News of Kurdistan Protests (Komalah)

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News of Kurdistan Protests (Komalah)

Postby IPC » Sat Aug 27, 2005 10:19 pm

News from Kurdistan (Komalah)

Kurdistan Riots


According to sent news from city of Mahabad, the Islamic regime forces punish people in this city yet. In the course of past days, The regime wage-earner had attacked political actives and pishmargeh's family nightly.

In the progress of that wildly actions two members of human rights group in the names of Saman Rasolpor and Zinab Baizidi were arrested.


In conformity with received news, after accomplishing the general strike in Kurdish cities, The regime arrested many of people in Kurdistan province.

In city of Bokan the regime arrested 4 people in the names of Mohammad Hassan Khali, Smko Pasbar, Ali Pasbar and Amir Abdollahzadeh.

Should say that in city of Bokan the regime wage-earner enters houses by force and they settle on house-tops every day.


In conformity with news from Sanandaj, On Sunday, August 7th, 2005

The regime wage-earner wanted to inspect personal facilities of a young girl that they met with her resistance.

After that they beat her and also they arrested her. According to other news from above-named city when a soldier abstained of his commander's order based on hurshlying with people, the regime forces beat him severely.


According to received news, On Monday, August 8th, 2005 many of young people deviced against the regime.

The regime forces besieged people and then attacked them. As the result of that attack many of protester young people were wounded and some of them were arrested.


On the basis of other reports from Bokan, Employers of baking breads do not pay wages to their Employees. According to the Iranian government work's rule the minimum of monthly wage is 135 dollars but Employers abstain to pay those wages. Must say that not only the regime responsible(s) don't investigate to workers' protest and claims but also Employers don't observe the work's rule which is against Iranian workers.

On Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005 the regime wage-earner attacked Ghafoor quarter in city of Sanandaj then took action to inspect houses and they tormented people of that area.
Short time after this wildly act, fighter people attacked the regime forces by stone from their house-top too.
Behind that bravely resistance on the side of people, the regime forces arrested number of them.
It is necessary to explain that the regime forces are going to frighten people by these nightly attacks.

City of Mariwan is under the military government. On Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005 people closed their stores, offices and the work places at protesting to accomplished criminal by the regime in cities of Kurdistan.

Just as the Islamic regime wants to stop protests in cities of Kurdistan. City of Kamyaran has been changed to the military garrison too.
On the basis of sent reports from above-named city, number of child rights actives have been arrested also the regime forces struggle to arrest political actives.

After vast protests in city of Saghez last Thursday, August 4th, 2005 freedom-loving people closed stores and the work places in this city.

Many of stores and the work places were closed in Bokan.
These days whole streets are not like usual days. The Iranian government forces come and go very unusual in this city.
The regime criminal forces take actions such military manoeuvre for frighten people every day.
Must say cities of Saghez, Mahabad, Mariwam and Sanandaj are under control by means of the military forces.

According to received news from city of Jawanrod, in the course of past days young people had demonstrated against the Iranian government also objector young people had fought the regime forces and they had damaged the governments departments and banks.
City of Paweh has been checked by the regime forces too.

Just as we had expect,in reply to public strike summon on the side of Komalah Central Committee on Sunday. August 7th, 2005 the people of Kurdistan struck. Whole industrial, service, commercial and administrative centres in cities of Mahabad, Saghez, Bokan, Sanandaj, Kamyaran, Divandareh, Piranshahr, Baneh, Sardasht, Rbat, Oshnavieh and Mariwan were shut down entirely.
The regime armed forces wanted to prevent the strike,but correlation and union of people neutralized their struggles.

Claims of this strike consists of:

1.     The officials who had ordered to kill people and also who killed civilians in Mahabad and the other kurdish cities must be introduced and be punished.

2.     Everyone whom has been arrested should be released without any excuses or conditions.

3.     Bring to an end the military government in cities of Kurdistan and returning the regime forces to garrisons.

4.     The Iranian government should respect people rights among them walking tour, demonstrating and show their opinions.

The three main areas KOMALAH is involved in are as follows:

The development of the party’s clandestine organisation, and activities in the cities and villages of Kurdistan.

The development of people’s everyday struggle for reforms, building on their achievements both small and great, and establishing large trade and professional organisations wherever people live and work.

The military struggle in Kurdistan against the Islamic regime’s aggression.

With regard to the first area of work, a body called the ‘clandestine organisation centre’, known by the name ‘TAKISH’, was set up. Its members in the cities and villages of Iran’s Kurdistan are contacted either by written correspondence or verbally, by calling them out from Iran and discussing matters with them in person (eg in Iraqi Kurdistan, or Europe).

The second part of our work is mainly carried out through the publication of magazines and special broadsheets which are frequently issued. We also have a daily radio broadcast lasting three and a half hours, on three short wave channels. PESHRAW is KOMALAH’s monthly political magazine written in the Kurdish language, as is PESHANG, a literary magazine.

With regard to the third area of our work, KOMALAH has set up a military body called KOMALAH’S PESHMERGA FORCE. Its purpose is to organise the military defence of the people of Kurdistan, and it has carried out this task in Iranian Kurdistan for the past 16 years. Given the regime’s militarisation of the whole of Iran’s Kurdistan in the recent period, the Force’s military actions are carried out through small guerrilla groups who live secretly inside Kurdistan.

KOMALAH maintains two camps in Iraqi Kurdistan, in the Suleymaniya province, which contain some of the departments central to KOMALAH’s activities, such as the Executive Committee, the Clandestine Organisation Centre, Radio Broadcasting, Printing, the Health Centre, and the Military Training Centre. It also takes care of a group of Iranian political refugees living in the regions of Suleymaniya, Qlaladiza, Rania, Arbat, Kifri and Kalar.

One fact needs highlighting. During the years following the first Gulf War (1988), because of changes in the region’s political conditions, KOMALAH was forced to prepare for later events and to increase its ability to manoeuvre and the humanitarian aspect of its work. Thus, it sent out around 2000 members and supporters, well known political refugees and their families who lived in Iraqi Kurdistan, with the co-operation of the UN or independent of it, who subsequently settled in different countries around the world.
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