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Postby IPC » Sat Sep 03, 2005 2:28 pm

Subject: Nabard # 242
Date: 9/3/2005 11:35:55 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time

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Nabard # 242

Iran Nabard

Supreme Leader insisted on gender apartheid
Saturday, 03 September 2005

NCRI, September 3 - In an appalling and misogynistic comment, mullahs' Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei tried to justify gender apartheid and denying women the right to political and social activity under the medieval theocracy ruling Iran.

In remarks carried by the state-controlled news agency, IRNA, last Sunday, Khamenei said, "Men are suited to enter economic and financial arenas… Women, however, have preoccupations. They must give birth and feed the child, and they are physically, psychologically and emotionally soft. They cannot enter into every field. They cannot tolerate every interaction. These create restrictions for women in financial and economic fields and related activities. Men do not have these restrictions. In this respect, privilege must be given to men because they are strong."

As such, Khamenei again justified systematic discrimination in law and practice against women as well as their increasing deprivation from participating in society's social and political affairs. In doing so, he put aside the clerical regime's pretenses of supporting women's rights in the past eight years, particularly during the recent sham Presidential elections, that were merely designed for foreign consumption.

To this end, a woman Parliament deputy, Fatemeh Ajarlou, responding to the question as to why there were no women in Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's cabinet, told semi-official news agency, ILNA, on August 29, "Not choosing a woman as a cabinet member or in the parliament leadership is an exercise in democracy."

Another woman, Seddiqeh Kiani, from the ultra-conservative pro-Khamenei grouping Allied Association (Mo'talefeh) told the same news agency, "The more women are kept away from interacting with strangers is better for them. We have no objections to the absence of women in the cabinet." In trying to justify the mullahs' medieval mindset, she said, "One must not insist on the presence women in areas where men could be used. That they say a woman should not become a judge is because women are flexible and it would not be proper for them to witness disputes and arguments every day or issue death sentences for any one."

Ms. Sarvnaz Chitsaz, Chairwoman of NCRI's Women's Committee, said, "The mullahs' misogynous remarks are before anything else a reflection of their fear over the increasing role women are playing in the struggle against this misogynist regime and their pivotal role in toppling the ruling theocracy."

Women's Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

Iran-US: United States refused entry visas to mullahs’ officials
Saturday, 03 September 2005

NCRI, September 3 – According to Iranian state-run news agency, IRNA, the United States had refused visas to members of an official delegation from Iran.

Reporting from Tehran, the news agency referred to mullahs’ Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Hamid-Reza Asefi, complaining about the decision and stated that Washington refused to issue visas for an Iranian parliamentary delegation, which was to attend the world interparliamentary conference in New York on September 6.

Iran Has Gas Type Used in Atom Bombs, Report Says
Saturday, 03 September 2005

Bloomberg, September 3 - Iran has produced almost 15,000 pounds of the gas used to enrich uranium, according to a confidential report by the United Nations' nuclear watchdog agency obtained by Bloomberg News.

The report by the International Atomic Energy Agency also said Iran has failed to clarify important questions about its secret nuclear activity after more than two years of investigation by the UN group.

``Iran's full transparency is indispensable and overdue,'' the report said.

Prepared by IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei for the agency's member countries, the report comes a day after the European Union threatened to call Iran before the UN Security Council because of its nuclear program.

The U.S. and the EU are concerned that the program might lead to the production of an atomic bomb. The EU has offered Iran incentives such as trade ties and technology to abandon the program. Iran has rebuffed those offers, saying its nuclear work is aimed at generating electricity that would enable it to export more oil. ElBaradei's report did not reach a conclusion on whether Iran is making a nuclear bomb.

The report said Iran has converted raw uranium into about seven tons of a gas called uranium hexafluoride that can be used to make atomic weapons.

Former IAEA nuclear inspector David Albright said in a telephone interview from Washington that the amount would be enough for one atomic bomb.

The IAEA report also said it could not pinpoint all aspects of Iran's development of centrifuges which are used in the uranium enrichment process. Under terms of a November agreement with the U.K., France and Germany, Iran pledged to stop producing them. The exiled opposition National Council for Resistance in Iran maintains that Iran didn't stop making centrifuges.

