a political opportunist. It is also true that Stalin, later on killed millions in Gulags. It is also true that Communism is also a sort of Dictatorship or shall we say Dictatorship of Proletariat. But my argument with you is not about the nature of Communism or psyche of the Russian Revolutionary Leaders. My argument with you is about the fact that the Russian Revolution in general, was a move forward and it was progressive.

Russian Revolution pushed Russia into the Industrial Age, 20th century, modernization, general education, scientific progress and a new era. Tsar's Russia was a dying, Rotten, Corrupt, Ancient system of Semi-Feudal control, which was outdated & doomed to be collapsed. It was only a matter of time for some sort of a movement to end its existence.

History Repeated!

Now you can witness the resemblance of the 1917 situation with the 1990 situation. In late 80s & early 90s, @ the Fall of Communism in Russia, once again the "Historical Destiny" took control! The Marxism was bound to fall. The Communist Russia, the same as the Tsar's Russia, became obsolete.

If Monarchy was outdated in 1917, the same way, Communism became obsolete in 1990! Once again, Russia became a paper Empire! USSR (CCCP) was basically a third world nation with a magnificent military, space program & open minded sexual relations! Once again, Russia could not compete, she became primitive (compare to west), corrupt, poverty stricken & ready to explode.

It was the historical destiny (Jabr-e Tarikh) for CCCP to die out the same way that the Monarchy died out! @ that point, Communism was as outdated as the Monarchy.

Russia and Iran

Now compare the Russian situation of 1917 to Iranian situation of 1979. Shall we?


Romanoffs were corrupt, Pahlavis were corrupt.

Nicholay was out of touch with the masses, Alahazrat was out of touch with reality!

Nicholay's information about the country came from Aristocracy; Alahazrat's info came from SAVAK & the Ass Kissers around him.

Nicholay was weak; he fled to save his neck, Alahazrat once again, same as 1953, betrayed Iran & Iranians & fled like a coward.

Nicholay's Earl was a weak, ill & unqualified boy; Alahazrat's Earl was another Ahamd Shah, totally worthless to replace him.

Nicholay's superstition, lack of freedom & social injustice caused the explosion, Alahazrat's Islamic superstition, police state, gap between social classes resulted in explosion.

Romanoffs, except Nicholay were corrupt; Pahlavis except Alahazrat were rotten!

Nicholay had Orthodox superstition & favored the Church, Alahazrat was a superstitious Muslim & jailed/murdered all opposition except Muslim/Mullahs, whom eventually destroyed his regime!

Nicholay's spouse was entrapped by Rasputin & superstition; Alahazrat's spouse is also prisoner of her superstition, connecting herself & her son to Imam Hassan & Hussein as Seyedeh of Hassani & Husseini (that famous web page, which Empress Farah took it off the net, only after I mocked the whole concept in public)!

Nicholay had court jesters around him; Alahazrat had Ball Polishers, Hand Kissers & Ass Kissers around him!

Nicholay isolated democratic, nationalist, true servants of Russia; Alahazrat distant himself from Knowledgeable Technocrats, & Democratic Free Thinkers.

Foreign Powers (Germany) contributed to Nicholay's fall, Foreign Powers (CIA, MI6) contributed to Alahazrat's fall.

Nicholay cared about his country, Alahazrat loved his nation.

Marxism made Russia a super power; Shiite made Iran a Regional & a Continental Power.

Marxist Russia was highly ideological; Shiite Iran is highly ideological.

CCCP ended up in corruption & poverty; IRI is corrupt & economically challenged!

CCCP exported ideology (Marxism), IRI is exporting ideology (Islam).


Russian Empire was unreformable but Imperial Iran was reformable.

Russia was corrupt to the bone, but Iran was badly corrupt, yet not to the bone!

Kerensky was a power hungry opportunist, but Bakhtiar was a Nationalist & Iran's final hope for salvation.

Fundamental of Russian Revolution despite its leaders, was revolutionary & progressive, but fundamental of Iranian Reaction including its leaders were reactionary & backwarded.

