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Postby SoarAndEnvision » Wed Dec 08, 2004 10:04 am

Sir or Madam,

The Semite and specifically the Arab semite, as you have clearly outlined in your post, is raised with islamic, or other judeo-christian values intertwined into the most concrete parts of their culture. For this reason it is extremely difficult to seperate an arab from islam or to have a jew renounce their jewry. Any and all muslims and judeo-christians represent an open threat to the true and noble values that the Aryan culture of Iran. It is due to islam that Iran has fallen behind the rest of the Caucasian world and today has a government that spends its time meddling through Arabic scripture instead of embracing social progess.

The Qoran is written in Arabic and the traitorous clerics of Iran force their citizens to learn this language to read this one false book. What follows is further embracing of Arabic words and cognates, so many of which have infiltrated the Indo-European Iranian language that a good 30 percent of Modern Persian can be said to be derived from Arabic.
Two important points always follow cultural progress
1) Two groups, or spheres of influence cannot coexist for an extended period of time before one eclipses another.
2) Language and Religion are two of the strongest points of cultural and racial identification of a group of people.

Before you now, is a nation who's fallen to the weak and subversive misogyny, fear and frenzied lunacy of the Islamic religion. Add to that the slipping away of our mother tongue and you have a culture fully under siege.

I myself and the political organizations I affiliate myself with do not hold any Aryan peoples inherently superior to any other. But I'm afraid the issue here is not of "racism." The issue of sacred races and damned peoples is not exactly a modern model and doesn't apply to the world we see before us.
Many Iranians just don't like Arabic culture. Period. And do not want to further invite this culture inside the Iranian way of life. Because of the infectious proselytizing nature of all muslims, specially arab muslims, their ideas--- particularly the falsley disguised "secular muslims", history has shown it increasingly difficult to seperate these people from the religion that has booned their culture, and is sadly undermining ours.

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Postby Amirza » Fri Feb 04, 2005 1:36 pm

There are no superior races - but there sure are superior cultures.
When Persians were building their first roads - Arabs had yet to devise speech. What goes on between Arabs and Persians - is just the Clash of cultures, and the struggles of the inferior Arab culture to tolerate realities of a more advanced idealogy, resoting over and over to force and the sword.
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Postby Arash » Fri Feb 04, 2005 11:09 pm

The biggest trouble with the Arab and Islamic world in general is the deep seated inferiority complex inherent in the subconscious of it's members. It is this inferiority complex and feelings of unworthyness that has nowadays found it's utmost expression of hate and anger through Islamic terrorism.

The underdog being unable to see success for himself is resentful of the success and power of other cultures. And the United states and the West in general being the most obvious symbols of power today are the primary targets.

Islam today is like a disease that would end up eating itself if it does not export it's internal sickness. If this group did not have a percieved enemy it would become necessary for it to go to the trouble of inventing one.
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Postby reza » Thu Feb 10, 2005 10:20 am

the arabs have caused more problems for the world than any other civilisation known to man, they have single handedly destroyed nations and cultures without shame. But this does not mean they are inferior - just troublesome
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