NYCA Will Hold Rally against September Trip of Iran's President to N.Y.
Saturday, 03 September 2005

Contact: New York Committee Against Ahmadinejad,
Phone: 646-342-1930
This email address is being protected from spam bots,
you need Javascript enabled to view it;
Web: http://www.NO2AHMADINEJAD.COM

U.S. Newswire, NEW YORK, September 1 - Building on the unity it has generated among Iranian-Americans and other communities in the campaign against terrorism since its formation, the 'New York Committee against Ahmadinejad (NYCA)' will hold a peaceful rally against Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on September 14, 2005 outside the United Nations Headquarters in New York. He is scheduled to attend a UN General Assembly meeting.

New Yorkers and Iranian-Americans from nearly 40 states will come together in the rally at the Dag Hammarskjold UN Plaza. It will be the culmination of a three-week outreach campaign by the NYCA in light of Ahmadinejad's past involvement in Iran's state-sponsored terrorism, including the 1979 take-over of the US Embassy in Tehran.

Ahmadinejad, a former senior commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, was a leader of the student group which took over the Embassy and was directly involved in the 1989 assassination of an Iranian Kurdish leader in Vienna, Austria.

Yesterday, the ABC News revealed in an exclusive report that the United States has determined the mullahs' new president Ahmadinejad is indeed a terrorist. The ABC News report effectively confirms the comprehensive dossier on Ahmadinejad's direct ties to terrorism which was released by the NYCA on Tuesday.

Earlier this week, Congressman Ed Towns (D-NY) expressed his solidarity with the NYCA, stressing that "the people in my hometown New York are welcoming you to New York to hold your peaceful rally on September 14. I believe the victims of all terrorist acts should join together and raise their voices against the presence of Ahmadinejad at UN General Assembly in NY."

"At a time, when our troops and the Iraqi people face an insurgency in Iraq, it is outrageous to witness the architect of such interference be legitimized by an international body, such as the United Nations. We, New Yorkers and America at large would never allow the terrorist regimes to advance their goals," he added.

On August 30, the NYCA's held a press briefing in which the leaders of the Iranian-American communities along with American human rights activists and religious leaders denounced Ahmadinejad's visit.

Reverend Dr. Anthony Ercolano, from the Diocese of Brooklyn, said, "Jews, Baha'is and Christians who are in Iran live in constant fear of abuse and arrest...I stand in solidarity with the peaceful gathering that will take place in on September 14th."

"There is simply no ground to continue the fallacy of "constructive dialogue" with the mullahs' regime, especially with Ahmadinejad as the new president. I am one of thousands of family members of victims of terrorism in Iran. My father was assassinated by the Iranian regime," Ali Nainee, representing the Iranian-Americans of New York, told the audience.

American human rights activist, Lynn Dykstra, added, "I fully support the aims of the Iranian-American communities and their just struggle for democracy and freedom in Iran. I call on every American to support the democratic aspirations of the Iranians by participating in the Sept. 14 rally against Ahmadinejad."

Bahman Badiee of the Iranian Society of South Florida said, "Iranian-Americans have recognized the urgent calling of their native land and will gather in New York City to once again reject the leader of the mullahs' tyrannical regime and its ideology of terror." Stressing that Ahmadinejad did not represent the Iranian people, he said, "Iran's UN seat belongs to the Iranian nation, and not to Tehran's terrorist president and his delegation."

"The Iranian-American communities around the nation are outraged by the upcoming trip of Ahmadinejad. Of course we are not alone. Since the announcement of his trip, many Americans have shared their indignation with us," Shirin Nariman, a representative of the Iranian-American community in Virginia, said at the briefing.

The speakers also addressed Ahmadinejad's role in advancing Tehran's nuclear drive and stepping up violence in Iran and Iraq. At least 53 individuals, including seven minors and three women, have been hanged or sentenced to death since Ahmadinejad's election.


Nabard # 242

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Postby iranazadbad » Sun Sep 04, 2005 10:00 am

Is there such a thing as Fadaian khalq Iran anymore. I thought they were by now real pacified into islamhood with their hezbolahi friends.
Was not the same group that uncover the planned military coup in 1980 and as the result caused 100's if not 1000's of death for some of the most nationalist figures in the Iranian military, in addition to prolonging the life of this horrible reactionary regime for decades to come?
Hay, here is another group that views a "idea" to be the absolute correct method of governing, and given the chance will impose that idea on the masses. The people are useful idiots in both islamist mind and the communist mind. They are no better and no worse than the current regime. Therefore, since stability and continuity in political structure is one of the main key to economic growth and sucess, my vote goes to the current mullah regime.
Screw Fadaian khalq and their fascist idea about human intentions. They are the same shit if not worse than the hezbollahis.
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