Kerensky was a block to the revolution, but Bakhtiar was the final hope to stop the reaction.

Kerensky's Duma Boys were positively motivated but without the means to make a positive tribute, but everyone in Jebhe Meli back stabbed & abandoned Bakhtiar & kissed Imam's Ass for power, position & money!

Duma Boys were concerned about Russia, but Jebhe Meli leadership were charlatan opportunists.

Nicholay was basically living off of Russia & maintaining Status Q, but Alahazrat was devoted to Change & done many goods for Iran.

Kiss Asses around Nicholay abandoned him @ the end, but the Kiss Asses around Alahazrat, until the final moment, were trying to misguide him about the complete nature of the situation & realities of Iran.

Nicholay did not betray the people around himself, but Alahazrat betrayed close friends, he jailed Hoveyda as an escape goat, abandoned the military & fled to save his own neck!

Russian Revolution resulted in Marxism which educated people so they peacefully reformed Marxism to Democracy in early 90s, but Iranian Revolution resulted in Shiite which further turned people into Religious Cattle; therefore, the masses are & will be drowned in Shiite Water (An-Abeh), until the day that a Social Revolution can change the fundamentals of Iran!

Marxist Russia promoted Education, Secularism, Federalism, and Science, but Shiite Iran promotes Ignorance, Historical Illiteracy, Quran, Ali Bazi, Theocracy, Global Terrorism, Central Government Control, Religious Garbage, and pure Shiite for brains!

CCCP lost the star wars & armed race; IRI has lost the international community's respect!

CCCP promoted highly intelligent leaders, e.g.: Brezhnev, Gorbachev ....., but IRI promoted highly Shiite for brains leaders, e.g.: Khomeini, Khamenei, ........Third Up_Cuming Imam!

So as we see, there are similarities & differences between CCCP & IRI.

But the fact remains that Marxism Educated the Russian Masses but Islam has only brought Shiite & placed piles of it in Iranian's heads, instead of brain!

Marxism due to its secular nature promoted science in Russia but Islam due to its theocratic nature promoted Shiite Ala Carte in Iran.

So generally, we conclude that

Russian Revolution in general was progressive (in comparison to Tsardom Russia).
Iranian Reaction in general was Reactionary (in comparison to Imperial Iran).

Marxism pushed Russia forward.
Islam pushed Iran backward & under in Deep Shiite.

Russians became Educated through Marxism.
Iranians became Full of Shiite through Islam.

Our Challange

As you know,
I am neither a Monarchist or a Muslim
I am neither Aristo_Imperialist or a Marxist

I am too Monarchist to be a Republican, and too Republican to be a Monarchist!
But if,
Monarchists of today, are these Up_Position Leaders/Feeders, Media Lords, Cheesy Website Owners, TV Talk Show Hosts and TV Movements,
and if,
Republicans of today, are opportunist, con artist, charlatan, fake baboons who sell their mothers for $5, such as Jebhe Meli Iran,

Then by all means, exclude me from both these buffoons and their groups! Both of these groups (Monarchists + Jebheis) are so bloody insecure & so Anti Freedom of Speech & so afraid of the other party's voice, or the masses to be educated by the truth, that both parties are masters of Censorship, shutting people up or not even allowing any other voice aside themselves to even talk!

Take a look @ their cheesy Internet forums Jebhe Meli, SMCCDI, other Crap........
Take a look @ their Daily or Weekly Rag Papers & Ragazines in LA & London ..............
Take a look @ their cheesy TV Talk Shows & TV Movements ...............

Every single one of them are talking their talk & not listening to anyone else. Every single one of them censors everyone else except their own. Every single one of them is Vajihol Meleh & has a remedy to cure Iran's problems. And every one of them has a group of uninformed cattle who follow them & wave their pictures & Iranian Flag!

They All sing:

Ey KIRan, Ey Marze por ze Khar............. :scream: :drum: :iranian:

Look @ each & you will see a Nationalistic facade, :anxhi:
But look deep into their eyes,
you will see a Dictator waiting to be born! :devious:

My friend, you know how the saying says: It's All Good?
Now I must reluctantly say: It's All Bull Shiite, It's All Shiite!

As you mentioned, it will take @ least 4 generations to educate these people! Why?

We must educate the masses, we must educate the instructors who educated the masses, we must educate the intellectuals who educate the instructors who educate the masses, we must educate the leaders who educate the intellectuals who educate the instructors who educate the masses! We have to practically educate everyone in this God For Saken Nation!

We must educate all of this doomed tribe to the true meaning of Democracy, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, People's rights to express themselves, Secularism, Federalism, Science and Human rights!

Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!

My friend, by the time we educate all of these Leaders, Intellectuals, Instructors and The Masses..........., we will be 444 years old! And I doubt that we will live that long! But what we can do is to draft Mass Media, specifically Internet as a tool to get through to "All". We need to fundamentally clean up the Shiite from "All's" brains & replace it with "Logic". My friend, do not think for a second that Dictatorial thought patterns due to Old Shiite Traditions & living in Islamic Societies are exclusive to Muslim! Not @ all indeed! Muslim, Monarchist, Jebhei, Mojahed, Socialist & even Marxist Iranians are "All" infected with this Iranian Disease & with this "Allahic Virus" which infects "All" despite the religious, political & philosophical ideologies! They All want to shut others up & preach their tune in the manners of:

Morshed O Morid
Naqal O Pa-Manbari
Luti O Antari
Mullah O Tolab

Each believes that the only way to succeed is to grab a Hammer & Bang on Others heads & then Force Manhandle the cattle! Ride Them Out, Gather All, Ride Em In, Raw Hide...... Eeh Haw, Hee Haw! That's The Iranian Thought Pattern!

I got a little ditty for you:

"Khariyyat na tanha alaf khordan ast,
Balke ba Miran O Mirani zistan ast!"

I rest my case.

On The Lighter Side

I dig GB (Ghorboonesh Beram) which you have invented.
I could have also invented JB (Jigaresho Bokhoram); however, I am destined to stick with my legendary Alias of GF (Gold Finger) aka "Angosht Tala", due to the fact that the first year class of Junior High & then the whole Kharazmi Junior High, in Tehran, granted me the title, for Fingering the voluptuous Art Teacher, right in the class! I still remember the thrills of deep fingering the Art Teacher (back then a Tehran University Student)! In those tender ages of Pre-Teen-hood, it was surely valiant, dangerous & pleasureful to Finger an older woman. First she grabbed my ear & kicked me out of the classroom, but on the next class, due to my extreme juvenile charlatanism, innocent face & Angel-like behavior, she bought it that I could have not possibly even have the knowledge or capability to commit such outrageous crime!

I fooled the teacher, assistant principle & everyone else in administration, so they all forgave me, thinking that it must have been some other degenerate student, who fingered the art teacher, yet I got the blame, due to my mature outlook, physical/height & simply by being tall. I was standing outside the class @ the next session, informing the Art Teacher of how the assistant principle had discovered my innocence & the way that it is impossible for a naive child like me to commit such despicable crime! Amazingly, the Art Teacher bought it or maybe pretend that she bought it! I was sad looking, ashamed & looking down to the ground, so she ended up making me feel better by actually hugging me, kissing me on the lips & telling me with her soft voice that: "I understand"! Student body were jumping over each other's shoulders, getting next to the window to witness this passionate kiss! They could not believe what they have seen!

I believe the Art Teacher, deep inside, knew of my Evil Nature, Con Artist Outlook & Award Winning Performance as a naive child, yet she was overwhelmed with my boldness, action & Oscar Winning performance, so she went along with it & she forgave me; furthermore, she grasped me as a favorite student!

Only, I could Finger the Art Teacher, & then instead of getting expelled, I would have received a Kiss on The Lips by her, as a thank you note for Fingering her! And that's why the news spread like a storm in Kharazmi JH, then # 1 and even to other Kharazmi branches! After that day, I have become a Junior High Legend. The legend of the "Gold Finger"!

So maybe I should stick with GF as a Neo Alias, no?!

Who celebrates your Camaraderie?
Who truly loves you Admzad?
Who appreciates your talent?
Who cherishes your brain?
Who loves you baby?
Ahreeman indeed!
Who else?

I am having so much fun in IPC,
If I only had more fun than this,
Then it would have been a sin!
Until next time,
Ahreeman Bless You All.


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Postby Admzad » Mon Oct 17, 2005 4:56 pm

Yaa hazrat,

eventually had prepared both nations for an explosive situation. The Explosion would have happened;
it was only a matter of time.

One should not react & try to think things tru & calculate one's best move & all the side-effects.

The intelligentsia should've known that Masters would never let Commies to take over Miran.

The old regime, while not perfect, was far better than KIR & destruction of economy & civil war & 9 years of war.

They should've worked with the old regime & try to educate the mass gaav/olaaq.

If u give gaav/olaaq too much power & freedom, they will see u as weak & will walk all over u.
U need to educate them gradually to teach them to be civil.

A Mild Disease is often better than Death!

yes, but why kiss a very sick & dying man on the mouth, when u don't have to?

Pahlavis were corrupt.

No, the culture was & is corrupt.
When the holy clergies r so KK & corrupt, every ruler will be corrupt.

Alahazrat's info came from SAVAK & the Ass Kissers around him.

Gaav/Olaaq tried to kill him.
Masters wanted him alive at that time & must have provided a lot of training in SAVAK's creation.
KIR replaced Savak with a far worst organization.

U have to keep gaav/olaaq under control.

Alahazrat once again, same as 1953, betrayed Iran & Iranians & fled like a coward.

Sorry, he was too kind & not a killer.
When KIR comes down, we will see how rahmaan-o-rahim the Mullahs r!

Alahazrat's Islamic superstition, police state, gap between social classes resulted in explosion.

All the above r far worst today than in 77, how come v haven't seen eksplozhen?

I tell u y. eksplozhen in 78 was not 'natural', it was engineered & paid for.

Uncle Saddam butchered millions, yet nobody dared to do eksplozhen there, y?

Same is true with KSA. THere is more corruption & oppression in Saudi, than in Miran;
but how come there has been no eksplozhen there?

What do u think the Iraqis have done if Saddam was a decent person & gave them just a tiny bit of

Pahlavis except Alahazrat were rotten!

the whole culture is rotten, what do u xpect?

How do u rate Egypt/Iraq/Aghan/Saudi?

Alahazrat was a superstitious Muslim & jailed/murdered all opposition except Muslim/Mullahs,
whom eventually destroyed his regime!

To me this is a fantastic proof of what a killer Mordaab of Miran is, where logic plays no part.
The mordaab will kill anything it touches.

If u kill'm all, they will respect u; if u don't, they will kill u.

BTW, not all mullahs were or r part of the KIR.

Russian Empire was unreformable

If it didn't have KK power hungry intelligentsia, things would've been different.
If they were smart, they'd had worked together to improve things.

Today in Russia, poeple just send criminals to force u out of u'r business, so they can take over.

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Aqa Nuri Stories

Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Nov 25, 2005 12:29 am


Let me tell you a story,

Let me go back in memory lane, back to 1978 Tehran. Me, My cousin & our chauffeur, Keramat were driving around Tehran. We felt like buying hot Sangak Bread! We were standing in Sangak Bread-line. Aqa Nuri (Which I used to write his stories in old IPC Site) was standing in front of us. Aqa Nuri was a hard working labor, working in Zobeh Ahan Isfahan Factory, vacationing in Tehran. He was an intellectual labor. In front of Aqa Nuri, there were a couple of young, Any which way the wind blows (Wind Party) members standing in the line. The week before, they were long haired Hippies, Heavy Metal Fans, listening to Deep Purple! But their ideology of this week was Islamist Fundamentalism. Across the street, protests started & a group of Islamists were rising their fists up the air, shouting:

Marg bar Shah, Marg bar Shah (Death to the Shah)

Suddenly these two bozos, got influenced by the crowed, first they started raising their fists in the air, next they started accompanying the crowed, shouting:

Marg bar Shah, Marg bar Shah (Death to the Shah)

Suddenly Aqa Nuri, smacked them upside their heads. He slapped them so hard that the sound of smack behind their necks filled the air! Here is the conversation between them:

The Bozos: Marg bar Shah, Marg bar Shah (Death to the Shah)

Aqa Nuri: Marg bar pedar-e Jakeshet ke to ro pas andakht!

The Bozos: Eh, chera mizani?

Aqa Nuri: Akhe dayus, Shah be to chikar karde ke be un fohsh midi?

The Bozos: Khob tahte ta'sir qarar gereftim. Tazahorat-e dige! Ma ham shoru' kardim dam begirim.

Aqa Nuri: Shoma be kos-e nanat khandidi taht-e ta'sir qarar gerefti! Shoma goh khordi dam begiri!

The Bozos: Eh, chera fohsh midi Haji?

Aqa Nuri: Shoma be qabr-e pedar-e jakeshet khandidi shoar midi! Jakesh-ha, Shah be shoma chikar karde?

The Bozos: Vallah nemidunim, migan tab'iz qa'el shode, estesmar karde, nokar-e Amrikast, jenayat karde.

Aqa Nuri: Jakesh pedar, bad karde tahsil-e dabirestani-ye majani baratun faraham karde? Bad karde daneshgah mifrestadetun? Bad karde khabgah-haye majaniye daneshgahi behetun mideh?

The Bozos: Khob baba hala ma ham ye Marg bar Shah goftim, chi mishe?

Aqa Nuri: Shoma qalat kardin, shoma be kun-e anabitun khandidin! Jakesh, Shah be shoma chikar karde ke margesho mikhayn? Marg bar babaye kos keshset! Bache nunet kame? Abet kame? Babat bikare? Goshnei? Teshnei? Shah chikaret karde? Dayus chikaret karde ke barash marg mikhay?

The Bozos: Ey baba, hala ma ye chizi goftim!

Aqa Nuri: Khob dayus hamin juri shoru' mishe. Hey shoar midin, shoar midin, mosht gere mikonin, yavash yavash shuresh mishe, qiyam mishe, e'tesab o tazahorat mishe, ba'desh ham dabestan o daneshgah basteh mishe, ba'desh ham madare khodetun gayideh mishe! Ba'desh ham kharetun gayideh mishe vo az kar o zendegi miyoftin! Ba'd migin ajab gohi khordim! Baba ye kam fekr konin qabl az in ke in mosht-hatun ro gereh konin, ye kam fekr konin! Mageh shomaha maqz-e khar khordin?

The Bozos: Bashe baba, velemun kon, bezar nunemon o bekharim, das az sare kachalemun vardar!

Aqa Nuri: Baba jun, vase khodetun migam. Adam shin, vagarna khare khodetun gayideh mishe! Az ma ke gozasht, fekr-e khodetun bashin. Boro baba jun tahsileto bekon. Boro shoar nadeh. Ya Allah baba jun.

I never forget this conversation! You see, Monkey see, monkey do & then we had a full blown An-Qollab (Islamic Reaction) of 1979. Now I don't know what has happened to those two bozos, but similar folks were the fathers of 1979 who fragged a generation, who fragged their children's lives, who fragged Iran for 27 years & ongoing! This is called:

Monkey See, Monkey Do Syndrome

a part of the Iranian Disease!

And it is still going on, even right here in America. Go check out Iranians throwing Sofreh Hazrat-e Abbas, Rouzeh Khani, Sofre Hazrat-e Abolfazl, Sofre Hazrat-e Abol Sag, Ta'ziyeh, Eyd-e Fetr o Eyd-e Qorban. Then Namaz-e Jama'at in Mosque & Darvish gatherings in Khaneqah!

Nothing changed! Khar hamun khar-e, faqat palanesh avaz shodeh! Hala Engelisi sohbat mikoneh!

Yesterday they were chest banging (Sineh Zani) in Tehran, today they do it in San Diego!

This episode reminds me of this song. Sing with Jaheli accent:

Bache Budam, nafahm budam, jim budam ze maktab!
Khomeini gulam zad, das be dulam zad!
La Lalay Lalay Lalay Lay Lala Lay Laay Laay La la la la ...........

Do you really have any hope for these people to finally see the light & get enlightened! Do you believe it is possible for them to finally break the chains of Arab Worship & stop giving BJ to Muhammed & Ali? Do you believe it can happen in our life time? Do you even believe that it is possible for them to get their fingers out of Arab's Asses & regain their national Persian identity? Iranians have the Arabo_Islamic Schlong, so far up their Asses that they believe the Arab Schlong maybe a part of their intestine or it is an internal organ belonging to their bodies! After 27 years, Iranians are truly enjoying to keep that Arab Schlong up their Surakh Ruzi & it is begining to feel good! BismAllah!

Just go to Santee Mosque & see the cattle bend up & down, praying to a Black Rock named Allah! Business is good, Imam is happy & Shiite is still full of Shiite! Ya Allah!

27 sal-e az doulat-e sar-e Eslam, dar be dar o badbakht shodan, bazam tokhm-e Ali ro gereftan o vel nemikonan! Hanuz ham ruzi 3 bar dollah mishan, migan Allah biya maro ye rah digeh bokon, ke hanuz Felan-e Muhammad ro talab mikonim?!

1400 sal pish, Muhammed chenan ta dasteh kardeh, ke inha hanuz khosh khosheshun miyad o bazam mikhan! Inha hanuz felan-e Arab mikhan! Inha mal-e Muhammed ro dust daran!

Salavat befrestin,
Bar Felan-e koloft-e Muhammed-e Arab Salavat,
Allah o Masal o Ala Muhammed, va Alleh Muhammed .....................
Shombool-e Muhammed o eshqeh!

Muhammed PBUHB (Peace Be Upon His Bone), had banged these Iranians so good, that after 1400 years, they still seek his Shombool! They really dig that Arab Habibati!

Ta to che fekr koni?!
Ey baba, ma tir khordeh vo zakhmiye in Qom-e khosh khab shodim!

Ma khar shodim o in melat adam nashod!

La ellaha ella Allah!
I got work to do, I better go get busy!



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Postby iranazadbad » Fri Nov 25, 2005 4:51 pm

Mr. X

Reminds me of the day, a few months after the angholabi, walking down pahlavi street with a friend of mine who was a hard core fadahian khalq (as chab as you can get). As we were walking we saw a poster on the wall from "rahe Kargar" (another leftist group). He stpped to read it. As he was reading it, a labor (looked and talked like one too) walked by us., noticing we were reading the post, he looked at us and said "Koda een doshmnahaye mara nayamorze ke intoori zendegiyeh mara taba kardand" It was interesting to see the look on my friend's face.
By the way, my friend today is a very rish engineer in Tehran. I don't think he is sharing his wealth with his workers. But, then again to overcome the pain of his hypocracy he smoked much opium.
Marg bar shah, marg bar shah , Marg Bar Shah, begoo :-)
I just love to see the same people being fucked the way they are. Their chlidrens raped and in prison, the old begs and the young runs away. All the proud Iranians are becoming Persian, turk,....
And some fucker said thay there is no Karma, are you kidding. Think about it, the Iranian went to India fuck the country up and stole much of itstreasury and foreced so many to convert to Islam. A few hundred years later a Indian moslem (Imam Khomieni) comes to Iran and does the same to Iranians. Life is fair and Karma is fucking real.
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Postby Admzad » Mon Dec 05, 2005 3:57 pm

yaa hazrat,

yes indeed maanki-si-maanki-du !

As for arab-worship, arabs have no regards for Miranians what so ever!
In fact majority of true ortodox Muslims laugh at shiit worshipping Miranians.

As for 'hope', if I did I wouldn't call it MIRAN.

They have proved to me beyond any doubt how stupid & KK & bisharaf
they are, being pushed by Masters to F* their own country, but do nothing
to fix it for 27 years.

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